89% Want Death Penalty case against Rosenstein, Comey...

Most voted before news of Obama's involvement

A preview of things to come? Former President Barack Obama visits a federal prison during his second term. (Evan Vucci/AP)

Wow, when my wife and I started a poll asking if Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, etc. should face a death penalty case for treason we didn't know what to expect. We worried that Twitter might ban us for even asking. 

But they didn't, and the results are now in: 89% of 679 respondents answered "Yes." That's a higher percentage than 7 out of 8, and way higher than we thought possible when we first asked. It was a relatively stable average too. Once it got to over 200 votes or so, it stayed between 87% and 89% in the affirmative for the life of the poll. 

Also, the majority of those votes came before the latest batch of Strzok/Page text messages where Page told Strzok: 


strzok text


Our new poll question, given the above: if you were on a grand jury considering the Strzok/Page text messages, would you vote to indict Obama for capital treason? You can participate on Facebook or on Twitter

Now, once again in the interests of full disclosure, I am an Obama-era political prisoner about to begin my third year of unjust incarceration for defending the life of a young girl who was abducted, crippled, tortured and nearly killed by political allies of the DOJ and by Rod Rosenstein and Obama in particular. So I may find their hypocrisy particularly distasteful.

However, I believe that I would still feel the same way about their alleged actions and the need for a special prosecutor even if their cronies hadn’t come after me. Moreover, my experience has also taught me the depths of their corruption and depravity as well as the power of their connections.

We want to thank Infowars and Red State for having the courage to publish a piece called, "DEATH PENALTY CASE APPROPRIATE AGAINST COMEY, MCCABE, ROSENSTEIN…" Today, unfortunately sometimes speech is anything but free. 

Marty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner and Republican Senate candidate against incumbent Elizabeth Warren. You can donate to his legal defense fund at FreeMartyG.com or to his political campaign at VoteMartyG.com