House GOP Prepares To Grill Phoney Comey On Friday

Mr. Comey, isn't the Russia investigation a sham meant to help Hillary, the DNC, and those from the Obama DOJ obstruct justice so they don't have to answer for their own crimes?

Here's hoping that Phoney Comey is asked this question by one of the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee at the closed-door hearing where he's scheduled to testify under oath this Friday. Not that anyone should expect an honest answer from Phoney Comey. But there is the distinct possibility that whatever answer he'd provide could later be proven false. 

Indeed, the reasons behind Phoney Comey's request for an open hearing were quite transparent given that in a public session he could have (and has in the past) hidden behind answers like, "I can't divulge that publicly."

But Phoney Comey didn't get his way for this Friday. 

Instead, the House GOP outmaneuvered the fired former FBI director and the questions and answers will take place behind closed doors. This will give Comey no excuses in the moment about the need for secrecy from the public. Yet, a transcript will still be released roughly 24 hours later. 

So, if one of Phoney Comey's answers were to actually merit confidentiality then he still has to provide it and presumably it would be redacted before the transcript was published. What all this really means though is that for the most part it won't be up to Comey to decide which questions he does and doesn't have to answer as we've seen in the past and he'll be in a tougher position to dodge inquiries by disingenuously invoking the need for national security when he's put on the spot. 

Well played House GOP. Well played indeed. 

This hearing may also be an excellent opportunity for Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to demonstrate that he has what it takes to be the next U.S. attorney general by out-fencing the former head of Obama's FBI. After all, Gowdy's decision not to run for re-election last month despite his popularity back home has fueled speculation that the University of South Carolina School of Law graduate has instead been tapped for a position in the Trump administration, and President Trump will likely take notice of the congressman's performance this Friday.  

Below are more questions which the House GOP should make Phoney Comey answer under oath. They mostly speak for themselves, but where appropriate some additional annotation is provided. 

Have you ever received compensation or reward, financial or otherwise, directly or indirectly from the Clintons and/or the DNC? Have you ever been blackmailed, extorted, or otherwise threatened by them? This is an important question because money trails are one of the more common things that trip up perjurers. So, if Comey were to answer in the negative and then a flow of cash were to later be uncovered, he'd find himself in a difficult position. 

Given that the "blue wave" ended up being a dud compared to the pushback felt by the previous 3 presidencies during their first midterm elections as well as despite the ongoing Russia investigation, which of the following appears to have interfered more in the 2016 presidential election: the rigged 2016 Democratic party primary, your own congressional letter 11 days before the election announcing the reopening of the Clinton email server investigation, or the so-called "Russian meddling" that has been uncovered by Robert Mueller thus far?

Did you commit immunity fraud by guaranteeing nearly all of Hillary's staffers freedom from prosecution for the purpose of hindering rather than helping the email investigation?

Did you ever feel pressure from the Obama White House regarding the Clinton email investigation? 

Was it appropriate for then—U.S.-Attorney-General Loretta Lynch to have a clandestine meeting with Bill Clinton during the Hillary Clinton email investigation?

Was it appropriate for close allies of Hillary Clinton, including, apparently, then—Virginia-Governor Terry McAuliffe to donate a combined total of $675,000 to the state Senate campaign of the wife of then—deputy-FBI-director Andrew McCabe while the FBI was investigating Hillary's private email server?

Isn't $675,000 a bit excessive for a state Senate campaign?

Don't most state Senate candidates who raise that kind of money go on to do better than Mrs. McCabe ended up doing?

Did the DOJ have an unwritten de facto policy of "no charges against Hillary ever?" 

Wasn't Wikileaks protected by the First Amendment when it published the Podesta emails?

During your tenure as FBI director, was there any effort of which you were aware to investigate the 2016 DNC primary?

Did Hillary Clinton have a role in the FISA applications to spy on the Trump campaign and if so, what was it?

Were you aware that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was less than forthright and honest with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)?

What did you and former FBI agent Peter Strzok discuss regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation?


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