Flynn Charged For Lesser Crime While Clinton Remains Free

General Flynn has been charged today with making false statements to the FBI. That’s a federal felony. Meanwhile, neither Clinton, Wasserman-Schultz nor anyone else high up in the Democratic Party have been charged for far more serious crimes, like the mishandling of classified information, the rigging of the DNC primary, etc.

What hypocrisy! After all, why would Hilary need to worry about lying to the feds when they immunized all her cronies and then refused to bring charges even though they knew she broke the law?

Worse still, the indictment against Flynn wouldn’t have even been handed down decades ago. You see, there used to be this thing called the “exculpatory no.” Basically it means that if someone denied wrongdoing to the FBI, that denial could not be charged as a crime itself, especially when the person being questioned had not been read their right to remain silent. The “exculpatory no” was firmly rooted in the Fifth Amendment’s protection against forced self-incrimination before the Supreme Court took it away.

Almost every other civilized country on earth believes in the exculpatory no, especially modern Germany, where they remember a thing or two about people being unfairly targeted by “special” authorities because of their political and other affiliations.

The worst part of Flynn’s indictment though is who wasn’t indicted nor even honestly investigated. A little while ago, I wrote that the Trump administration should hire more special prosecutors to investigate a whole host of specific sketchy incidents. That seems more true today than ever.

I can give them a hint as to where they should start: