Clinton-Connected Judge Sentences MartyG to 10 Years

Judge part of Triangle with Global Clinton Initiative and Justina’s tormentors.

After a long hiatus, I'm back to writing. 

First, last week I got sentenced to just over 10 years for helping to save Justina from this: 

Second, it turns out that the federal trial judge who sentenced me and who blocked me from telling my jury that they could acquit me based on the legal principle of the defense of others (and who pretty much told them the exact opposite) is part of a 3-way money triangle with the Clinton Global Initiative and Justina's abusers. His name is Nathaniel M. Gorton (of the Gorton's Seafood Gortons) and the full list of judicial shenanigans, available here, is over 600 pages long. Quite frankly, it's scandalous. 

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit wouldn't even address the particulars. They just rubber stamped it "denied." I guess that's "justice" in America now: save a girl's life and watch the the corrupt descend upon you for it.

The long and short of it is that Harvard doctors and a Harvard hospital nearly killed Justina and all the while some of the Harvard doctors who were allegedly impacted by my efforts to save Justina have been partnered with Judge Gorton's company and the Clinton Global Initiative to market seafood as "heart healthy." Those details are available here and it's also worth remembering that the husband of Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler, who issued the search warrant for my home the day before the date on the front page of the application for that warrant, is a heart doctor at that very same Harvard hospital. Yet, Judge Gorton didn't recuse himself and instead ruled that it was appropriate for Judge Bowler to issue that warrant. 

I also want to mention that both the Associated Press and Reuters - predictably - refused to get the story straight. Here's the jury's verdict form:

verdict form pg 1

verdict close up 2

As anyone can see above and read over at the Daily Wire here, the jury refused to find that anything I did even potentially impacted the care of any patients. And this jury included a registered nurse from an area hospital who was familiar with both day-to-day hospital operations as well as Justina's case. 

Further, again, this jury was not told that I could be acquitted for acting lawfully in the defense of Justina's life. 

However, despite the jury's actual finding, dishonest DOJ prosecutor/scumbag David D'Addio continue to claim that somehow an internet outage not only impacted patient care, but somehow endangered children's lives. And despite common sense (internet outages happen on a regular basis, even to hospitals, with no one getting hurt) both the Associated Press and Reuters quote D'Addio's allegation nearly verbatim without even mentioning my vigorous rebuttal at my sentencing hearing. 

Now, I know that as of late a lot of less-than-honest people have been trying to use lawsuits to silence a particular news outlet. I think turn-about is only fair play. So, any attorneys out there who would be interested in representing me in a lawsuit against the Associated Press or Reuters please contact us on our Facebook page here or our Twitter account here and we'll be happy to show you documents proving/strongly indicating that the AP and Reuters reporters knew better and likely acted with malice of forethought. I'm also extending this offer to lawyers in other countries where AP and Reuters have set up shop and where I have a reputation to protect. To help establish jurisdiction, I can show that I received fan mail and financial support from all over the world. 

My wife Dana and I want to express our thanks to everyone out there whose had our backs through this travesty. 


The author, Marty Gottesfeld, is a political prisoner of the Obama administration. You can learn more and donate to help him at