Drink A Toast And Share This Ghost To #FireSessions

Demand 2nd special prosecutor


'Twas the afternoon before Memorial Day and all through the swamp, 

Not a lizard nor serpent was scared to go romp. 


The water level seemed steady and the drain on hold, 

As politicians who had never risked anything saluted the bold. 


However the men and the women who had sacrificed and who had fought, 

Weren't fooled for a minute by those cowardly chicken hawks. 


Yet with scumbags still brewing across the dirty DoJ, 

A troubled attorney general named Jeff Sessions thought he could stay. 


And all across the land as people lifted their drinks for a toast, 

White House petition was going viral thanks to a small little ghost. 


The wording was simple and the message was quite clear: 

Give us justice and arrest Clinton or get the hell out of here. 


We're all sick and we're all tired of this bogus Russia "probe,"

And this political sideshow from Mueller's office has gotten too old.


We all expect better from America's "top cop,"

And we all remember Benghazi and emailgate, we haven't forgot. 


So, Mr. Sessions, if you'd really like us to let you stay, 

Then as they say in the service, it's time to lead, follow, or get out of the way. 


You can sign the White House petition to fire Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions by clicking here and share it using the snapchat code below: