Hey McCabe, Here's What I Think of Your “Memos”

Pass me a good-sized pile every 8 to 14 hours...

Dear Scumbag McCabe,

You do realize that your supposed memos have about as much credibility as a Blockbuster video gift card, don't you? I mean, what do you expect now that you've been busted lying to investigators, using the bogus Steele dossier to apply for FISA warrants on the Trump campaign and sitting on emails in the Clinton unvestigation? Especially when you did all that after your wife accepted $675,000 from one of Hillary's other allies.

So, how could you even think that anyone could even trust you or your “memos?” Has Phoney Comey's self-serving sanctimonious horse crap gone to your head too?

You know, I have some memos as well, but mine aren't IOU's from Hillary. And mine record things that actually happened the actual way I actually reported them. And mine have been published by major news outlets too.

Here's one recording where FBI Special Agents Michael Tunick and Trevor Colandrea, your former swamp underlings, promised to put me in touch with Bureau boneheads who could investigate what happened to young Justina Pelletier and thousands of other kids like her:


Then you can see page 52 line 22 through page 53 line 4 of this memo here for Special Agent Jeffrey Williams admitting under oath that you crooked scumbags cared as much about Justina as you cared about high school students in Parkland, Florida on February 13th. Or better yet, you can listen:


Imagine that, audio recordings! They kind of help with the credibility of these things, don't ya think?

After all, without any actual proof, how do we all know that you and Phoney Comey didn't just collude and scribble some lies after the fact? We don't know, do we? All we do know is that even the Obama-appointed DOJ Inspector General said that you weren't honest.

But fear not scumbag McCabe. I can think of a use for your memos. Just send them to me at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility. Toilet paper is always scarce here. And have FedEx put a rush on the first batch. Saturday is chilli day.


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