DC Grand Jury Mulling McCabe While Mueller Mulls McJob

IG’s referral may bring indictment of former deputy FBI director

Fired former federale Andrew McCabe may be about to find that selling out his country doesn’t pay - even when it leads to raising half a million dollars - on the crowd sourcing platform GoFundMe and another $675,000 in apparent Clinton-related cash for his wife’s failed state senate campaign.

That’s because word recently came out that a federal grand jury in DC is now apparently targeting McCabe following a referral by the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to the Capitol's U.S. Attorney, Jessie K. Liu, regarding McCabe’s alleged lies under oath about the “unvestigation” into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. A felony indictment could now come at any time.

Earlier this year, FreeMartyG reported on the firing of then--Deputy-FBI-Director Andrew McCabe the day before his federal pension and health benefits vested as well on his subsequent $550k+ GoFundMe campaign.  At the time, Democrats, including Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton, publicly entertained the possibility of hiring McCabe onto their federal payrolls so that he could complete the time period required of federal payroll patriots in order to retire at the expense of taxpayers. Prior to publication, Representative Moulton did not return a request for comment as to whether he could or would still consider hiring McCabe with federal felony charges pending against him for lying under oath to investigators.

Of course, Special Counsel Robert Mueller - who himself is a former FBI director and whose tenure as special counsel overlaps with McCabe’s - could retaliate if his former subordinate is charged. However, with less than 2 months left before this year’s midterm elections, rumors are swirling that Mueller may soon find himself out of a job too.

Washington, DC U.S. Attorney Jessie K. Liu did not immediately return a request for comment prior to publication as to whether information which could be obtained from GoFundMe will be brought before the grand jury.

Earlier this year, former Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand left the Justice Department for her “dream job” at Walmart. Prior to publication, Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not immediately return a request for comment as to whether he knows how to work the McDonald’s fryolator. 

The author, Marty Gottesfeld, is a political prisoner of the Obama administration. You can learn more and donate to help him at FreeMartyG.com.