Dear Obama: Happy President's Day scumbag, now STFU about children...

You can donate to help the families affected by the recent tragedy in Florida by clicking here

Dear former President Obama,

Happy President's Day scumbag! And, how dare you tweet about protecting the children in the wake of the recent tragedy in Florida. That was a new low even for you, and maybe if you really cared about those kids you would have included a donation link to help them instead of just promoting yourself. I bet with 100 million Twitter followers you could have done a lot of good if you would have just taken the 10 seconds to copy and paste the gofundme url. 

You know, I used to believe in you, like a lot of Americans did, before we learned how stunningly and completely full of it you are.  I've been fighting for the human rights of thousands of tortured children throughout the country for years now, and you know how much help I and others have gotten from you? None at all.

Do you realize, the Russians and the Arabs have done more to stop atrocities, like the ones in this video, from continuing to befall American kids than you did in 8 years as president?


So, while your wife was busy paying lip service to “Let’s Move!" All since the last 11 months of your crooked administration when I was arrested by your corrupt FBI for defending a young girl's life after she was abducted, abused, crippled and nearly killed by your precious Harvard University’s Boston Children's Hospital:


What's the matter?  Don't like Infowars or Michelle Malkin because real journalism challenges your preconceived notions?  Do you prefer the fake news of CNN or the false sense of your propagandists over at the Associated Press? All of you liars have at least one thing in common: You would apparently rather pretend that these kids do not exist or that the atrocities against them aren't incredibly well documented.

But even Rolling Stone and the Huffington Post indicate otherwise.  

Quick, call Al Gore.  He can make actual Inconvenient Truth movie, since there’s nothing inconvenient for you people about raising millions in political contributions to “fight” climate change and then not actually doing it. By the way PBS already made a movie about the abuses these kids suffer, but you won't watch it, will you?

Mr. Obama, if you and Mr. Gore need a feel-good hobby to occupy some of that endless free time of yours, then take up macramé or something. Just keep a good distance from the work that my wife and I are doing to actually protect kids. No one needs you hacks screwing it up. Despite all your administration's accusations and your media's lies, I'm not the one who bombs hospitals and then offers $6,000 per dead child. No, that was you.

 doctors without borders meme



You don't deserve to mention kids since your DOJ wouldn't help them even when the chair of the House Committee on Education and Labor repeatedly asked it to stand up for tortured children.

You know, I wrote to you at the White House and to your First Lady as well. When it was about actually protecting the children instead of scoring political points, neither of you responded. Not even a form letter.  

Nor did Loretta Lynch when I wrote to her twice, including once in the politics section of the Huffington Post during my 100-day hunger strike for these kids. Funny, for all of these tweets of yours, I've never seen any of you so much as skip a dessert for anybody.  

But somehow you expect us to believe that you care about children. Just like you expect us to believe that you care about veterans even though you let the VA plow them under too. You expect the world to believe that you respect human rights and the Convention Against Torture but you don't – especially not when it's a Harvard institution behind the atrocity. I know because I mailed your administration a 30-page report on how your university's children's hospital tortures kids and your administration didn't even respond.  

If so-called "liberals" like you and Senator Warren had magic buttons you could push to end gun violence, legalize cannabis, and put 2 loving parents in every home, you wouldn't use them, would you? Because if you did then you wouldn't get to keep punting these issues around as political footballs.  

And another thing, you know that story you like to tell about your grandfather bringing you to an Apollo launch and holding you up on his shoulders? Well, you're the last person who should be mentioning the space program seeing how you made a big deal about it as a candidate only to effectively scrap it as a president.

Link on Made a Big Deal About it to something about one of his campaign speeches about the space program and then link on Effectively Scrapping to something about Obama cutting NASA's budget while he was president.  

Also, both you and I are biracial, and we were both raised by our white biological mothers maternal grandparents in predominately white towns, but you know the difference between your biological grandfather mine though?  Mine actually helped design the Saturn V — perhaps the grandest example of American ingenuity and greatness ever constructed. However, except as necessary to bring your ego back down to Earth, you won't find me bragging about that in the press.  

So, how dare you misappropriate the important work of my family and so many others for your partisan political ends! You betrayed NASA.

While we're on the subject, my biological grandfather — who legally adopted me when I was 14 — was a self-made American hero who won a college scholarship while he was growing up in a Jewish orphanage after the Depression and at the height of anti-Semitism. Not only did he work on Apollo, but he helped design the reactor for America's first nuclear attack submarine, and on top of doing such important defense work, he answered the draft during the Korean conflict and served in the National Guard.  

Then, thanks to your administration, he spent the last year of his life with his only surviving son in jail. Worse, because of your failed, incompetent and treasonous FBI, he never got to hold his first biological great grandchild. That child is yet to be conceived because I had the heart to try to stop your university's children's hospital when it broke the law and nearly killed a young girl while you scumbags did nothing to protect her. I know how much holding his great grandkid would have meant to my dad. 0He deserved to have that experience before he died and you crooks robbed him of it.

And you're not even ashamed of yourselves, are you? You'll probably accuse the people helping me of being "white nationalists" even though I am a brown man who is one quarter Jewish with a 100% Jewish wife.  But you never let facts get in the way of your propaganda, do you?

That's why you'll use every tragedy to push your disingenuous gun control agenda while the bodies are still warm even though the highest death tolls are never from guns, like 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing. Even if your policies were to work in preventing mass shootings — which they wouldn't — do you seriously propose forcing these sickos to get more creative while doing nothing to detect them and intervene in time?  

No amount of gun control will work when the corrupt idiots hired during your presidency at the FBI don't do their jobs.  And while even asking this question would have been unthinkable just a few years ago, did your guys at the Bureau ignore warnings and let this latest tragedy happen so people like you could take advantage of the situation? Given what we now know, that wouldn't be so far-fetched.  

And how dare you talk about transparency and protecting whistle blowers after you and Crooked Hillary ran the most opaque administration in living memory and came down on more good people of conscience than everyone of your predecessors combined. It's all an act for you, isn’t it?  I'm sure you're not losing much sleep over Aaron Swartz, Julian Assange or me.  Just like you really don't care about protecting American kids, do you?  

Well, here’s something you might care about and lose some sleep over, a certain 88% have responded so far to our latest poll on Facebook and Twitter say you should be indicted for capital treason.  So, while I may have ended your presidency in jail, we'll see where you end President Trump's.


Martin "Marty G" Gottesfeld

Marty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner and Republican Senate candidate against incumbent Elizabeth Warren. You can donate to his legal defense fund at or to his political campaign at