2020-05-16: Statement

I hereby make the following available under the latest Creative Commons by-attribution derivatives-permitted no-need-to-share-alike commercial-use-permitted license.

I've been locked down since Tuesday morning, supposedly because the new unit barber had head lice.

They hired him in a hurry when the old unit barber was trying to file a motion pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 60(d)(3). This motion was his latest attempt at exoneration and to expose Operation Fast and Furious. This motion would be newsworthy, if it could be filed.

Instead, predictably, the DOJ and its operative Katherine Siereveld continued their retaliation and obstruction campaign. They moved the old unit barber to the SHU, thereby separating him from his legal work, and fired him. When journalists began to inquire, they removed him from the SHU, however, they continue to deny him employment. This leaves him largely unable to fund his legal activities---which is convenient for them.

To pretend to justify firing him, they had to hire a replacement post haste. I guess they didn't care too much about hiring a barber with head lice in order to accomplish this goal. By so doing, they were also able to lockdown the entire unit and stop all legal activities and phone calls for several days---a nice side benefit for the DOJ while FBI Director Wray and the Obama administration are under scrutiny.

I sent you this message at approximately 8:49 A.M. on Saturday, May 16th, 2020.

/s/ Marty