General Kelly Should Bring My Husband’s Heroic Story to Trump Immediately



My name is Dana Gottesfeld and I need everyone’s help to urge General Kelly to immediately bring my husband’s story to President Trump.

My husband Marty is an American hero who risked his life and liberty to save an innocent child named Justina Pelletier from crooked swamp creatures one year before candidate Trump entered the 2016 Republican primary. Back then, these amphibians had political backing reaching all the way up to Obama, allowing them to continue charging Medicaid hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for denying Justina the pain, cardiac and brain medications she desperately needed. They had already turned her from a figure skater to a wheelchair bound shadow of her former self before Marty risked his wellbeing to save her.

We were overjoyed when President Trump won the election with a clear mandate to drain the swamp, but we never imagined the corrupt holdovers from Obama’s DOJ would still be unjustly imprisoning Marty this long into the new administration. Without the help of many concerned Americans, we’re not sure if this story will ever get the attention it needs at the White House in order to end this travesty and affect the federal civil rights and healthcare fraud investigations necessary to achieve justice for Justina before the statute of limitations expires on the crimes that maimed her.