Clinton Campaign Email Lists Judge Who Made Trump’s Lawyer Name Hannity

John Podesta kept long list of judges

Rod Rosenstein isn’t the only federal payroll patriot who might soon be facing impeachment. Manhattan-based Federal Court Judge Kimba Wood is one of many on a long list of judges whose official government email addresses were recently found in the correspondence of Hillary Clinton's former 2016 campaign manager, John Podesta. Podesta's emails, which were published during the campaign, can be searched on the WikiLeaks website here and the specific document of listing Wood and other judges can be found here.

This new discovery adds to the recent troubles that Judge Wood has been facing since her controversial decision during an April 16th hearing to order long time Trump attorney Michael Cohen to publicly disclose the identities of his clients, who included Fox News host Sean Hannity. For example, at the time of publication, an online petition has amassed over 3,659 signatures urging House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) to begin impeachment proceedings against Judge Wood for breaching the attorney-client confidentiality of Cohen's clientele in open court as well as for Wood's alleged failure to obey 28 U.S.C. § 455(a), which is the federal law requiring all federal judges to “disqualify [themselves] in any proceeding in which [their] impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”

At the time of publication, that petition has also collected over 1,607 public comments like those quoted throughout this article and new signatures and comments are still being accepted on that petition here.

“Wood's relationships and history with George Soros and Hillary Clinton impair her ability to adjudicate Trump related matters with impartiality. Since she didn't recuse herself, she should be impeached.” – Anonymous

As previously reported by FreeMartyG here, Judge Wood was already facing criticism for presiding over the Cohen hearings despite potential conflicts of interest, including that she officiated the 2013 wedding ceremony of billionaire Democrat mega-donor George Soros, who gave $10.5 million to Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 campaign against Cohen's client, President Trump. Further connecting her to Trump's opponent, Judge Wood was near the top of the list of candidates being vetted for the cabinet position of U.S. attorney general by Hillary Clinton in the 1990's when Mrs. Clinton was the First Lady. However, Judge Wood was later removed from consideration when it was discovered that she may have lied to the White House during the “nannygate” scandal, in which it was revealed that both Judge Wood and another top contender for the attorney general role had each hired nannies labeled by the press at the time as “illegal aliens.”

This judge is apparently basing rulings on her friendships with the Clintons and Soros! She even preformed George Soros third wedding. 
No judge should be this involved, with these apparent conflicts of interest, when making rulings. SHE SHOULD HAVE REMOVED HERSELF FROM THIS CASE!” –D.Z.

Judge Wood has also faced recent criticism further calling her impartiality into question over what seemed to be an on-the-record endorsement of the federal prosecutors' office where fired former FBI Director James Comey once worked. She told a packed court room that she had faith that the office's integrity “is unimpeachable.”

With these controversies in the public's eye, twin polls which recently closed on the FreeMartyG Twitter account and on the FreeMartyG Facebook page, asking if Judge Wood should be impeached both indicated nearly unanimous support for the proposition, with all but 1 respondent on Facebook and 98% on Twitter voting “yes.” At the time of publication, FreeMartyG is now conducting new polls asking if Podesta and Judge Wood should be required to testify before Congress regarding the political connections between the Clinton's and Wood.  The new Twitter poll is located here and the new Facebook poll is located here.

“A judge who has such clear conflicts of interest is clearly both a poor judge, and a corrupt one if she does not recuse herself in such an obvious situation.” –K.C.

In the meantime, FreeMartyG has issued federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests seeking any emails sent between Podesta's campaign address and the federal judges on the newly discovered list as well as any emails to or from those judges mentioning campaign keywords. Federal judges are prohibited from engaging in partisan political activities and/or from soliciting funds for organizations under the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act. Follow FreeMartyG for the latest on the above-mentioned FOIA requests.

The last federal judge to be impeached by The House and subsequently removed from office by The Senate was G. Thomas Porteous, Jr., from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, who was convicted of bribery and perjury in 2010. He was the 8th federal judge in American history to be removed from the bench.

“The fact that we have to sign petitions to get Republicans to do their job is so unbelievable & disturbing! Congress is really NOT going to like it when Americans finally REMEMBER whose country this is!” --Anonymous

However, in a previous answer to a request for comment by FreeMartyG, Judge Wood simply replied “no” when she was asked both if she would say whether or not she considers herself and the DOJ to be above the law in her court room, as well as if she would say whether President Trump's proposal for a border wall and his stance on curbing illegal immigration may have affected her treatment of his attorney in court, especially in light of the direct effects of such issues on her botched candidacy for attorney general during the Clinton administration. Judge Wood also previously referred FreeMartyG to the District Executive for Manhattan U.S. District Court for a “relevant statement” about how her close relationship with Democratic billionaire and mega-donor George Soros may have affected her decisions during the April 16th hearing with Cohen. FreeMartyG then contacted the office of the District Executive, which declined to comment.

“My vote is for freedom from tyranny.”—Anonymous

Democrats have accused Russia of hacking Podesta's emails and turning over the contents to WikiLeaks. However, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has repeatedly stated that he has proof that Russia was not the source of the information. Assange was unable to be contacted for comment because his communications at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he was granted political asylum, has been cut off by the Ecuadorian government in response to tweets he allegedly sent which Ecuador claims interfered with its diplomatic interests.

Recently, Senator Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) is said to have tried to deliver to President Trump information from Assange reported to refute the allegations that Russia was involved in the Podesta leak only to be stopped from reaching him by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Mr. Cohen’s legal case is ongoing.


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The other judges on the list found in Podesta’s email are:


Chief Judge James Baker

Senior Judge Walter Cox

Senior Judge Susan Crawford

Senior Judge Andrew Effron

Associate Judge Charles Erdmann

Senior Judge H. Gierke

Associate Judge Margaret Ryan

Associate Judge Scott Stucky

Senior Judge Eugene Sullivan

Associate Judge Kevin  Ohlson

Senior Judge William Darden

Circuit Judge Janice Brown

Senior Judge Harry Edwards

Chief Judge Merrick Garland

Circuit Judge Douglas Ginsburg

Circuit Judge Thomas Griffith

Circuit Judge Karen Henderson

Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Circuit Judge Patricia Millett

Circuit Judge Cornelia Pillard

Senior Judge A. Randolph

Circuit Judge Judith Rogers

Circuit Judge David Sentelle

Senior Judge Laurence Silberman

Circuit Judge Srikanth Srinivasan

Circuit Judge David Tatel

Senior Judge Stephen Williams

Circuit Judge Robert Wlikins

Senior Judge C. Beam

Senior Judge Pasco Bowman

Senior Judge Myron Bright

Circuit Judge Kermit Bye

Circuit Judge Steven Colloton

Circuit Judge Raymond Gruender

Circuit Judge Jane Kelly

Circuit Judge James Loken

Senior Judge Michael Melloy

Circuit Judge Diana Murphy

Circuit Judge William Riley

Circuit Judge Bobby Shepherd

Circuit Judge Lavenski Smith

Circuit Judge Roger Wollman

Circuit Judge Duana Benton

Senior Judge R. Anderson

Senior Judge Susan Black

Chief Judge Edward Carnes

Senior Judge Emmett Cox

Senior Judge Joel Dubina

Senior Judge J. Edmondson

Senior Judge Peter Fay

Circuit Judge Frank Hull

Senior Judge Phyllis Kravitch

Circuit Judge Stanley Marcus

Circuit Judge Beverly Martin

Circuit Judge Jill Pryor

Circuit Judge William Pryor

Circuit Judge Gerald Tjoflat

Circuit Judge Charles Wilson

Circuit Judge Adalberto Jordan

Circuit Judge Robin Rosenbaum

Circuit Judge Julie Carnes

Circuit Judge William Bryson

Circuit Judge Raymond Chen

Circuit Judge Raymond Clevenger

Circuit Judge Timothy Dyk

Circuit Judge Todd Hughes

Circuit Judge Richard Linn

Circuit Judge Alan Lourie

Circuit Judge Haldane Mayer

Circuit Judge Kimberly Moore

Circuit Judge Pauline Newman

Circuit Judge Kathleen O'Malley

Circuit Judge S. Plager

Chief Judge Sharon Prost

Circuit Judge Jimmie Reyna

Circuit Judge Alvin Schall

Circuit Judge Richard Taranto

Circuit Judge Evan Wallach

Senior Judge Rhesa Barksdale

Senior Judge Fortunato Benavides

Circuit Judge Edith Clement

Circuit Judge W. Davis

Senior Judge Harold DeMoss

Circuit Judge James Dennis

Circuit Judge John Duhé

Circuit Judge Jennifer Elrod

Senior Judge Emilio Garza

Circuit Judge James Graves

Circuit Judge Catharina Haynes

Senior Judge Patrick Higginbotham

Circuit Judge Stephen Higginson

Circuit Judge E. Jolly

Circuit Judge Edith Jones

Senior Judge Carolyn King

Circuit Judge Priscilla Owen

Circuit Judge Edward Prado

Senior Judge Thomas Reavley

Circuit Judge Jerry Smith

Circuit Judge Leslie Southwick

Chief Judge Carl Stewart

Senior Judge Jacques Wiener

Circuit Judge Gregg Costa

Circuit Judge David Barron

Circuit Judge Michael Boudin

Circuit Judge Jeffrey Howard

Circuit Judge William Kayatta

Circuit Judge Kermit Lipez

Chief Judge Sandra Lynch

Circuit Judge Bruce Selya

Circuit Judge Norman Stahl

Circuit Judge Ojetta Thompson

Circuit Judge Juan Torruella

Circuit Judge G. Agee

Circuit Judge Andre Davis

Circuit Judge Albert Diaz

Circuit Judge Allyson Duncan

Circuit Judge Roger Gregory

Senior Judge Clyde Hamilton

Circuit Judge Pamela Harris

Circuit Judge Barbara Keenan

Circuit Judge Robert King

Circuit Judge Diana Motz

Circuit Judge Paul Niemeyer

Circuit Judge Dennis Shedd

Circuit Judge Stephanie Thacker

Chief Judge William Traxler

Circuit Judge J. Wilkinson

Circuit Judge James Wynn

Circuit Judge Henry Floyd

Senior Judge Arthur Alarcon

Circuit Judge Carlos Bea

Circuit Judge Jacqueline Nguyen

Circuit Judge Marsha Berzon

Circuit Judge Jay Bybee

Circuit Judge Consuelo Callahan

Senior Judge William Canby

Circuit Judge-Designate Morgan Christen

Circuit Judge Richard Clifton

Senior Judge Jerome Farris

Senior Judge Ferdinand Fernandez

Circuit Judge Raymond Fisher

Circuit Judge William Fletcher

Circuit Judge Michelle Friedland

Senior Judge Alfred Goodwin

Circuit Judge Ronald Gould

Circuit Judge Susan Graber

Senior Judge Michael Hawkins

Senior Judge Procter Hug

Circuit Judge Andrew David Hurwitz

Circuit Judge Sandra Ikuta

Senior Judge Andrew Kleinfeld

Chief Judge Alex Kozinski

Senior Judge Edward Leavy

Circuit Judge M. McKeown

Circuit Judge Mary Murguia

Senior Judge Dorothy Nelson

Senior Judge John Noonan

Circuit Judge Diarmuid O'Scannlain

Circuit Judge John Owens

Circuit Judge Richard Paez

Circuit Judge Harry Pregerson

Circuit Judge Johnnie Rawlinson

Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt

Circuit Judge Mary Schroeder

Circuit Judge Barry Silverman

Circuit Judge Milan Smith

Circuit Judge Norman Smith

Circuit Judge Richard Tallman

Senior Judge A. Tashima

Circuit Judge Sidney Thomas

Senior Judge Stephen Trott

Senior Judge J. Wallace

Circuit Judge Kim Wardlaw

Circuit Judge Paul Watford

Circuit Judge José Cabranes

Senior Judge Guido Calabresi

Circuit Judge Susan Carney

Circuit Judge Denny Chin

Circuit Judge Christopher Droney

Circuit Judge Peter Hall

Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs

Circuit Judge Robert Katzmann

Senior Judge Amalya Kearse

Senior Judge Pierre Leval

Circuit Judge Debra Livingston

Circuit Judge Raymond Lohier

Circuit Judge Gerard Lynch

Senior Judge Jon Newman

Senior Judge Barrington Parker

Circuit Judge Rosemary Pooler

Circuit Judge Reena Raggi

Senior Judge Robert Sack

Senior Judge Chester Straub

Senior Judge John Walker

Circuit Judge Richard Wesley

Senior Judge Ralph Winter

Senior Judge William Bauer

Senior Judge Richard Cudahy

Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook

Circuit Judge Joel Flaum

Circuit Judge David Hamilton

Circuit Judge Michael Kanne

Senior Judge Daniel Manion

Circuit Judge Richard Posner

Senior Judge Kenneth Ripple

Circuit Judge Ilana Rovner

Circuit Judge Diane Sykes

Circuit Judge John Tinder

Circuit Judge Ann Williams

Circuit Judge Diane Wood

Circuit Judge Alice Batchelder

Circuit Judge Danny Boggs

Circuit Judge Eric Clay

Chief Judge R. Cole

Circuit Judge Deborah Cook

Senior Judge Martha Daughtrey

Circuit Judge Julia Gibbons

Senior Judge Ronald Gilman

Circuit Judge Richard Griffin

Senior Judge Ralph Guy

Senior Judge Damon Keith

Circuit Judge Raymond Kethledge

Circuit Judge David McKeague

Senior Judge Gilbert Merritt

Circuit Judge Karen Moore

Senior Judge Alan Norris

Circuit Judge John Rogers

Senior Judge Eugene Siler

Circuit Judge Jane Stranch

Senior Judge Richard Suhrheinrich

Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton

Circuit Judge Helene White

Circuit Judge Bernice Donald

Senior Judge Stephen Anderson

Senior Judge Bobby Baldock

Chief Judge Mary Briscoe

Senior Judge Wade Brorby

Senior Judge David Ebel

Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch

Circuit Judge Harris Hartz

Senior Judge William Holloway

Circuit Judge Jerome Holmes

Circuit Judge Paul Kelly

Circuit Judge Carlos Lucero

Circuit Judge Scott Matheson

Circuit Judge Carolyn McHugh

Senior Judge Monroe McKay

Circuit Judge Nancy Moritz

Circuit Judge Michael Murphy

Circuit Judge Terrence O'Brien

Circuit Judge Gregory Phillips

Senior Judge John Porfilio

Senior Judge Stephanie Seymour

Circuit Judge Timothy Tymkovich

Circuit Judge Robert Bacharach

Senior Judge Ruggero Aldisert

Circuit Judge Thomas Ambro

Circuit Judge Maryanne Barry

Circuit Judge Michael Chagares

Senior Judge Robert Cowen

Circuit Judge D. Fisher

Circuit Judge Julio Fuentes

Senior Judge Leonard Garth

Senior Judge Morton Greenberg

Circuit Judge Thomas Hardiman

Circuit Judge Kent Jordan

Circuit Judge Cheryl Krause

Chief Judge Theodore McKee

Senior Judge Richard Nygaard

Circuit Judge Marjorie Rendell

Senior Judge Jane Roth

Circuit Judge Anthony Scirica

Circuit Judge Dolores Sloviter

Circuit Judge D. Smith

Senior Judge Walter Stapleton

Circuit Judge Thomas Vanaskie

Circuit Judge Joseph Greenaway

Circuit Judge Patty Shwartz

Circuit Judge Franklin Antwerpen

Judge Margaret Bartley

Judge Robert Davis

Judge Lawrence Hagel

Chief Judge Bruce Kasold

Judge Alan Lance

Judge William Moorman

Judge Mary Schoelen

Judge Coral  Pietsch

Judge William Greenberg

Senior Judge Frank Nebeker

Senior Judge Ronald Holdaway

Senior Judge Kenneth Kramer

Senior Judge Donald  Ivers

Senior Judge William Greene

Chief Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith

Judge Lawrence Block

Judge Susan Braden

Judge Marian Horn

Judge Elaine Kaplan

Judge Charles Lettow

Judge Margaret Sweeney

Judge Thomas Wheeler

Judge Mary Coster Williams

Judge Victor Wolski

Senior Judge Francis Allegra

Senior Judge Eric Gruggink

Senior Judge Lynn Bush

Senior Judge Edward Damich

Senior Judge Nancy Firestone

Senior Judge James Merow

Senior Judge John Wiese

Judge Mark Barnett

Judge Leo Gordon

Judge Claire Kelly

Judge Jane Restani

Judge Delissa Ridgway

Chief Judge Timothy Stanceu

Senior Judge Gregory Carman

Senior Judge Thomas Aquilino

Senior Judge Nicholas Tsoucalas

Senior Judge R. Musgrave

Senior Judge Richard Goldberg

Senior Judge Donald Pogue

Senior Judge Judith Barzilay

Senior Judge Richard Eaton

Magistrate Judge Paul Abrams

District Judge Percy Anderson

Magistrate Judge Robert Block

Magistrate Judge David Bristow

District Judge Cormac Carney

District Judge David Carter

Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Chooljian

Magistrate Judge Charles Eick

District Judge Valerie Fairbank

District Judge Gary Feess

District Judge Dale Fischer

Magistrate Judge Jay Gandhi

District Judge Dolly Gee

District Judge Andrew Guilford

District Judge Philip Gutierrez

District Judge Terry Hatter

Magistrate Judge Stephen Hillman

District Judge William Keller

Magistrate Judge Victor Kenton

District Judge George King

District Judge R. Klausner

District Judge John Kronstadt

District Judge Ronald Lew

District Judge Consuelo Marshall

Magistrate Judge John McDermott

District Judge Margaret Morrow

Magistrate Judge Frederick Mumm

Magistrate Judge Margaret Nagle

Magistrate Judge Arthur Nakazato

District Judge Fernando Olguin

District Judge S. Otero

District Judge Mariana Pfaelzer

District Judge Virginia Phillips

District Judge Dean Pregerson

Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym

District Judge Manuel Real

Magistrate Judge Alicia Rosenberg

Magistrate Judge Suzanne Segal

District Judge James Selna

District Judge Christina Snyder

District Judge Robert Timlin

District Judge Josephine Tucker

Magistrate Judge Patrick Walsh

Magistrate Judge Michael Wilner

Magistrate Judge Andrew Wistrich

Magistrate Judge Carla Woehrle

Magistrate Judge Ralph Zarefsky

District Judge Jesus Bernal

District Judge Andre Birotte

District Judge Michael Fitzgerald

District Judge Beverly O`Connell

District Judge Justin Quackenbush

District Judge Josephine Staton

Magistrate Judge Kenly Kato

Magistrate Judge Louise LaMothe

Magistrate Judge Douglas McCormick

Magistrate Judge Jean Rosenbluth

Magistrate Judge Alka Sagar

District Judge Harold Baker

District Judge David Bernthal

District Judge Sara Darrow

District Judge Joe McDade

District Judge Michael Mihm

District Judge Richard Mills

District Judge Susan Myerscough

Chief Judge James Shadid

District Judge Colin Bruce

Magistrate Judge Jonathan Hawley

Judge Tom Schanzle-Haskins

Chief Judge Ralph Beistline

District Judge Timothy Burgess

District Judge Sharon Gleason

Senior Judge H. Holland

Magistrate Judge Leslie Longenbach

Magistrate Judge Scott Oravec

Senior Judge John Sedwick

Senior Judge James Singleton

Magistrate Judge Deborah Smith

Magistrate Judge Deborah McCoy

Magistrate Judge Lawrence Anderson

Magistrate Judge Mark Aspey

Magistrate Judge Bridget Bade

Magistrate Judge Leslie Bowman

Magistrate Judge John Boyle

District Judge Susan Bolton

Magistrate Judge Michelle Burns

Magistrate Judge John Buttrick

District Judge David Bury

District Judge David Campbell

District Judge Raner Collins

Magistrate Judge David Duncan

Magistrate Judge D. Ferraro

Magistrate Judge Bruce Macdonald

Magistrate Judge Eric Markovich

District Judge Cindy Jorgenson

District Judge Rosemary Márquez

District Judge Frederick Martone

District Judge Stephen McNamee

Magistrate Judge James Metcalf

Magistrate Judge Charles Pyle

Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Rateau

Magistrate Judge Eileen Willett

District Judge Paul Rosenblatt

District Judge Roslyn Silver

District Judge G. Snow

District Judge James Teilborg

Magistrate Judge Bernardo Velasco

District Judge Neil Wake

District Judge Frank Zapata

District Judge Steven Logan

District Judge Douglas Rayes

District Judge James Soto

District Judge John Tuchi

District Judge Jennifer Zipps

District Judge Diane Humetewa

District Judge Christine Arguello

Senior Judge Lewis Babcock

District Judge Robert Blackburn

Magistrate Judge Boyd Boland

District Judge Philip Brimmer

Senior Judge Wiley Daniel

Senior Judge David Ebel

Magistrate Judge Michael Hegarty

District Judge Richard Jackson

Senior Judge John Kane

Chief Judge Marcia Krieger

District Judge William Martinez

Senior Judge Richard Matsch

Magistrate Judge Kristen Mix

Magistrate Judge Craig Shaffer

Magistrate Judge Kathleen Tafoya

Magistrate Judge Michael Watanabe

Magistrate Judge David West

Magistrate Judge Gordon Gallagher

District Judge Raymond Moore

Senior Judge John Bates

Senior Judge Barbara Rothstein

District Judge James Boasberg

District Judge Tanya Chutkan

District Judge Rosemary Collyer

District Judge Rudolph Contreras

District Judge Christopher Cooper

Magistrate Judge John Facciola

Senior Judge Paul Friedman

Senior Judge Thomas Hogan

District Judge Beryl Howell

Senior Judge Ellen Huvelle

District Judge Amy Jackson

District Judge Ketanji Jackson

Magistrate Judge Alan Kay

Senior Judge Gladys Kessler

District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly

Senior Judge Royce Lamberth

District Judge Richard Leon

Chief Judge Richard Roberts

Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson

District Judge Emmet Sullivan

District Judge Reggie Walton

District Judge Janet Arterton

District Judge Vanessa Bryant

District Judge Ellen Burns

District Judge Robert Chatigny

District Judge Alfred Covello

District Judge Warren Eginton

Magistrate Judge Holly Fitzsimmons

Magistrate Judge William Garfinkel

District Judge Charles Haight

District Judge Janet Hall

Magistrate Judge Joan Margolis

Magistrate Judge Donna Martinez

Magistrate Judge Thomas Smith

District Judge Dominic Squatrito

District Judge Alvin Thompson

District Judge Stefan Underhill

District Judge Jeffrey Meyer

District Judge Michael Shea

District Judge Richard Andrews

District Judge Sue Robinson

District Judge Gregory Sleet

Chief Judge Leonard Stark

Magistrate Judge Mary Thynge

Magistrate Judge Christopher Burke

Magistrate Judge Sherry Fallon

District Judge Joseph Longobardi

Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan

Chief Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood

Magistrate Judge Kevin Chang

District Judge David Ezra

Senior Judge Helen Gillmor

Senior Judge Alan Kay

District Judge Leslie Kobayashi

Magistrate Judge Barry Kurren

Chief Judge Susan Mollway

District Judge J. Seabright

District Judge Derrick Watson

Magistrate Judge Richard Puglisi

Chief Magistrate Judge Candy Dale

Chief Judge B. Winmill

Senior Judge Monti Belot

Magistrate Judge (recalled) Donald Bostwick

Senior Judge Sam Crow

Magistrate Judge Kenneth Gale

Magistrate Judge Karen Humphreys

Senior Judge John Lungstrum

Chief Judge J. Marten

District Judge Eric Melgren

District Judge Carlos Murguia

Chief Magistrate Judge James O'Hara

District Judge Julie Robinson

Senior Judge Richard Rogers

Magistrate Judge Teresa James

Magistrate Judge (recalled) Gerald Rushfelt

Magistrate Judge K. Sebelius

Senior Judge Kathryn Vratil

Magistrate Judge (recalled) David Waxse

District Judge Daniel Crabtree

District Judge D. Hornby

District Judge Gene Carter

District Judge John Nivison

District Judge John Rich

District Judge George Singal

District Judge Nancy Torresen

Chief Judge John Woodcock

District Judge Jon Levy

District Judge Richard Bennett

Chief Judge Catherine Blake

District Judge James Bredar

District Judge Deborah Chasanow

Chief Magistrate Judge William Connelly

Magistrate Judge J. Coulson

Magistrate Judge Charles Day

Magistrate Judge Thomas DiGirolamo

Magistrate Judge Stephanie Gallagher

District Judge Marvin Garbis

Magistrate Judge Beth Gesner

District Judge Paul Grimm

District Judge Ellen Hollander

District Judge Peter Messitte

District Judge J. Motz

District Judge William Nickerson

District Judge William Quarles

Magistrate Judge Jillyn Schulze

Magistrate Judge Timothy Sullivan

Magistrate Judge Bruce Anderson

District Judge Roger Titus

District Judge Theodore Chuang

District Judge George Hazel

District Judge George Russell

Chief Magistrate Judge Jennifer Boal

Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler

District Judge Denise Casper

Magistrate Judge Robert Collings

Magistrate Judge Judith Dein

Magistrate Judge David Hennessy

Magistrate Judge M. Kelley

District Judge Nathaniel Gorton

District Judge Timothy Hillman

Magistrate Judge Kenneth Neiman

Magistrate Judge Jerome Niedermeier

District Judge George O'Toole

District Judge Michael Ponsor

Chief Judge Patti Saris

District Judge F. Saylor

District Judge Leo Sorokin

District Judge Richard Stearns

District Judge Joseph Tauro

District Judge Mark Wolf

District Judge Douglas Woodlock

District Judge William Young

District Judge Rya Zobel

District Judge Mark Mastroianni

District Judge Indira Talwani

Senior Judge Donald Alsop

Magistrate Judge Leo Brisbois

Chief Judge Michael Davis

Senior Judge David Doty

District Judge Joan Ericksen

District Judge Donovan Frank

Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Keyes

Senior Judge Richard Kyle

Senior Judge Paul Magnuson

Magistrate Judge Janie Mayeron

District Judge Ann Montgomery

District Judge Susan Nelson

Magistrate Judge Franklin Noel

Magistrate Judge Steven Rau

Magistrate Judge Tony Leung

Magistrate Judge Hildy Bowbeer

Magistrate Judge Becky Thorson

District Judge Patrick Schiltz

District Judge John Tunheim

Magistrate Judge Richard Anderson

Chief Judge Dana Christensen

District Judge Sam Haddon

Magistrate Judge Robert Holter

District Judge Charles Lovell

Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch

District Judge Donald Molloy

Magistrate Judge Carolyn Ostby

Magistrate Judge Keith Strong

District Judge Brian Morris

District Judge Susan Watters

Senior Judge Joseph Bataillon

District Judge John Gerrard

Magistrate Judge F. Gossett

Senior Judge Richard Kopf

Senior Judge Lyle Strom

Magistrate Judge Thomas Thalken

Magistrate Judge Cheryl Zwart

Chief Judge Laurie Smith Camp

Magistrate Judge Valerie Cooke

Magistrate Judge William Cobb

District Judge Kent Dawson

Magistrate Judge George Foley

Magistrate Judge Carl Hoffman

Magistrate Judge Cam Ferenbach

District Judge Lloyd George

District Judge Larry Hicks

District Judge Roger Hunt

District Judge Robert Jones

Magistrate Judge Peggy Leen

District Judge James Mahan

District Judge Howard McKibben

Magistrate Judge Nancy Koppe

Magistrate Judge Robert McQuaid

Chief Judge Gloria Navarro

District Judge Philip Pro

District Judge Richard Boulware

District Judge Jennifer Dorsey

District Judge Miranda Du

District Judge Andrew Gordon

District Judge Paul Barbadoro

District Judge Joseph DiClerico

Chief Judge Joseph Laplante

District Judge Steven McAuliffe

District Judge Landya McCafferty

Magistrate Judge Andrea Johnstone

Magistrate Judge Daniel Lynch

Magistrate Judge Madeline Arleo

Magistrate Judge Douglas Arpert

Magistrate Judge Tonianne Bongiovanni

District Judge Renée Bumb

District Judge Dennis Cavanaugh

District Judge Claire Cecchi

District Judge Stanley Chesler

District Judge Mary Cooper

District Judge Dickinson Debevoise

Magistrate Judge Joseph Dickson

Magistrate Judge Ann Donio

Magistrate Judge Mark Falk

Magistrate Judge Lois Goodman

District Judge Katharine Hayden

District Judge Noel Hillman

District Judge Faith Hochberg

District Judge Joseph Irenas

District Judge Robert Kugler

District Judge Jose Linares

District Judge William Martini

District Judge Joel Pisano

District Judge Joseph Rodriguez

District Judge Esther Salas

Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider

District Judge Peter Sheridan

District Judge Michael Shipp

Chief Judge Jerome Simandle

District Judge Anne Thompson

District Judge William Walls

District Judge Susan Wigenton

Magistrate Judge Karen Williams

District Judge Freda Wolfson

Chief Judge M. Armijo

District Judge Robert Brack

District Judge James Browning

District Judge John Conway

Magistrate Judge Lorenzo Garcia

Magistrate Judge Carmen Garza

Magistrate Judge Kirtan Khalsa

District Judge C. Hansen

District Judge Judith Herrera

District Judge William Johnson

Magistrate Judge William Lynch

Magistrate Judge Lourdes Martinez

Chief Magistrate Judge Karen Molzen

District Judge James Parker

Magistrate Judge Robert Scott

Magistrate Judge Stephan Vidmar

District Judge Martha Vázquez

Magistrate Judge Gregory Wormuth

Magistrate Judge Steven Yarbrough

District Judge Kenneth Gonzales

Senior Judge Patrick Conmy

Chief Judge Ralph Erickson

District Judge Daniel Hovland

Chief Magistrate Judge Karen Klein

Magistrate Judge Charles Miller

Magistrate Judge Alice Senechal

Magistrate Judge John Acosta

Chief Judge Ann Aiken

District Judge Anna Brown

Magistrate Judge Mark Clarke

Magistrate Judge Thomas Coffin

Senior Judge Ancer Haggerty

District Judge Marco Hernandez

Magistrate Judge Dennis Hubel

Magistrate Judge John Jelderks

Senior Judge Robert Jones

Senior Judge Garr King

Senior Judge Malcolm Marsh

District Judge Michael Mosman

Senior Judge Owen Panner

Magistrate Judge Paul Papak

Senior Judge James Redden

District Judge Michael Simon

Magistrate Judge Janice Stewart

Magistrate Judge Patricia Sullivan

District Judge Michael McShane

District Judge Francisco Besosa

Senior Judge Salvador Casellas

District Judge Carmen Cerezo

Chief Judge Aida Delgado-Colón

Senior Judge Daniel Domínguez

Chief Judge José Fusté

District Judge Jay García-Gregory

District Judge Gustavo Gelpí

Magistrate Judge Marcos Lopez

Magistrate Judge Bruce McGiverin

Senior Judge Juan Pérez-Giménez

Magistrate Judge Camille Velez-Rive

Magistrate Judge Lincoln Almond

Magistrate Judge Patricia Sullivan

Senior Judge Ronald Lagueux

District Judge Mary Lisi

Magistrate Judge Robert Lovegreen

District Judge John McConnell

Chief Judge William Smith

Senior Judge G. Anderson

Senior Judge Joseph Anderson

Senior Judge Sol Blatt

Magistrate Judge Robert Buchanan

Magistrate Judge (recalled) Wallace Dixon

District Judge Timothy Cain

District Judge J. Childs

Senior Judge Cameron Currie

Senior Judge Patrick Duffy

District Judge Richard Gergel

Magistrate Judge Paige Gossett

District Judge Robert Harwell

District Judge Bruce Hendricks

Senior Judge Henry Herlong

Magistrate Judge Shiva Hodges

Senior Judge C. Houck

District Judge Mary Lewis

Magistrate Judge Bristow Marchant

Magistrate Judge Kevin McDonald

Magistrate Judge Jacquelyn Austin

Magistrate Judge Kaymani West

District Judge David Norton

Magistrate Judge Thomas Rogers

Senior Judge Margaret Seymour

Chief Judge Terry Wooten

Magistrate Judge Veronica Duffy

Senior Judge John Jones

District Judge Charles Kornmann

District Judge Roberto Lange

Magistrate Judge Mark Moreno

Magistrate Judge William Gerdes

District Judge Lawrence Piersol

District Judge Karen Schreier

Magistrate Judge John Simko

Chief Judge Jeffrey Viken

Senior Judge Dee Benson

Magistrate Judge Robert Braithwaite

Magistrate Judge Evelyn Furse

Magistrate Judge Dustin Pead

Senior Judge Tena Campbell

Senior Judge Bruce Jenkins

Senior Judge Dale Kimball

Chief Judge David Nuffer

Senior Judge David Sam

Senior Judge Ted Stewart

District Judge Clark Waddoups

Magistrate Judge Paul Warner

Magistrate Judge Brooke Wells

District Judge Robert Shelby

Magistrate Judge John Conroy

District Judge J. Murtha

Chief Judge Christina Reiss

District Judge William Sessions

District Judge Geoffrey Crawford

Magistrate Judge (recalled) Geoffrey Barnard

Magistrate Judge George Cannon

Senior Judge Raymond Finch

District Judge Curtis Gomez

Chief Judge Wilma Lewis

Magistrate Judge Ruth Miller

Chief Judge Nancy Freudenthal

District Judge Alan Johnson

District Judge Scott Skavdahl

Chief Magistrate Judge Kelly Rankin

Magistrate Judge Mark Carman

Magistrate Judge Jerry Cavaneau

District Judge Kristine Baker

Magistrate Judge Beth Deere

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Magistrate Judge Jerome Kearney

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Chief Judge Brian Miller

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Chief Magistrate Judge J. Ray

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District Judge Billy Wilson

District Judge Susan Wright

Magistrate Judge H. Young

Magistrate Judge Gary Austin

Magistrate Judge Dennis Beck

Magistrate Judge Stanley Boone

Magistrate Judge Edmund Brennan

Senior Judge Garland Burrell

Magistrate Judge Allison Claire

Magistrate Judge Carolyn Delaney

Chief Magistrate Judge Dale Drozd

Chief Judge Morrison England

Magistrate Judge Gregory Hollows

District Judge Anthony Ishii

Senior Judge Lawrence Karlton

Magistrate Judge Craig Kellison

Magistrate Judge Barbara McAuliffe

District Judge John Mendez

Magistrate Judge John Moulds

District Judge Kimberly Mueller

Magistrate Judge Kendall Newman

Magistrate Judge Sheila Oberto

District Judge Lawrence O'Neill

Magistrate Judge Michael Seng

Senior Judge William Shubb

Magistrate Judge (recalled) Sandra Snyder

Magistrate Judge Jennifer Thurston

District Judge Troy Nunley

Magistrate Judge Edward Atkins

Senior Judge William Bertelsman

District Judge David Bunning

Chief Judge Karen Caldwell

Senior Judge Joseph Hood

Magistrate Judge Hanly Ingram

District Judge Danny Reeves

Magistrate Judge Candace Smith

District Judge Amul Thapar

District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove

Magistrate Judge J. Wehrman

Magistrate Judge Robert Wier

Senior Judge Henry Wilhoit

District Judge Lance Africk

District Judge Carl Barbier

District Judge Helen Berrigan

District Judge Stanwood Duval

District Judge Kurt Engelhardt

District Judge Eldon Fallon

District Judge Martin Feldman

District Judge Peter Beer

District Judge Mary Vial-Lemmon

Magistrate Judge Daniel Knowles

Magistrate Judge Michael North

District Judge Ivan Lemelle

District Judge A. McNamara

District Judge Susie Morgan

Magistrate Judge Karen Roby

Magistrate Judge Sally Shushan

District Judge Jane Triche-Milazzo

Chief Judge Sarah Vance

Magistrate Judge Joseph Wilkinson

District Judge Jay Zainey

District Judge Nannette Brown

District Judge Marianne Battani

District Judge Paul Borman

District Judge Robert Cleland

District Judge Avern Cohn

District Judge Sean Cox

District Judge Patrick Duggan

District Judge Nancy Edmunds

District Judge Bernard Friedman

District Judge Mark Goldsmith

Magistrate Judge Michael Hluchaniuk

District Judge Denise Hood

Magistrate Judge Paul Komives

District Judge David Lawson

District Judge Thomas Ludington

Magistrate Judge Mona Majzoub

Magistrate Judge Patricia Morris

Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Stafford

District Judge Stephen Murphy

District Judge John O'Meara

District Judge Victoria Roberts

Chief Judge Gerald Rosen

District Judge George Steeh

District Judge Arthur Tarnow

Chief Magistrate Judge R. Whalen

Magistrate Judge David Grand

District Judge Lawrence Zatkoff

District Judge Terrence Berg

District Judge Gershwin Drain

District Judge Matthew Leitman

District Judge Judith Levy

District Judge Laurie Michelson

District Judge Linda Parker

Magistrate Judge Terry Adelman

District Judge Henry Autrey

Magistrate Judge Nannette Baker

Magistrate Judge Shirley Mensah

Magistrate Judge Noelle Collins

Magistrate Judge Abbie Crites-Leoni

Senior Judge Edward Filippine

District Judge Audrey Fleissig

Senior Judge Jean Hamilton

District Judge Carol Jackson

District Judge Stephen Limbaugh

Chief Magistrate Judge Thomas Mummert

Magistrate Judge David Noce

Chief Judge Catherine Perry

District Judge John Ross

Senior Judge Charles Shaw

District Judge Rodney Sippel

Senior Judge Donald Stohr

Senior Judge E. Webber

District Judge Ronnie White

Chief Judge Carol Amon

Magistrate Judge Joan Azrack

District Judge Joseph Bianco

District Judge Frederic Block

Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom

Magistrate Judge Gary Brown

District Judge Margo Brodie

District Judge Brian Cogan

District Judge Raymond Dearie

District Judge Sandra Feuerstein

District Judge Nicholas Garaufis

District Judge Nina Gershon

District Judge I. Glasser

District Judge John Gleeson

Magistrate Judge Marilyn Go

Chief Magistrate Judge Steven Gold

District Judge Denis Hurley

District Judge Dora Irizarry

District Judge Sterling Johnson

District Judge Edward Korman

District Judge William Kuntz

Magistrate Judge Robert Levy

Magistrate Judge Arlene Lindsay

Magistrate Judge Steven Locke

Magistrate Judge Roanne Mann

District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto

District Judge Roslynn Mauskopf

Magistrate Judge James Orenstein

Magistrate Judge Viktor Pohorelsky

Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak

Magistrate Judge Ramon Reyes

Magistrate Judge Vera Scanlon

District Judge Allyne Ross

District Judge Joanna Seybert

District Judge Arthur Spatt

Magistrate Judge A. Tomlinson

District Judge Sandra Townes

District Judge Eric Vitaliano

District Judge Jack Weinstein

District Judge Leonard Wexler

District Judge Pamela Chen

District Judge Terrence Boyle

District Judge W. Britt

Chief Judge James Dever

District Judge Louise Flanagan

District Judge James Fox

Magistrate Judge James Gates

District Judge Malcolm Howard

Magistrate Judge Robert Jones

Magistrate Judge Robert Numbers

Magistrate Judge Kimberly Swank

District Judge Frank Seay

Magistrate Judge Steven Shreder

Magistrate Judge Kimberly West

District Judge Ronald White

Chief Judge James Payne

Magistrate Judge M. Angell

Senior Judge Harvey Bartle

Senior Judge Michael Baylson

Senior Judge Anita Brody

Senior Judge Ronald Buckwalter

Magistrate Judge Linda Caracappa

Senior Judge Stewart Dalzell

District Judge Legrome Davis

District Judge Paul Diamond

Senior Judge J. Ditter

Senior Judge Jan DuBois

District Judge James Gardner

District Judge Mitchell Goldberg

Magistrate Judge Jacob Hart

Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Hey

District Judge C. Jones

Senior Judge J. Joyner

Senior Judge Robert Kelly

Senior Judge Edmund Ludwig

Senior Judge Mary McLaughlin

Chief Magistrate Judge Carol Moore Wells

Senior Judge Thomas O'Neill

Senior Judge John Padova

District Judge Gene Pratter

District Judge L. Restrepo

Magistrate Judge Timothy Rice

Senior Judge Eduardo Robreno

Magistrate Judge Thomas Rueter

District Judge Cynthia Rufe

District Judge Juan Sánchez

District Judge Timothy Savage

Senior Judge Berle Schiller

Senior Judge Norma Shapiro

Magistrate Judge Lynne Sitarski

District Judge Joel Slomsky

District Judge Lawrence Stengel

Magistrate Judge David Strawbridge

Magistrate Judge Henry Perkin

Magistrate Judge Marilyn Heffley

Magistrate Judge Richard Lloret

Senior Judge R. Surrick

Chief Judge Petrese Tucker

Senior Judge William Yohn

District Judge Jeffrey Schmehl

District Judge Edward Smith

Magistrate Judge William Carter

District Judge Curtis Collier

District Judge J. Greer

Magistrate Judge H. Guyton

Magistrate Judge Dennis Inman

Senior Judge Robert Jordan

Magistrate Judge Susan Lee

District Judge Harry Mattice

Senior Judge Thomas Phillips

Magistrate Judge C. Shirley

Chief Judge Thomas Varlan

District Judge Pamela Reeves

Magistrate Judge Don Bush

District Judge Ron Clark

Magistrate Judge Caroline Craven

District Judge Marcia Crone

Chief Judge Leonard Davis

Magistrate Judge Keith Giblin

Magistrate Judge Zack Hawthorn

District Judge James Gilstrap

Magistrate Judge Judith Guthrie

District Judge Thad Heartfield

Magistrate Judge John Love

Magistrate Judge Amos Mazzant

Magistrate Judge K. Mitchell

Magistrate Judge Roy Payne

District Judge Richard Schell

District Judge Michael Schneider

Magistrate Judge John Anderson

District Judge Leonie Brinkema

Magistrate Judge Theresa Buchanan

Senior Judge James Cacheris

Magistrate Judge Ivan Davis

District Judge Mark Davis

Senior Judge Robert Doumar

Senior Judge T. Ellis

District Judge John Gibney

Senior Judge Claude Hilton

District Judge Henry Hudson

District Judge Raymond Jackson

Magistrate Judge Thomas Jones

Magistrate Judge M. Lauck

District Judge Gerald Lee

Magistrate Judge Douglas Miller

Magistrate Judge Tommy Miller

Senior Judge Henry Morgan

District Judge Liam O'Grady

Senior Judge Robert Payne

Magistrate Judge William Prince

Magistrate Judge Lawrence Leonard

Chief Judge Rebecca Smith

Senior Judge James Spencer

Magistrate Judge David Novak

Magistrate Judge Roderick Young

District Judge Anthony Trenga

District Judge Arenda Allen

Magistrate Judge James Hutton

Senior Judge Wm. Nielsen

Chief Judge Rosanna Peterson

Senior Judge Justin Quackenbush

District Judge Thomas Rice

Senior Judge Edward Shea

Magistrate Judge John Rodgers

Senior Judge Lonny Suko

Senior Judge Fred Van Sickle

Senior Judge Robert Whaley

District Judge Stanley Bastian

District Judge Salvador Mendoza

District Judge Lynn Adelman

Magistrate Judge William Callahan

District Judge Charles Clevert

Magistrate Judge Aaron Goodstein

Magistrate Judge Patricia Gorence

Chief Judge William Griesbach

Magistrate Judge Nancy Joseph

Magistrate Judge William Duffin

District Judge Rudolph Randa

Magistrate Judge James Sickel

District Judge J. P. Stadtmueller

Senior Judge W. Albritton

Magistrate Judge Wallace Capel

Magistrate Judge Charles Coody

District Judge Mark Fuller

Senior Judge Truman Hobbs

Magistrate Judge Terry Moorer

District Judge Myron Thompson

Chief Magistrate Judge Susan Walker

Chief Judge W. Watkins

Senior Judge Henry Adams

Senior Judge John Antoon

Magistrate Judge David Baker

Senior Judge Susan Bucklew

Senior Judge William Castagna

District Judge Sheri Chappell

Chief Judge Anne Conway

District Judge Timothy Corrigan

District Judge Roy Dalton

Senior Judge Patricia Fawsett

Magistrate Judge Douglas Frazier

Senior Judge William Hodges

District Judge Charlene Honeywell

District Judge Marcia Howard

Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Jenkins

Magistrate Judge Gregory Kelly

Magistrate Judge James Klindt

District Judge Elizabeth Kovachevich

District Judge Richard Lazzara

Magistrate Judge Thomas McCoun

Senior Judge Howell Melton

District Judge Steven Merryday

Senior Judge James Moody

Magistrate Judge Mark Pizzo

Magistrate Judge Anthony Porcelli

Senior Judge Gregory Presnell

Magistrate Judge Monte Richardson

Senior Judge Harvey Schlesinger

District Judge Mary Scriven

Senior Judge George Sharp

Magistrate Judge Karla Spaulding

Magistrate Judge Thomas Smith

Magistrate Judge Philip Lammens

Magistrate Judge Patricia Barksdale

Magistrate Judge Carol Mirando

District Judge John Steele

Magistrate Judge Joel Toomey

District Judge James Whittemore

Magistrate Judge Thomas Wilson

Senior Judge George Young

District Judge Paul Byron

District Judge Virginia Covington

District Judge Brian Davis

District Judge Carlos Mendoza

Magistrate Judge M. Hyles

Chief Judge Clay Land

Magistrate Judge Thomas Langstaff

Senior Judge Hugh Lawson

District Judge C. Royal

Senior Judge W. Sands

District Judge Marc Treadwell

Magistrate Judge Charles Weigle

Senior Judge James Brady

Chief Judge Brian Jackson

Magistrate Judge Stephen Riedlinger

Magistrate Judge Richard Bourgeois

District Judge John deGravelles

District Judge Shelly Dick

Magistrate Judge L. Auld

Magistrate Judge Joi Peake

Magistrate Judge Joe Webster

Senior Judge James Beaty

District Judge Catherine Eagles

Chief Judge William Osteen

District Judge Thomas Schroeder

Senior Judge N. Tilley

Magistrate Judge William Arbuckle

Magistrate Judge Thomas Blewitt

Magistrate Judge Susan Schwab

Magistrate Judge Karoline Mehalchick

District Judge William Caldwell

District Judge A. Caputo

Chief Magistrate Judge Martin Carlson

District Judge Richard Conaboy

Chief Judge Christopher Conner

District Judge Yvette Kane

District Judge John Jones

District Judge Edwin Kosik

District Judge Robert Mariani

District Judge James Munley

District Judge William Nealon

District Judge Sylvia Rambo

District Judge Matthew Brann

Magistrate Judge Joe Brown

Magistrate Judge John Bryant

District Judge Todd Campbell

Magistrate Judge Juliet Griffin

Senior Judge William Haynes

Magistrate Judge E. Knowles

Senior Judge John Nixon

Chief Judge Kevin Sharp

District Judge Aleta Trauger

Senior Judge William Acker

Chief Judge Sharon Blackburn

Chief Judge Karon Bowdre

District Judge L. Coogler

Magistrate Judge Harwell Davis

Magistrate Judge John England

Magistrate Judge Staci Cornelius

Senior Judge James Hancock

District Judge Virginia Hopkins

Senior Judge Inge Johnson

District Judge Abdul Kallon

Magistrate Judge John Ott

District Judge R. Proctor

Magistrate Judge Terry Putnam

Senior Judge C. Smith

District Judge Madeline Haikala

District Judge William Alsup

Senior Judge Saundra Armstrong

Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler

Senior Judge Charles Breyer

District Judge Edward Chen

Senior Judge Maxine Chesney

Senior Judge Samuel Conti

District Judge Edward Davila

District Judge Jeremy Fogel

Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal

District Judge Phyllis Hamilton

Senior Judge Thelton Henderson

Senior Judge Susan Illston

Magistrate Judge Maria-Elena James

Senior Judge D. Jensen

Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins

District Judge Lucy Koh

Chief Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte

Magistrate Judge Howard Lloyd

District Judge Yvonne Rogers

Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu

Magistrate Judge Kandis Westmore

Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley

Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero

Magistrate Judge Nandor Vadas

District Judge Jeffrey White

Senior Judge Ronald Whyte

Chief Judge Claudia Wilken

District Judge Vince Chhabria

District Judge James Donato

District Judge Beth Freeman

District Judge William Orrick

District Judge Jon Tigar

Magistrate Judge Larry Bodiford

Senior Judge Lacey Collier

Magistrate Judge Miles Davis

District Judge Robert Hinkle

Magistrate Judge Gary Jones

Magistrate Judge Charles Kahn

Senior Judge Stephan Mickle

Senior Judge Maurice Paul

Chief Judge M. Rodgers

District Judge John Smoak

Senior Judge William Stafford

District Judge M. Walker

Magistrate Judge C. Stampelos

Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Timothy

Senior Judge Roger Vinson

Chief Judge Margaret Rodgers

District Judge Timothy Batten

Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman

Magistrate Judge Justin Anand

Magistrate Judge Gerrilyn Brill

Magistrate Judge J. Fuller

Senior Judge Clarence Cooper

District Judge William Duffey

Senior Judge Orinda Evans

Senior Judge Willis Hunt

Magistrate Judge Walter Johnson

District Judge Steven Jones

Chief Magistrate Judge Janet King

District Judge Harold Murphy

Senior Judge William O'Kelley

Senior Judge Charles Pannell

Magistrate Judge E. Scofield

Senior Judge Marvin Shoob

District Judge Richard Story

Chief Judge Thomas Thrash

District Judge Amy Totenberg

Magistrate Judge Russell Vineyard

Magistrate Judge Linda Walker

District Judge Mark Cohen

District Judge Leigh May

District Judge Eleanor Ross

District Judge Marvin Aspen

Chief Magistrate Judge Geraldine Brown

District Judge Elaine Bucklo

Chief Judge Ruben Castillo

District Judge Edmond Chang

Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Cole

District Judge Sharon Coleman

District Judge Suzanne Conlon

Magistrate Judge Susan Cox

District Judge John Darrah

District Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan

District Judge Robert Dow

District Judge Gary Feinerman

Magistrate Judge Sheila Finnegan

District Judge Robert Gettleman

Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Gilbert

District Judge Joan Gottschall

District Judge John Grady

District Judge Ronald Guzman

District Judge William Hart

District Judge James Holderman

Magistrate Judge Iain Johnston

District Judge Frederick Kapala

District Judge Virginia Kendall

District Judge Matthew Kennelly

Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys

Magistrate Judge Young Kim

District Judge Charles Kocoras

District Judge John Lee

District Judge Joan Lefkow

District Judge Harry Leinenweber

Magistrate Judge P. Mahoney

District Judge George Marovich

Magistrate Judge Daniel Martin

Magistrate Judge Michael Mason

District Judge Charles Norgle

District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer

District Judge Philip Reinhard

Magistrate Judge Mary Rowland

Magistrate Judge Sidney Schenkier

District Judge Milton Shadur

District Judge Amy St. Eve

Magistrate Judge Maria Valdez

District Judge James Zagel

District Judge Thomas Durkin

District Judge Sara Ellis

District Judge Manish Shah

District Judge John Tharp

District Judge Andrea Wood

Magistrate Judge Paul Cherry

Magistrate Judge John Martin

Magistrate Judge Roger Cosbey

District Judge Jon DeGuilio

District Judge William Lee

District Judge Rudy Lozano

District Judge Robert Miller

Senior Judge James Moody

Magistrate Judge Christopher Nuechterlein

Magistrate Judge Andrew Rodovich

Chief Judge Philip Simon

District Judge Theresa Springmann

District Judge Joseph Van Bokkelen

District Judge Mark Bennett

Senior Judge Edward McManus

Senior Judge Donald O'Brien

Chief Judge Linda Reade

Chief Magistrate Judge Jon Scoles

Magistrate Judge Leonard Strand

Magistrate Judge S. Alexander

Chief Judge Sharion Aycock

District Judge Neal Biggers

District Judge Glen Davidson

District Judge Michael Mills

Magistrate Judge David Sanders

Magistrate Judge Jane Virden

District Judge Debra Brown

Magistrate Judge Andrew Baxter

Magistrate Judge Therese Dancks

Magistrate Judge Christian  Hummel

Magistrate Judge Gary Favro

District Judge Mae D'Agostino

District Judge David Hurd

District Judge Lawrence Kahn

Senior Judge Thomas McAvoy

Senior Judge Norman Mordue

Magistrate Judge David Peebles

Senior Judge Frederick Scullin

Chief Judge Gary Sharpe

District Judge Glenn Suddaby

Magistrate Judge Randolph Treece

District Judge John Adams

Magistrate Judge Vernelis Armstrong

Magistrate Judge William Baughman

District Judge Christopher Boyko

District Judge James Carr

District Judge Patricia Gaughan

District Judge James Gwin

District Judge Jeffrey Helmick

District Judge David Katz

Magistrate Judge James Knepp

Magistrate Judge Kathleen Burke

Magistrate Judge George Limbert

District Judge Sara Lioi

Magistrate Judge Kenneth McHargh

District Judge Donald Nugent

Chief Judge Solomon Oliver

District Judge Benita Pearson

District Judge Dan Polster

Magistrate Judge Nancy Vecchiarelli

District Judge Lesley Wells

Magistrate Judge Gregory White

District Judge Jack Zouhary

Magistrate Judge Paul Cleary

District Judge Claire Eagan

Chief Judge Gregory Frizzell

District Judge Terence Kern

Magistrate Judge F. McCarthy

District Judge James Payne

Magistrate Judge T. Wilson

District Judge John Dowdell

Magistrate Judge Clinton Averitte

District Judge Jane Boyle

District Judge Sam Cummings

Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Cureton

Magistrate Judge David Horan

Magistrate Judge Robert Roach

Magistrate Judge E. Frost

Magistrate Judge Renee Toliver

Senior Judge A. Fish

District Judge Sidney Fitzwater

District Judge David Godbey

Magistrate Judge Nancy Koenig

District Judge Sam Lindsay

District Judge Barbara Lynn

Senior Judge Robert Maloney

District Judge John McBryde

Senior Judge Terry Means

District Judge Reed O'Connor

Magistrate Judge Irma Ramirez

District Judge Mary Robinson

Chief Judge Jorge Solis

Magistrate Judge Paul Stickney

District Judge James Kinkeade

Chief Judge John Bailey

District Judge Gina Groh

Magistrate Judge John Kaull

Magistrate Judge Robert Trumble

District Judge Irene Keeley

Magistrate Judge James Seibert

Senior Judge Frederick Stamp

Chief Judge Ramona Manglona

Magistrate Judge Sonja Bivins

Senior Judge Charles Butler

Magistrate Judge William Cassady

District Judge Kristi DuBose

District Judge Callie Granade

Magistrate Judge Bert Milling

Magistrate Judge Katherine Nelson

Chief Judge William Steele

Magistrate Judge Jan Adler

Magistrate Judge David Bartick

District Judge Michael Anello

District Judge Anthony Battaglia

District Judge Cathy Bencivengo

District Judge Roger Benitez

Magistrate Judge Ruben Brooks

Magistrate Judge Jill Burkhardt

Magistrate Judge Karen Crawford

Magistrate Judge Mitchell Dembin

District Judge Larry Burns

District Judge William Enright

Magistrate Judge William Gallo

District Judge William Hayes

District Judge John Houston

District Judge Marilyn Huff

Magistrate Judge Peter Lewis

District Judge M. Lorenz

Magistrate Judge Barbara Major

District Judge Jeffrey Miller

Chief Judge Barry Moskowitz

District Judge Dana Sabraw

District Judge Janis Sammartino

Magistrate Judge Bernard Skomal

Magistrate Judge Nita Stormes

District Judge Gordon Thompson

District Judge Thomas Whelan

District Judge Cynthia Bashant

District Judge Gonzalo Curiel

District Judge Cecilia Altonaga

Magistrate Judge Dave Brannon

District Judge James Cohn

District Judge Marcia Cooke

District Judge William Dimitrouleas

Magistrate Judge Barry Garber

Senior Judge Jose Gonzalez

Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman

Senior Judge Donald Graham

Senior Judge William Hoeveler

Magistrate Judge James Hopkins

Senior Judge Paul Huck

Senior Judge Daniel Hurley

Senior Judge James King

District Judge Joan Lenard

Magistrate Judge Frank Lynch

District Judge Kenneth Marra

District Judge Jose Martinez

Magistrate Judge William Matthewman

Magistrate Judge Chris McAliley

District Judge Donald Middlebrooks

Chief Judge K. Moore

District Judge Federico Moreno

Magistrate Judge Alicia Otazo-Reyes

Magistrate Judge John O'Sullivan

Magistrate Judge Peter Palermo

District Judge Robin Rosenburg

Senior Judge Kenneth Ryskamp

District Judge Robert Scola

Senior Judge Patricia Seitz

Magistrate Judge Andrea Simonton

Magistrate Judge Lurana Snow

Magistrate Judge Edwin Torres

Magistrate Judge William Turnoff

District Judge Ursula Ungaro

Magistrate Judge Alicia Valle

Magistrate Judge Patrick White

District Judge Kathleen Williams

District Judge William Zloch

District Judge Beth Bloom

District Judge Darrin Gayles

District Judge Dudley Bowen

Magistrate Judge Brian Epps

District Judge B. Edenfield

Magistrate Judge James Graham

District Judge James Hall

District Judge William Moore

Magistrate Judge G. Smith

Chief Judge Lisa Wood

Magistrate Judge Philip Frazier

Senior Judge J. Gilbert

District Judge David Herndon

Magistrate Judge Clifford Proud

Chief Judge Michael Reagan

Magistrate Judge Donald Wilkerson

Magistrate Judge Stephen Williams

District Judge Nancy Rosenstengel

District Judge Staci Yandle

Magistrate Judge Tim Baker

Magistrate Judge Debra McViker Lynch

District Judge Sarah Barker

Magistrate Judge Mark Dinsmore

Magistrate Judge William Hussmann

Magistrate Judge Denise LaRue

District Judge William Lawrence

District Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson

Magistrate Judge Craig McKee

District Judge Larry McKinney

District Judge Tanya Pratt

Chief Judge Richard Young

Chief Magistrate Judge Celeste Bremer

Chief Judge James Gritzner

District Judge John Jarvey

Senior Judge Ronald Longstaff

Senior Judge Robert Pratt

Magistrate Judge (recalled) Thomas Shields

Senior Judge Harold Vietor

Magistrate Judge Ross Walters

Magistrate Judge Helen Adams

Senior Judge Charles Wolle

District Judge Stephanie Rose

Magistrate Judge Linda Anderson

Magistrate Judge F. Ball

Magistrate Judge John Gargiulo

Senior Judge William Barbour

Senior Judge David Bramlette

Senior Judge Walter Gex

Chief Judge Louis Guirola

District Judge Daniel Jordan

Senior Judge Tom Lee

District Judge Halil Ozerden

Magistrate Judge Michael Parker

District Judge Carlton Reeves

Magistrate Judge John Roper

District Judge Keith Starrett

Magistrate Judge Robert Walker

District Judge Henry Wingate

District Judge Harold Baer

District Judge Ronnie Abrams

District Judge Deborah Batts

District Judge Richard Berman

District Judge Vincent Briccetti

District Judge Vernon Broderick

District Judge Naomi Buchwald

District Judge Valerie Caproni

District Judge Robert Carter

District Judge P. Castel

District Judge Miriam Cedarbaum

District Judge Denise Cote

Magistrate Judge James Cott

District Judge Paul Crotty

District Judge George Daniels

Magistrate Judge Paul Davison

Magistrate Judge Michael Dolinger

District Judge Kevin Duffy

Magistrate Judge Ronald Ellis

District Judge Paul Engelmayer

District Judge Katherine Failla

District Judge Katherine Forrest

Magistrate Judge Kevin Fox

Magistrate Judge James Francis

Magistrate Judge Debra Freeman

District Judge Jesse Furman

District Judge Paul Gardephe

Magistrate Judge Martin Goldberg

Magistrate Judge Gabriel Gorenstein

Magistrate Judge Judith McCarthy

District Judge Thomas Griesa

District Judge Charles Haight

District Judge Alvin Hellerstein

District Judge Lewis Kaplan

District Judge Kenneth Karas

District Judge John Keenan

District Judge John Koeltl

Chief Magistrate Judge Frank Maas

District Judge Victor Marrero

District Judge Colleen McMahon

District Judge Alison Nathan

District Judge J. Oetken

District Judge Richard Owen

District Judge Robert Patterson

District Judge William Pauley

Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck

Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn

Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman

Chief Judge Loretta Preska

District Judge Jed Rakoff

District Judge Edgardo Ramos

District Judge Nelson Roman

District Judge Leonard Sand

District Judge Shira Scheindlin

District Judge Lorna Schofield

District Judge Cathy Seibel

Magistrate Judge Lisa Smith

District Judge Louis Stanton

District Judge Sidney Stein

District Judge Richard Sullivan

District Judge Laura Swain

District Judge Robert Sweet

District Judge Analisa Torres

District Judge Gregory Woods

District Judge Kimba Wood

Magistrate Judge (recalled) Mark Abel

District Judge Michael Barrett

Senior Judge Sandra Beckwith

Senior Judge Peter Economus

District Judge Timothy Black

Magistrate Judge Stephanie Bowman

Magistrate Judge Michael Newman

Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Deavers

Chief Judge Susan Dlott

District Judge Gregory Frost

Senior Judge James Graham

Magistrate Judge Terence Kemp

Magistrate Judge (recalled) Norah King

Magistrate Judge Karen Litkovitz

District Judge Algenon Marbley

Magistrate Judge (recalled) Michael Merz

Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge

Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge

Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge

Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge

Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge

Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge

Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge

Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge Magistrate Judge

District Judge Micaela Alvarez

District Judge Nancy Atlas

District Judge Gregg Costa

District Judge Randy Crane

Magistrate Judge B. Ellington

District Judge Keith Ellison

Magistrate Judge John Froeschner

Magistrate Judge Guillermo Garcia

District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos

Magistrate Judge J. Hacker

District Judge Andrew Hanen

Magistrate Judge George Hanks

District Judge Melinda Harmon

District Judge Hayden Head

Chief Judge Ricardo Hinojosa

District Judge David Hittner

District Judge Kenneth Hoyt

District Judge Lynn Hughes

District Judge Janis Jack

Magistrate Judge Nancy Johnson

Magistrate Judge Jason Libby

District Judge George Kazen

District Judge Sim Lake

District Judge Marina Marmolejo

District Judge Gray Miller

Magistrate Judge Maryrose Milloy

Magistrate Judge Ronald Morgan

Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby

District Judge John Rainey

Magistrate Judge Dorina Ramos

District Judge Lee Rosenthal

District Judge Diana Saldaña

Magistrate Judge Stephen Smith

Magistrate Judge Frances Stacy

Magistrate Judge Diana Quiroga

Magistrate Judge Ignacio Torteya

District Judge Hilda Tagle

District Judge Ewing Werlein

District Judge Vanessa Gilmore

District Judge Irene Berger

Chief Judge Robert Chambers

District Judge John Copenhaver

Magistrate Judge Cheryl Eifert

Senior Judge David Faber

District Judge Joseph Goodwin

District Judge Thomas Johnston

Magistrate Judge R. VanDervort

Magistrate Judge Dwane Tinsley

Senior Judge Harry Barnes

Magistrate Judge Barry Bryant

Senior Judge Robert Dawson

Senior Judge Jimm Hendren

District Judge Susan Hickey

Chief Judge Paul Holmes

Chief Magistrate Judge James Marschewski

Magistrate Judge Erin Setser

District Judge Timothy Brooks

District Judge John Heyburn

Magistrate Judge W. King

Magistrate Judge H. Brennenstuhl

Chief Judge Joseph McKinley

Magistrate Judge James Moyer

Chief Judge Thomas Russell

District Judge Charles Simpson

Magistrate Judge Dave Whalin

District Judge Rebecca Doherty

Chief Judge Dee Drell

District Judge Elizabeth Foote

District Judge Richard Haik

Magistrate Judge Patrick Hanna

Magistrate Judge Karen Hayes

District Judge S. Hicks

Magistrate Judge C. Hill

Magistrate Judge Mark Hornsby

District Judge Robert James

Magistrate Judge Kathleen Kay

Magistrate Judge James Kirk

District Judge Patricia Minaldi

Senior Judge Tom Stagg

Senior Judge James Trimble

Senior Judge Donald Walter

District Judge Robert Bell

Magistrate Judge Hugh Brenneman

Magistrate Judge Ellen Carmody

Magistrate Judge Phillip Green

Magistrate Judge Timothy Greeley

District Judge Robert Jonker

Chief Judge Paul Maloney

District Judge Janet Neff

District Judge Gordon Quist

District Judge R. Edgar

District Judge Gary Fenner

District Judge Fernando Gaitan

Chief Magistrate Judge Sarah Hays

Chief Judge David Kays

Magistrate Judge Robert Larsen

Magistrate Judge Matt Whitworth

Magistrate Judge David Rush

District Judge Nanette Laughrey

Magistrate Judge John Maughmer

District Judge Mary Phillips

District Judge Brian Wimes

District Judge Howard Sachs

District Judge Ortrie Smith

District Judge Dean Whipple

District Judge Scott Wright

District Judge M. Harpool

District Judge Richard Arcara

District Judge John Curtin

Magistrate Judge Jonathan Feldman

Magistrate Judge Leslie Foschio

Senior Judge David Larimer

Magistrate Judge Jeremiah McCarthy

Magistrate Judge Marian Payson

Magistrate Judge H. Schroeder

Magistrate Judge Hugh Scott

District Judge Charles Siragusa

Chief Judge William Skretny

District Judge Michael Telesca

District Judge Frank Geraci

District Judge Elizabeth Wolford

Magistrate Judge David Cayer

District Judge Max Cogburn

District Judge Robert Conrad

Magistrate Judge Dennis Howell

Magistrate Judge David Keesler

District Judge Graham Mullen

District Judge Martin Reidinger

District Judge Richard Voorhees

Chief Judge Frank Whitney

District Judge Robin Cauthron

District Judge Timothy DeGiusti

Magistrate Judge Shon Erwin

Magistrate Judge Suzanne Mitchell

Magistrate Judge Charles Goodwin

Senior Judge Stephen Friot

District Judge Joe Heaton

Senior Judge Tim Leonard

Chief Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange

Magistrate Judge Gary Purcell

Senior Judge David Russell

Senior Judge Lee West

Senior Judge Donetta Ambrose

Magistrate Judge Susan Baxter

District Judge Cathy Bissoon

Senior Judge Alan Bloch

District Judge David Cercone

Senior Judge Maurice Cohill

Chief Judge Joy Conti

Senior Judge Gustave Diamond

District Judge Nora Fischer

Magistrate Judge Cynthia Eddy

District Judge Kim Gibson

District Judge Mark Hornak

Chief Magistrate Judge Maureen Kelly

Magistrate Judge Lisa Lenihan

Senior Judge Terrence McVerry

Magistrate Judge Robert Mitchell

Magistrate Judge Keith Pesto

District Judge Arthur Schwab

District Judge Stanley Anderson

Chief Judge J. Breen

Magistrate Judge Edward Bryant

Magistrate Judge Charmiane Claxton

Magistrate Judge Robert Cleland

Magistrate Judge J. Motz

District Judge Samuel Mays

District Judge Jon McCalla

Magistrate Judge Tu Pham

District Judge James Todd

Chief Magistrate Judge Diane Vescovo

District Judge John Fowlkes

District Judge Sheryl Lipman

Magistrate Judge Andrew Austin

Magistrate Judge Mark Lane

Magistrate Judge Anne Berton

Magistrate Judge Miguel Torres

Magistrate Judge David Counts

Magistrate Judge Henry Bemporad

Chief Judge Fred Biery

Senior Judge David Briones

Senior Judge David Ezra

District Judge Kathleen Cardone

Magistrate Judge Robert Castañeda

District Judge Orlando Garcia

Magistrate Judge Victor García

Magistrate Judge Norbert Garney

Magistrate Judge B. Goains

District Judge David Guaderrama

Senior Judge Harry Hudspeth

District Judge Robert Junell

Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Manske

District Judge Philip Martinez

Magistrate Judge Pamela Mathy

District Judge Frank Montalvo

District Judge Alia Moses

Senior Judge James Nowlin

Magistrate Judge John Primomo

District Judge Xavier Rodriguez

District Judge Walter Smith

District Judge Sam Sparks

Magistrate Judge Collis White

District Judge Lee Yeakel

Chief Judge Glen Conrad

District Judge James Jones

Senior Judge Jackson Kiser

District Judge Norman Moon

Magistrate Judge Pamela Sargent

Magistrate Judge Robert Ballour

Magistrate Judge Joel Hoppe

Magistrate Judge James Welsh

District Judge Michael Urbanski

District Judge James Welsh

Senior Judge Robert Bryan

Senior Judge John Coughenour

Magistrate Judge J. Creatura

Senior Judge Carolyn Dimmick

Magistrate Judge James Donohue

District Judge Richard Jones

District Judge Robert Lasnik

District Judge Ronald Leighton

District Judge Ricardo Martinez

Senior Judge Walter McGovern

Chief Judge Marsha Pechman

District Judge James Robart

Senior Judge Barbara Rothstein

District Judge Benjamin Settle

Magistrate Judge Karen Strombom

Chief Magistrate Judge Mary Theiler

Magistrate Judge Brian Tsuchida

Senior Judge Thomas Zilly

Chief Judge William Conley

District Judge Barbara Crabb

Magistrate Judge Stephen Crocker

District Judge James Peterson

Chief Judge Michael Thornton

Judge Ronald Buch

Judge John Colvin

Judge Maurica Goley

Judge Joseph Gale

Judge Joseph Goeke

Judge David Gustafson

Judge James Halpern

Judge Mark Holmes

Judge Kathleen Kerrigan

Judge Albert Lauber

Judge L. Marvel

Judge Richard Morrison

Judge Joseph Nega

Judge Elizabeth Paris

Judge Juan Vasquez

Senior Judge Herbert Chabot

Senior Judge Carolyn Chiechi

Senior Judge Mary Cohen

Senior Judge Howard Dawson

Senior Judge Joel Gerber

Senior Judge Harry Haines

Senior Judge Julian Jacobs

Senior Judge David Laro

Senior Judge Robert Ruwe

Senior Judge Stephen Swoft

Senior Judge Thomas Wells

Senior Judge Laurence Whalen

Senior Judge Robert Wherry

Chief Special Trial Judge Peter Panuthos

Special Trial Judge Robert Armen

Special Trial Judge Lewis Caluzzo

Special Trial Judge Daniel Guy

District Judge James Clarke

Magistrate Judge Michael Hammer

Magistrate Judge Steven Mannion

District Judge Kevin McNulty

Magistrate Judge Cathy Waldor