With midterms less than 10 months away, draining the federal anti-cannabis swamp represents Trump’s best bet for a 2nd term with Republican majorities

Martin "MartyG" Gottesfeld is increasingly being recognized as a political prisoner of the Obama administration. As detailed by a growing number of diverse media outlets and journalists including Ro

Martin Gottesfeld says that the Plymouth County Correctional Facility refused to photograph his injuries for his medical records following an attack.  My name is Martin Gottesfeld and for those

Imprisoned journalist, author, and human rights activist Martin Gottesfeld contributed to this article from solitary confinement at MCC New York on the 82nd day of his prison hunger strike More inform

To donate to support Marty or follow him on social media through his unjust incarceration please go to: FreeMartyG.com. Corrupt Harvard-affiliated federal prosecutor Adam J. Bookbinder (from the v