FBI Stopped Cannabis User Not School Shooter

Separate instances emblematic of priorities gone mad

If you were given the choice between stopping a cannabis user who had already been working in the White House for a long time without issue or a potential school shooter, which would you pick? If you answered the school shooter, you might be too smart to be an FBI agent, and I’m sad to say that’s no joke.

While the famous but incompetent FBI were spending thousands of our tax dollars to uncover that the Trump Administration Special Assistant to the President for International Energy and Environment is a cannabis user and then deny him a security clearance, it was ignoring warnings that it had received about the recent school shooter from Florida, Nikolas Cruz. It’s not the first time the agency has faced stern criticism for failing to act on intel before a tragedy either. Indeed, the bureau was warned about the Boston Marathon Bombers by Russian authorities who tipped them off that the Tsarnaev brothers had the training in Dagestan.

In comparison, when America tipped off the Russians about people who were up to no good, their Federal Security Service foiled a terrorist plot and then thanked us. I always bear that kind of thing in mind when some partisan hack is droning on and on about Russian collusion – we want international cooperation on such matters and we certainly don’t want our elected officials to be disincentivized against activities that have been diplomatically customary for centuries because they’re scared of getting caught up in some dumbass witch hunt.

But I digress.

In many ways the situation is sorrowfully emblematic of our nation’s issues at the moment. It shouldn’t take a tragedy for our government and our elected officials to realize that priorities are out of whack.

I know that we’re still in the wake of this awful event and I’m sorry to have to publish this now. I waited as long as I could and if I wait any longer the news cycle will have already moved on.

And I changed my mind, at least for the time being. So, STFU Comey – we don’t want to hear it.

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