Alan Dershowitz: Rosenstein Should End Mueller Probe

Dersh. believes Rosenstein most concerned about own reputation

On Wednesday evening, distinguished Harvard Law School emeritus professor Mr. Alan Dershowitz released a blistering statement calling for Harvard Law alum and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein to end the Mueller probe. Mr. Dershowitz's consistent, principled stand against what the DOJ has been doing since the firing of former FBI Director James Comey last summer has further enshrined him as one of the few Harvard people whom I like. Dershowtiz already had my respect though because he was one of the only Harvard folks to back the Pelletier family in 2014 when this happened: 


In a separate interview with FOX, Mr. Dershowitz commented in good humor, but also in all apparent seriousness, that his stance against Mueller's investigation has caused his liberal friends not to invite him over for dinner anymore. I can relate to that as well. To the left, torture, corruption, greed and dishonesty all appear to be A-O.k. so long as they are committed under a Harvard crimson banner and whenever we post my articles about Sessions, Comey, Rosenstein, Wray, McCabe, Mueller, Warren, Obama, the Associate Press, etc. we can watch the numbers plummet over at the FreeMartyG Facebook page and the @FreeMartyG Twitter account

One might think that a human rights activist imprisoned for standing up for thousands of abused kids would enjoy broad political support. Just like one might think that one of the foremost legal scholars of our time would enjoy broad support for standing up for the blind administration of justice under the law. But one would be wrong on both counts, apparently. Especially when it's Harvard pulling the strings backstage. 

I could go on and on about what's been happening with both the DOJ mini hill track that is the Mueller probe as well as the DOJ's tragic farce which has seen Justina's tormentors go completely, totally and inexplicably uninvestigated, let alone punished, while I've been held without bail pending trial for 26 months for defending her life. But I don't want to take too much longer to get to Mr. Dershowitz's full statement below, with which I am in near total agreement. 

So, let me quickly highlight something that otherwise might be lost in the national stage. From our time in Boston, both Mr. Dershowitz and I have had front row seats as our local federal prosecutors have tried over and over again to criminalize the politics of their opponents. Just read this recent story from the Boston Herald, or simply it's headline, "U.S. Attorney’s Office swings and misses – again."

Finally, let me also say that while I certainly do agree with Mr. Dershowitz that a special prosecutor never should have been appointed in the first place, now that we've come this far down this road and the public, as Mr. Dershowitz rightly points out, has lost so much of its faith in the justice system, I think that the best and possibly only way to restore as much of that faith as we can would be to hire one or more special counsels to investigate the Clintons. It was stunningly hypocritical for Rosenstein to personally approve Mueller's request to target Trump's one-time campaign manager Paul Manafort for things which he allegedly did before the 2016 election while letting Hillary off the hook and balance must be publicly restored to the scales of justice. The Clintons are widely viewed as above the law and demonstrating the opposite would go perhaps the furthest of all towards reassuring the public that we are a nation of laws with liberty and justice for all. 

Mr. Dershowiz's full statement can be found in part below or at this linkMarty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner and Republican Senate candidate against incumbent Elizabeth Warren. You can donate to his legal defense fund at or to his political campaign at

Dershowitz had some strong words for Rosenstein. “I think Rod Rosenstein is concerned more about his reputation than anything else. I don’t understand why he’s not recused,” said Dershowitz. “He is the key witness in the firing of Comey.”

Dershowitz said if he were President Trump’s lawyer, Rosenstein would be the first witness he would call asking him, “Rod Rosenstein, you wrote the memo… you justified the firing… explain how you justified the firing. Did the President tell you to do it? Did you tell the President to do the firing?”

Dershowitz said the American public is quickly losing faith in the justice system and he called that a terrible, terrible tragedy. “We need neutral objective people administering justice. You can’t have an FBI agent like Strzok who is writing messages saying ‘oh we have to stop Trump from becoming President.'”