Is This Federal Judge Hiding?

Since Infowars started carrying my story it seems that the digital document shredders have once again been busy covering the corrupt tracks of federal

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Since Infowars started carrying my story it seems that the digital document shredders have once again been busy covering the corrupt tracks of federal Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler. In case you missed it, here is a link of my lovely wife Dana appearing on Real News with David Knight and sharing my fight to save then-15-year-old Justina Pelletier when she was medically kidnapped, tortured and nearly killed by Harvard’s main pediatric teaching facility, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH).

In summary, Harvard’s hospital and its associate professors who work there misdiagnosed Justina with a mental disorder instead of the very real genetic condition that both she and her older sister actually have. When her parents refused to let BCH take Justina of off of her vital medicines for that physical illness, the hospital used its connections to have them stripped of custody and then put under an unconstitutional gag order which forbade them from talking to the media. Justina was locked in the hospital psych ward, where she suffered in constant agony without her painkillers and was soon reduced to a wheelchair. She nearly died.

Please see the video above for clips of Justina and her family as well as background on their months of fruitless efforts to get her back. With time running out and all other avenues exhausted, I acted to save Justina’s life and even though defending a child from grievous bodily harm is not a crime in America, the humiliated hospital’s Harvard cronies, including Magistrate Judge Bowler, set about taking their vengeance on me for holding them accountable. Unfortunately, to these people, protecting the reputation of Harvard institutions is more important than justice and more important than kids like Justina, who still cannot walk today.

It’s no surprise that when the Harvard folks who control the federal prosecutors’ office in Boston needed a judge to sign off on a vindictive search warrant for my home and then hold me without bail, they went to Bowler. After all, Bowler worked for Harvard Medical School and is currently married to one of its professors. She also sat on the board of the Boston Foundation, which she actively raises money for Justina’s torturers.

Given that nearly everyone that could hold Bowler accountable for abusing her power also shares her Harvard connections, it’s no surprise that she didn’t recuse herself from my case. However, around the time that Infowars published this article of mine, called “President Trump Should Hear My Crooked DOJ Nightmare,” and the New American printed an article called “Bias on the Bench: Magistrate in Children's Hospital Hacking Case Has Financial Conflicts of Interest,” one of the documents linking Bowler to the Boston Foundation vanished from the Internet. It used to be located here:

Thankfully though, it’s still available at

This isn’t the first time compromising documents on Bowler have disappeared online either. After Red State’s Jim Jamitis first broke the story of Bowler’s conflicts of interest using her own official court biography, it disappeared from – a federal government website under the control of the DOJ. Jim’s article is called “Fate Of Accused Hospital Hacker In The Hands Of Judge With Personal Ties To Hospital,” and the dirt on Bowler is archived at:

I guess we’ll find out just how untouchable Bowler is due to her Harvard connections. My wife is going to file a complaint with the bar association. Stay tuned.

The Boston Foundation, the Board of Bar Overseers, and Suffolk University (which sends law students to mentor under Magistrate Bowler) did not immediately return request for comment on the missing documents.