Q: Is Marty a genius?

A: No. In the classical sense of, e.g., Newton and Einstein, Marty is certainly not a genius. It didn’t take a genius to see through the troubled-teen industry or what was being done to Justina against her will and to trounce Harvard.


Q: Did Marty tweet this?

Anon Mercurial tweet


A: Days before that Tweet, Marty read in Justina’s own handwriting, “they hurt me all the time push me all the time and more.” “[they] do not let me slepe vary [sic] much.” “Hury! [sic]” See Justina’s message to her parents, which she smuggled past censors out of BCH and which had just been published to TheBlaze here. By then Justina had already been crippled for life.


Justinas note uncropped

See the uncropped letter at Communities Digital News here.

Nonetheless, once the point was made that Justina wasn’t defenseless and BCH wasn’t invincible, BCH’s site was allowed back online:


Anon mercurial tweet back online


Within a month BCH backed off. Justina was transferred to her home state of Connecticut and the censorship eased. Only then was Justina’s sister able to record this viral video:



Days later, after 16 months and two birthdays in captivity, Justina was freed. No HIPAA breach occurred. Unlike Boston Children’s Hospital, Marty never hurt a soul. See <a Did Marty endanger children? </a> (DANA: I don’t see this question anywhere?)