How to Help #FreeMartyG

We are now accepting cryptocurrency:
Bitcoin: 1ayCa4z36FhnbV2L3SgY1iwvgy1bwsf6Y
Ethereum: 0x07a15E35E1b5916936B8AE23dC4C41a07AB2E9AC
If you'd like to send Marty commissary directly (and avoid paypal and/or cryptocurrency), please send money orders payable to "Martin Gottesfeld, ID#71225 at PCCF" to his mailing address below and the mailroom will process it into his comissary account. 

We need help with a lot of things, including:

  • We need a spokesperson
  • Research, especially the following: 
    Uncovering financial ties between Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler and Boston Children’s Hospital
    Uncovering financial ties between the Boston U.S. Attorney’s office and Boston Children’s Hospital

  • We are currently looking for social media campaign managers to help run our Facebook page and Twitter account
  • Join our Twitter storms Sundays at 1PM EST/10AM PST (Storm package available here)
  • Driving likes/followers to our social media accounts by sharing Marty’s Story

  • Contacting media outlets to cover Marty’s story:

    Television shows
    Call into radio shows
    Refer reporters to our site & social media pages
    Record Facebook Live/Youtube videos

  • Help edit and/or put us in touch with literary agents for Marty’s books
  • Write to your elected officials

  • Donations and donation drives for Marty’s LDF. Donations are accepted here
    Any excess funds in the LDF will be dispersed to noble causes at the discretion of the fund manager. We spend money as fast as it comes in. Refunds will not be available. 

Write to Marty directly:

Marty Gottesfeld, ID#71225
Unit H1, cell 224
26 Long Pond Road
Plymouth, MA 02360

  • Pro-tips for writing to Marty:
  • Do include a return address on the actual letter in addition to the envelope because sometimes the jail rips them
    Don’t include any glitter or perfume with the mail
    He can receive books from “authorized publishers” such Amazon and Barnes and Noble (Please note, books must be softcover and have no
    spiral/special binding)
    He responds to all mail that he receives