Friday Filings SHOULD Free Political Prisoner Marty G

But presiding judge has $50k conflict of interest

Last Friday, my 5th lawyer filed his first motions fighting David D'Addio and Seth Kosto, who are respectively the 2nd and 3rd prosecutors doggedly pursuing the Constitutional train wreck which they call a “case” against me. The federal judge who'll likely hear those motions appears to be at least the 8th to rule on the matter, which dates back at least as far as the summer of 2014, even before they unlawfully arrested me in February 2016.

As you might have guessed, our filings on Friday were a speedy trial motion and a bail motion. And I’ve been trying to have them docketed since lawyer number 4 in December.

As you can read at Daily Wire here, they are meritorious motions. By both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution, they should win and bring an overdue and unsuccessful close to the Obama administration’s now-4-year vendetta against me.

My alleged “crime” was helping to save a young girl from an evil Harvard alliance of pedophiles, child abusers and their accessories/acquiesors who masquerade as doctors, judges, federal prosecutors and politicians, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and former President Barack Obama. You can learn more about pedophile Harvard pediatricians and how Harvard-affiliated Boston Children's Hospital uses donations from unsuspecting members of the public to insulate itself from their anguished victims by reading this article here. You can learn more about the young girl whom I helped save by reading this article by Michelle Malkin here and/or by watching this 8-minute clip from Infowars here.



Now, as previously stated, the motions filed by my attorney on Friday should achieve victory for us.

But they probably won't, at least not at first. And the reasons why not are plain and simple: tyranny and corruption.

As many will recall, the way that Boston Children's Hospital abducts many kids away from their parents, doctors, schools and churches in order to lock them in its notorious Bader 5 psych ward and to stop their badly needed medications for very real and potentially deadly medical conditions in favor of experimental psychiatric treatment  isn't lawful in the first place. Neither are the blatantly unconstitutional gag orders commonly put on these families banning them from speaking to the press or even from posting to social media about what's happening to them.

Similarly, my 1st and 4th Amendment rights were violated when Federal Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler failed to recuse herself as the law demands and instead issued an unconstitutional search warrant for my home which you can read about at the New American here. Presumably, she did this because she's both a director emeritus of The Boston Foundation, which raises money for Justina's torturers, and she's also the spouse of Marc Pfeffer, who is both a Harvard Medical School professor as well as a paid practitioner at one of the “Harvard University-affiliated hospitals” mentioned in the search warrant application which his wife approved. Judge Bowler then violated my 8th Amendment right to bail when she still failed to recuse herself and presided over my detention hearing during which she allowed her fellow former federal prosecutor and Harvard-affiliate Adam Bookbinder to speak to his heart’s content before she cut off my attorney in the very first sentence of his closing arguments.

And unbeknownst to me, while Judge Bowler was violating my 8th Amendment rights to prompt bail findings by taking over 90 days to issue what, by law, is supposed to be a much faster decision, another judge named Allison D. Burroughs was trying to secretly rubber stamp requests from D'Addio and his colleagues to stretch the 30-day period in which they were required by the federal Speedy Trial Act to secure a grand jury indictment to 245 days, thus violating my 5th Amendment right to indictment as well as my 6th Amendment right to a speedy and public trial. It comes as no surprise then that Judge Burroughs was nominated to the bench by Obama and additionally she’s the director of a children's organization named Agassiz Village, for which Judge Bowler's Boston Foundation also raises money.

And now, U.S. District Court Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton is set to rule on our latest filings regarding the above violations of my rights even though he is/was on the board of advisers at the Home For Little Wanderers, which received $50,000 from Boston Children's Hospital just 5 months before I was arrested and which also receives ongoing donations through Judge Bowler's Boston Foundation.

Further, even without such conflicts of interests, Judge Gorton is known to bend over backwards to rule in favor of prosecutors. That's probably why D'Addio and Kosto are so confident that they'll prevail no matter how egregiously my rights are violated and no matter how morally reprehensibly their so-called “case” is. After all, the last person who this same office of prosecutors accused of selflessly violating this same unconstitutionally vague law also wound up with the same judge and he ended up killing himself as you can read about here.

So, maybe I should have expected to hear that before these motions were even filed, Judge Gorton publicly expressed skepticism about granting me bail. He also ordered me to stop emailing my prosecutors questions like these published by Daily Wire here. Is that constitutional? Does he care if it's not?

Meanwhile, the government just lies on the record. They don't seem to have any concern that Judge Gorton will hold them in contempt for blatant perjury.

But I still have hope even though Judge Gorton seems hellbent on continuing his predecessors work shamelessly suppressing knowledge of atrocity and violating my rights. Partially that’s because there are appellate courts above him, though mainly it’s because I have two things on my side that David D’Addio, Seth Kosto and their ilk can never have for another day in their lives: the truth and the eyes of the public.

My continued thanks to everyone who has supported my wife and I and to everyone who has helped get the word out.

But there's still hope that even if/when Judge Gorton too violates my rights, the appeals court will follow the law.

Bowler failed to recuse herself as the law demands and instead issued an unconstitutional search warrant on my home.