Call For Volunteers

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On April 1st, FreeMartyG dug deep into McCabe’s GoFundMe goldmine, sending out requests for comment and publishing the next day:

Later that day, it closed:

On May 31st, FreeMartyG compiled years of scandals and took Harvard’s primary pediatric teaching hospital to task as no one else ever had:

On June 5th, FreeMartyG started a petition to #FireSessions and thousands signed:

On April 30th, 2017, after the suicide of Aaron Hernandez, FreeMartyG made sure vets behind bars had a voice:

On October 18th, Marty endorsed Ted Cruz to protect free speech online and fight nanny-state nightmares resulting in 5,800 FB shares:

This kind of work and these kind of results take a lot of elbow grease. Make a difference while gaining valuable resume experience. Volunteer to join us. Give a voice to the voiceless and stand up for accountability. We’ll provide attribution to you for your work and serve as a career reference.

We need volunteers in every capacity, from proofreaders, to fact checkers, web devs, social media mavens, graphics artists, video editors, political cartoonists and more. Everybody is welcomed. Contact us on social media or by email: FreeMartyG [at] gmail [dot] com.