MartyG: “CNN's Jeffrey Toobin is a pompous ass like Comey”

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As you've probably already heard, yesterday morning the FBI raided a hotel room and law office connected to President Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen. And CNN is up to its usual scumbag shenanigans. Whoops, I meant to say “'coverage.'” (Please don't report my YouTube channel for setting the record straight, CNN!)

First of all, President Trump is right, this move is an absolute disgrace. Interim U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, whose office apparently green lit the raids, should be ashamed of himself. But he probably isn't.

That's because Mr. Berman worked on the Iran-Contra prosecution with Michael Bromwich, the man who runs the PR firm that has been backing fired former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Yesterday, FreeMartyG became the very first to report that Michael Bromwich prosecuted Oliver North before aiding McCabe with legal and PR representation pro-bono and then his PR firm starting McCabe's now well-publicized $554,456 GoFundMe on his behalf.  And today Bromwich's former colleague Geoffrey Berman raided a law office connected to President Trump.

So, it appears that President Trump is right, Mueller and his crony cabal are indeed very conflicted people. Further, it's no surprise, as the president has been pointing out, that Mr. Berman appears not to be pursuing Clinton and her allies for any of their alleged crimes despite the fact that Clinton's private email server was apparently physically located in his district, giving him clear jurisdiction.

Before getting to the rest of CNN's fake news, I need to also mention the very distinct possibility that having now come up empty-handed in the so-called “Russia investigation,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and/or Special Counsel Robert Mueller are trying to get themselves fired to preserve their own reputations preserve their own reputations and to provide a red herring that can be used to impeach a president of the United States.

And it’s clear that they'd have help.

For instance, CNN was quick to pull out its very own DOJ troll, former Federal Prosecutor Jeffery Toobin. Now, Jeffery Toobin is a pompous ass like Comey and most other Democrat federal prosecutors. But, as CNN has thus far failed to disclose to its viewers, he also worked on the Iran-Contra prosecution, as did Berman and Bromwich. However, while the above is a glaring omission, CNN has additionally been misleading its viewers by telling them that Berman was appointed by President Trump while in reality he is an interim U.S. attorney appointed in January by Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- a key difference when compared with full U.S. attorneys who can only be submitted to the Senate for confirmation by the president. So, CNN’s apparent narrative that someone who was recently directly appointed by President Trump himself sought these warrants and that therefore they are especially credible is false. 

And that's not all. Viewers can easily reach incorrect conclusions about attorney-client privilege from CNN's coverage, which seems to imply that there is a broad exception to the confidentiality rule rendering it void in cases of fraud when in reality that exception only applies when clients conspire with lawyers to engage in ongoing or future criminal acts.

It is thus unlikely that anything seized in the raids yesterday could be directly admitted into evidence, especially in any proceeding related to the election. However, unscrupulous investigators could be planning to play dirty tricks using so-called “parallel construction,” which is a specter CNN and Toobin have been conspicuously silent about. In such a scheme, Mueller and his allies would act like they had instead found potentially compromising  privileged information that was really unearthed in yesterday's raid in some other way that would allow them to admit it as evidence.

Also, Toobin appeared to give CNN viewers the impression that it would be difficult for Berman's office to obtain the warrants for yesterday's raids without convincing a neutral judge that there was probable cause to believe that there was evidence of criminal activity at the law office and hotel room which were searched yesterday morning. However, as you can read here, in reality it can be surprisingly easy for the DOJ to get a biased judge to sign off on an unconstitutional warrant, especially when a future president from the Democratic party might promote that judge to a higher position. Further, as you can read here, thanks to a gaping loophole in federal law created by the Supreme Court, called “the good faith exception to the exclusionary rule,” the DOJ routinely admits evidence seized using unconstitutional warrants.

Additionally, it's no surprise that all this took place on a Monday, with a long news cycle ahead for the week and especially since a certain Sunday evening 60 Minutes interview failed to produce lingering storm clouds over the White House.

Before I close, I want to clarify that though I previously advocated firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, I believe at this junction the savvier move for President Trump would be to instead fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has already recused himself from Mueller's probe. Then, the president could appoint a new attorney general who could then in turn appoint additional, reliable special prosecutors to specifically look into Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Hillary Clinton and now Geoffrey Berman, Michael Bromwich and Jeffery Toobin as well.

Finally, Toobin criticized the president for calling today's raids part of a witch hunt being carried out without supervision. But you be the judge.

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