Marty G Slams Rosenstein As "Harvard-educated moron"

Dear Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein,

This is America calling to cash that check your mouth wrote.

What’s the matter, sir? Is your fancy Harvard derriere already overdrafted?

Well, maybe you can work off your debt through community service then. We could have you go around to high school political science classes with a pink slip as a shining example of what should be one of the first lessons in the subject: never overplay your hand in politics.

After all, it sure does seem to be a hard lesson for your lefty allies to grasp. So, it’s not like it’s just you who appears to need some remedial tutoring after class.

That being said, maybe you can pass on what you and Mr. Sessions learned this week to that inordinately insistent and dramatic trio of overactors: the DNC, Herr Müeller, and 99.92% or so of Elizabeth Warren. And that lesson is: those on the left can keep pandering to the diminishing applause of their fickle base on the fake news networks, but if they do, the center will keep punishing them for it.

Moreover, it’s now clearer than ever after the midterms, that the people who still believe in the whole “Russia” farce are the same ones who eagerly drank the Clinton Kool-Aid long ago and waited for Hillary’s mother ship to carry them to victory in 2016 using the power of Russian uranium.

That’s why that great “blue wave” which all those pedantic lefty pundits kept publicly trying to wish into existence, as if this were Narnia, turned out to be a dud, a mere neap tide of historically low proportions in the House which ironically brought with it a blue ebb tide in Senate. And those receding blue waters in the Senate will now leave behind a larger GOP majority there to confirm the inevitable replacement for your former boss and it seems for you too.

It’s poetic justice; a fitting recompence. You sided with a bunch of childish immature whiners, sore losers whose inability to accept their own self-inflicted losses from 2016 became a self-fulfilling prophecy 2 years later, preventing the political pendulum from swinging back in their direction as it almost always does.

They want so badly to see “election interference” but they ignore that very specter when it’s sitting right under their noses. You could have showed them though Mr. Rosenstein, and you wouldn’t have needed to hire a “special counsel” or blame Russia to do it.

You could have shown them their own rigged primary, Mr. Rosenstein, and had those responsible prosecuted:



You could have shown them the tarmac meeting between then-AG Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, which took place as Lynch was interceding into the emailgate affair  and demanding that the FBI spare Hillary from the public (and well-deserved) use of the word “investigation” during her failed presidential campaign - the very same word which you helped weaponize against the GOP and the rest of the Trump administration this election cycle.



Or you could have shown them the $675,000 in “donations” seemingly from Hillary campaigner Terry McAuliffe to the wife of then—Deputy-FBI-Director Andrew McCabe months before Hillary’s emails came under his oversight at the FBI.

Or you could have taken the president’s suggestion by showing them the former FBI/CIA power couple of Bruce and Nellie Ohr and their connections to Fusion GPS at the time of the now-infamous Steele Dossier as well as the illegitimate FISA warrants which you refused to secure to spy on the Trump campaign.

Or instead of stonewalling, you could (and should) have turned over the documents which Congress subpoenaed from you regarding those adulterous DOJ scumbags, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, including how Obama apparently wanted “to know everything” they were doing.

Or you could have reminded the left about its own long line of phony polls and fake news - the twin smoking guns of intemperance with which they’ve now shot themselves in the foot a second time, convincing less-likely Democratic voters to stay home on election day because their ballots didn’t appear necessary.

Though most of all Mr. Rosenstein, you could have shown them a b.s. “Russia investigation” usurping tax dollars to serve as a political weapon against the GOP this election cycle. And you could have done as your former professor at Harvard Law School, Alan Dershowitz, publicly implored you to do and ended it:


But apparently you couldn’t see past your own petty, unenlightened self-interest. You overplayed your hand Mr. Rosenstein and now your bluff has been called. It’s time to leave your chips on the table and walk away beat.

You do get a consolation prize though, short-lived as it may be. For now there will be those on the left who wish the canonize you as another martyr in their belligerent war against the Trump administration. You should probably make with the rest of your new comrades and start a GoFundMe.

But I would hurry Mr. Rosenstein, because the left is fickle. Moreover, I would wager that in history’s eye you’ll be remembered as a stubborn self-important Harvard-educated moron who got caught with his pants down by what should have been a friendly newspaper.

Indeed, it’s too bad that there doesn’t appear to be a recording of the look on your face when you found out that the New York Times was relaying your alleged suggestions that the then—Deputy-FBI-Director should wear a wire in the White House and about using the 25th Amendment to remove the duly elected leader of the free world from office.


Marty Gottesfeld

P.S. Who am I you ask, Mr. Rosenstein? I’m one of the political prisoners you've helped the Democratic establishment keep in retaliation for doing what you were too cowardly to do: daring to defy the left). And this is Justina whose life I helped save from your Harvard alma mater:



Martin Gottesfeld was imprisoned by the Obama administration for helping to save the life of Justina Pelletier when she was held against her will at Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital. For more information or to donate to support him through his unjust incarceration please go to