#FireSessions Petition Tops 8500 With Hours Left

Sign it while it’s HOT!!!

Click here to sign the White House petition to fire Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions before it expires.

It’s been 4 weeks and many articles, but the White House petition asking President Trump to can our worthless Attorney General like tuna is up over 8,500 signatures and has climbed almost all the way to the top of the list of active petitions at WhiteHouse.gov. It now expires very soon.

And if just 1 reader out of every 100 to 150 have signed it, which would be a respectable ratio by modern web standards, then 850,000 to 1.275 million people have seen it. Further, I have a feeling that Sessions himself knows it’s there and we’ll be issuing a request for comment to both him and the DOJ spokesperson at the White House when it closes. So, it sure would be nice to hit 10,000 signatures before then, ;)

However, this many signatures already send a clear message to Mr. Sessions that he has become a distraction, an obstacle in the way of handling the nation’s business. Even if he stays, the petition is a stern reminder to him that we’re here, we’re watching, we’re active, and we’re NOT happy. It also sends a clear message that if President Trump were to make a cabinet change and ditch Sessions, then thousands of Americans would support that choice.

So, sign here. It only takes a couple minutes and if POTUS does fire Sessions, you’ll always be able to say that you signed to help make it happen!

Thanks, and let’s hope that Sessions never lives down images like the below.

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Sessions and Rosenstien

sessions as bear final 2

sessions can you hear me now

cartman as sessions final