Has Peter Strzok Struck Gold Or Will His GoFundMe Goldmine Collapse On Him?

What would investigators find reviewing Strzok’s donor list?

Former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, of the now-infamous Strzok-Page text messages, is discovering that blind partisan hatred of Donald Trump and loyalty to Hillary Clinton are far more lucrative than his former role as a federal payroll patriot – at least in the short term – but will the hidden costs of operating his newfound GoFundMe goldmine catch up with him?

Andrew McCabe may be jealous. By raising over $250,000 in 1 day, Peter Strzok’s GoFundMe is on pace to quickly exceed the $554,000 which it took 5 days and a tweet from MSNBC host Rachel Maddow for McCabe to raise. At the time of publication, Strzok’s online fundraiser was up to $395,152 on its third day.

However, as FreeMartyG reported during McCabe’s donation drive earlier this year when it came out that repeated Obama campaign fundraiser and apparent quid quo pro administration appointee Ted Dintersmith had maxed out the $5,000 online donation limit for McCabe, such GoFundMe pages can actually be a treasure trove for investigators as well. At this point though, it remains unclear just who might be trying to contribute to Strzok’s silence on the involvement of others in what appeared to have been organized and concerted efforts to spy on the Trump campaign or to sabotage it.

Prior to publication, the DOJ Inspector General and U.S. Attorney John Huber, who was designated by Attorney General Sessions to look into matters like these, did not immediately return a request for comment as to whether their offices would subpoena GoFundMe for a list of Strzok’s donors. GoFundMe also didn’t immediately return our request for comment as to whether it has received orders to turn over donation information from the donation drives of either Strzok or McCabe and what if anything it would disclose to donors whose information it would be required to turn over should it receive such an order.

Marty Gottesfeld is considered a prisoner of the Massachusetts Democratic establishment for helping to save the life of medical kidnapping victim Justina Pelletier when she was endangered by Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH). To donate, learn more about him, or follow him on social media, go to www.FreeMartyG.com.