Keep Crying McCabe!

Dry your eyes with some of that Clinton money

It seems like just yesterday I was writing to encourage fired former FBI Director James Comey to keep tweeting. And, I don't know about other journalists, but I'm really looking forward to mining his upcoming possibly ghost-written autobiography, which the ultra-narcissist is actually calling "A Higher Loyalty."

But I digress. 

After being fired this weekend (and losing his pension), former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe appears to have forgotten all about his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. He's been quoted saying he would no longer remain silent

I hope somebody hires a special prosecutor pronto because it sure would be a shame to miss this opportunity to finally get to the heart of the great mystery of the 2016 presidential election -- which doesn't have anything to do with Russian collusion, but instead is why Hillary Clinton isn't yet wearing Martha Stewart's prison hand-me-downs. 

I mean, wouldn't you love to hear Martha Stewart explain to a prison-bound but still crooked Hillary how to avoid sitting directly on a cold urine-encrusted metal toilet rim by making a toilet seat cover out of an old pair of prison sandals?

Well, McCabe and his wife could be the keys to making that happen and as far as I know, no one in the DOJ has offered them immunity yet, like his former boss Phoney Comey did for all the other Clinton crooks during the emailgate unvestigation. In fact, talking is apparently what landed McCabe in hot water with the Inspector General's office in the first place. 

So, keep whining Mr. McCabe. We'll leave the light on for you. 

The author, Marty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner. To learn more about his case or donate to support him, go to He’s also a Republican Senate candidate against incumbent Elizabeth Warren. You can donate to his political campaign at