BOP Cover-Ups

NOTE from the editor: After 11 months of silence, Marty has been able to re-establish communications. No word on why it stopped or if it will end again, but for now, we are sharing his statements and hope you will do the same. 

I hereby make available the following statement under the latest Creative Commons no-derivatives, by-attribution, share-alike, commercial-use-permitted license:

DOJ fixer Katherine Siereveld was covering up an ISIS-inspired murder when I arrived at the Federal Correctional Institution Terre Haute, Indiana, communications-management unit (CMU).

How do I know she was covering it up?

First, an ISIS-inspired murder on American soil is a pretty big deal. That the public did not already know about it immediately smacked of a cover-up. Thankfully, the public now knows the truth--despite Siereveld's very concerted efforts.

Second, I've met Katherine Siereveld. I've talked with her. And I've seen how she operates. It's a safe wager that Siereveld is calling the shots whenever prisoners here are blocked from the courts, their families, or the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). I watch her deny political prisoners access to a notary to block them from swearing new exculpatory evidence onto the record. I watch her deny political prisoners official documents bearing state seals so that they can't mail them to court. Right now, as I write this, Siereveld is blocking us from making legal copies of our court filings.

Third, in the time since the murder, wardens have come and gone. The case manager and unit manager--indeed every member of the unit staff here--have turned over at least once. Siereveld is the only consistent presence since the murder, or in fact the past seven (7) years or more. In the BOP, that kind of tenure in the same prisoner-facing position at the same institution is peculiar. The agency usually cycles out folks long before they can establish fiefdoms like Siereveld has here--and for that specific reason.

You see, she's queen of the mountain. And maintaining her position means she covered up a murder, constantly violates The Constitution, and is still covering up Operation Fast and Furious, Operation Polar Pen, and whole slew of other government misconduct.

Make no mistake about it: Katherine Siereveld is one of the most important cover-up artists for the Obama administration. Whenever the Obama administration sent somebody to prison as part of a suppression or revenge operation, one can assume that Katherine Siereveld is in on it--especially if that person disappeared into a CMU and hasn't been seen since.

--Martin "MartyG" Gottesfeld, Rolling-Stone--featured human-rights advocate, from a semi-secret DOJ "black-site" prison
I sent you this message at approximately 9:48 A.M. on Friday, March 20th, 2020.