2020-04-22: Latest Developments

I hereby make the following available under the latest Creative Commons by-attribution derivatives-permitted no-need-to-share-alike commercial-use-permitted license.

FCI Terre Haute finally put up policy guidance on proper use of the face masks. They have also provided each CMU prisoner with three (3) machine-washable cloth face masks.

Don't get the wrong idea though, the cloth face masks are hardly high quality. They don't look like they were manufactured in a medical facility or for medical purposes. They look more like something somebody knocked up with a sewing machine out of old sheets. The elastic bands are so over-taut that the masks sit on the verge of bending the ears forward at any given moment and coming off. It is possible, however, that the spring coefficient of the elastic will relax over time and that this issue will resolve itself with regular use.

It seems likely the masks were manufactured inside the Federal Correctional Complex using prisoner labor.

--Martin "MartyG" Gottesfeld from a semi-secret DOJ "black-site" prison used to silence people who save children from the government

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