Journalist Attacked Behind Bars After Exposing Corrupt Federal Judge/Prosecutor

MartyMartin Gottesfeld says that the Plymouth County Correctional Facility refused to photograph his injuries for his medical records following an attack. 

My name is Martin Gottesfeld and for those who aren't familiar with my story, you can read about it at Rolling Stone, the Daily Wire, the Huffington Post, and the New American, amongst others. If video is more your thing, check out these made by Lee Camp or Infowars. Or, I can bottom line it for you: I found out that an innocent, learning-disabled, 15-year-old girl named Justina Pelletier was being tortured by the nation's leading pediatric teaching hospital and that the authorities were too corrupt to stop it.  

So, without hurting a soul, I defended her life in a way that few others could.

I've been called a "guardian hacktivist," and this is what the Huffington Post thinks of the Obama-appointee in Boston who chose to prosecute me. You can’t make this stuff up. Here is Justina’s dad describing her suffering to PBS Boston:

I'm also a journalist and over the past year I've been working to expose the corruption of the people who left Justina in the wheelchair and those who have been imprisoning me. There's a lot of overlap. For instance, at the New American you can read about how Federal Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler failed to recuse herself despite clear conflicts of interest. As articles have continued to run detailing her bias, documents outlining her connections started disappearing from and elsewhere.

 Bowler 6After being exposed, documents showing Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler's unseemly conflicts of interest started disappearing from the web. (Mass Lawyers Weekly)

Then there’s federal prosecutor Adam Bookbinder, who is similarly conflicted. He filed false statements on sworn affidavits and then took the almost unheard of step, for a man in his position, of withdrawing from the case after my wife and I confronted him in court with pictures of Justina, who was maimed by his political comrades. He’s also been sprucing up his LinkedIn profile. 


bookbinder 3After being exposed, federal prosecutor Adam Bookbinder left the case and updated his LinkedIn profile. (Boston Bar)

You know what they say about wounded animals when they are cornered though...

So, maybe it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the Plymouth County Correctional Facility (PCCF) has been flooding my unit with dangerous individuals who they leave in here despite clear warning signs. It seems that the jail has been intentionally creating a dangerous environment and its led to altercation after altercation.

I'm writing this in solitary after being physically attacked earlier today by a guy who they knew had no business in general population. He was bragging about how much trouble he had caused in other Massachusetts jails, which all share records, before he decided that he was entitled to my coffee. 

Tellingly, the medical staff here wouldn’t photograph my injuries. And the targets who these guys have been choosing have seemed far from random. The last one was a 72-year-old man with whom I discuss article ideas. I guess that was meant as a warning from Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald Jr., "Keep it up and grandpa gets it."

sherif mcdonaldPlymouth County, MA Sheriff Joseph McDonald Jr.'s connection to the feds merits scrutiny. (

So, why would Sheriff McDonald's department go so far out of its way and risk this liability nightmare? Well, for starters, the U.S. marshals, who have been dealing with their own major scandal in Massachusetts, paid McDonald's department $5 million/year to keep prisoners here. 

Also, maybe he owes them a favor or two. A couple years back, our local ABC affiliate caught one of McDonald's senior employees running and alleged marriage fraud scam. Federal prosecutors like Bookbinder knew all about it, and yet there was a surprising lack of federal arrests. The department didn't even lose its contract with ICE over the scandal. In fact, the owner of the nail salon mentioned by the local ABC affiliate donates to McDonald's campaign fund. 

As do a surprising number of his employees. Several sources here tell me that its not just from the bottom of their hearts, if you catch my drift.

Yet, Bookbinder’s office, which has a track record of humiliating itself by going after what I can only describe as flimsy racketeering cases, like this one or this one, leaves McDonald alone.  

But I won’t.

It’s gotten to the point now where good-hearted staff here beat around the bush, warning me in not so many words about incidents like today’s. Others are much more ominous with their language about orders from their “superiors” and people “swinging on the old man.”

I guess I’ll end by just recording here for posterity that if anything happens to me, the questions should start with Sheriff McDonald and then work their way from there.

Christina DiIorio-Sterling on behalf of the U.S. attorney's office declined to comment if the assailant had anything to do with the government or any of its agents/designees.

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