MartyG: Hello World (From “The Hole” At MDC Brooklyn)

Political Prisoner/Journalist Speaks Out on DOJ’s Attempt to Silence the Press

Hello World,

It’s MartyG. I understand that there’ve been some kind people worrying about me including my darling wife, Dana. So, I wanted to write in order to let everyone know that I’m okay, but that my First Amendment rights are being violated by the DOJ and Warden Herman Quay of the department’s frequently-scandalized Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, New York - which just a short time ago was the site of massive protests.

As I believe that a growing number of people are increasingly becoming aware, these are scary times for real journalists, who report objectively on the facts and who speak the truth to power, especially when that power is the Justice Department, a certain (former) presidential candidate with an email server (and who knows what else) in her basement, and a certain former Harvard professor who carries, on average, less than half of the Native American DNA of her 0.09% or so Caucasian counterparts in the U.S., but who somehow nonetheless had NPR, the Associated Press and The Boston Globe all making her out like she’s some kind of modern Cherokee princess (much to the apparent chagrin of the actual Cherokee Nation, by the way).

Still, I was surprised that they would be so blatant.

You see, when I first arrived here at MDC Brooklyn on Friday, February 15th, a mere 12 days or so after power had been restored following a week-long blackout which saw reports of inmates freezing in their cells, I was summarily sent to “the hole” within minutes of my first arrival and told that though I had been in the general prison population with full access to all the normal methods of communication for about 3 years already, the facility to which I would be black-bagged next has a so-called “Communications Management Unit.” Federal prisons are allowed to have these units, where outside communications can be made practically impossible, in order to house terrorists and Internet predators whose correspondence, even while locked up, could pose a threat to the public.

However, it now seems that the DOJ has decided to abuse its “communications management” program to silence my journalism and to try to intimidate me from pursuing further litigation with the department, both of which I’m sure have been thorns in the sides of them and their apparent benefactors for some time. After all, some of my past highlights include:

The Western Journal: The Clintons Are Still Above the Law and Something Needs to Change (Over 17,000 Facebook shares, including one by Governor Mike Huckabee)

The Huffington Post: Why I Knocked Boston Children’s Hospital Off the Internet: A Statement By Martin Gottesfeld (Over 3,200 Facebook shares revealing the savage brutality encountered by Justina Pelletier at Harvard University’s primary pediatric teaching and research facility, picked up by Slashdot, The International Business Times, The Daily Mail, Boston 25 News, and others)

InfoWars: Click Here If Sessions Must Go (The first in a series of scathing articles which satirized former Attorney Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and drove in thousands of petition signatures to fire him)

The Intercept: Inside El Chapo’s Confinement: Cockroaches, Frigid Temperatures, Tacos, and a Three-Lieutenant Escort (Announcing my lawsuit against the DOJ for its previous violations of my First Amendment and other rights, for example by throwing me in the hole without due process at another facility)

Red State: Conflict Of Interest? Judge Who Forced Trump’s Lawyer To Name Hannity Was Hillary’s AG Pick (The first in a series exploring the connections to George Soros and others held by “The Clintonite Love Judge” Kimba Wood, which resulted in thousands of signatures to impeach her)

The Huffington Post: Why This Activist Hacker Is Launching On A Hunger Strike In Jail (Announcing the hunger strike which I would wage for 100 days against the DOJ for allowing/enabling the torture of thousands of American kids and which garnered coverage from Rolling Stone, Newsweek [twice], and others)

WND: Imprisoned Whistleblower’s Letter To Sally Yates (Calling out the fired former acting attorney general and her crooked cronies for allowing Justina Pelletier to be tortured)

The Huffington Post: Think Russia Is Bad? Listen To This Imprisoned Human Rights Activist (Calling out former federal prosecutor Adam Bookbinder and crooked U.S. Magistrate Judge Marianne B. Bowler. Picked up by RT, leading to international coverage in over 100 countries worldwide)

Yet, please rest assured that I will continue my work so long as I am able. And if I should happen to stay silent, then look no further than Magistrate Judge Marianne B. Bowler, Federal Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton and his family-owned and operated seafood business, Slade Gorton & Co., Inc., Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Hugh Hurwitz, and Acting Deputy Director of the U.S. Marshals, David Anderson.

Best Regards,

Martin “MartyG” Gottesfeld

Prior to publication, neither Herman Quay, Hugh Hurwitz, nor David Anderson immediately returned requests for comment on Marty’s letter.