DOJ Pleads Fifth on Harboring Pedophiles?

Spokesperson Christina DiIorio-Sterling suddenly quiet after inquiry

Last Thanksgiving we ran the Facebook ad above. We boosted it for a week in former federal prosecutor Adam Bookbinder's home town of Auburndale, Massachusetts. 

It was also around that time that we published, "Martin Gottesfeld: ‘My Harvard-Affiliated Prosecutors Cowered In Shame Before Pictures of Girl Harvard Paralyzed/Tortured,’” but that was far from the first time that Bookbinder had experienced media scrutiny. 

Then on November 29, 2017 Bookbinder withdrew from my case.

Shortly after that, I was attacked in prison. On December 18th we sent the following request for comment to Christina DiIorio-Sterling, the usually all-too-talkative spokesperson for the Boston U.S. attorney's office where Bookbinder worked. 

request for comment to christina sterling

 A request for comment we sent to the usually responsive Christina DiIorio-Sterling of the Boston U.S. attorney's office. She didn't answer. (

Sterling didn't reply.

Shortly thereafter, on January 18th, 2018, we sent the email below from my Gmail directly to Bookbinder. As above, this was not the first time that I had addressed him via email, either:


Mr. Bookbinder,

I heard that you withdrew from the case and updated your LinkedIn profile after my wife and I confronted you in court with these pictures of Justina:


side by side 2

They were taken before and after she was left in a wheelchair by your alma mater’s $2 billion pediatric research hospital.

So, after filing untrue statements on sworn affidavits, choosing a magistrate judge with serious conflicts of interest and then lying about it, putting out a misleading press releasethreatening my wife for exposing your corruption, stopping me from attending my father’s funeralrefusing to look at photos of Justina in court and so much more, does it turn out that it’s you whose fleeing from the only small semblance of justice which you’ll likely ever face for years of reprehensible behavior?

Or is there more that you are trying to avoid?

You see, I know from your actions and inactions that you have been doing more than merely following orders, as you may try to claim now that a larger portion of this travesty has been exposed. There’s obviously something very wrong with anyone who could devalue the life of a human child the way that you have devalued Justina’s.

Indeed, in stark contrast to you, Mr. Barry Pollack, who at one point was a federal prosecutor in your same office, penned an open letter to the Department of Public Health in which he said the psych ward where Justina was being held against her will “appears virtually synonymous with abuse for many children.” He also mentioned potential federal civil rights violations perpetrated by the hospital which you refused to investigate.

So, why the difference Mr. Bookbinder? What else aren’t you telling us?

With great interest,

Martin “MartyG” Gottesfeld


He didn’t answer. On January 31, 2018 — 13 days after the email above, Bookbinder had moved into private practice at the firm of Holland and Knight, LLP. They too haven't answered requests for comment.

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