MartyG: WashPo Just Put the “OJ” in “DOJ Double Standard”

When it comes to charging Billary Clinton, the Lyin’ Liberal Liz Warren, Phoney Comey, etc., everything seems like nothing to the DOJ and its crooked cronies in the media. Meanwhile, they treat each nothing burger as if it’s everything when it comes to anyone who dared work on the Trump campaign, in the Trump White House or - heaven forbid - at InfoWars.

Remember when candidate Donald Trump hyperbolically joked for dramatic effect that he could shoot somebody without losing any supporters and the undeservedly-self-righteous and self-appointed supposed arbiters of morality on the left nearly lost their minds? Well that was a joke. Trump wasn’t serious.

In comparison though, there are actual bodies for the left to explain. And very few lost supporters - or criminal charges.

For a well-known example, Ted Kennedy - the (in)famous “Liberal Lion” who seemed to spend more time in the bottle than I Dream of Genie’s Barbara Eaton - won 10 Senate elections after Mary Jo Kopechne drowned in the Chappaquiddick River that night in 1969.

Let’s also remember that Bill and Hillary Clinton each won elections to high offices after Vince Foster turned up dead in a park when he likely would have been asked to testify before Congress regarding Whitewater.

And the most recent blood connection Elizabeth Warren’s family has to an actual Native American appears to be to the one whom her great-grandfather reportedly shot. Yet somehow it seems doubtful that federal fraud charges will be forthcoming due to her claims over the years.

Apparently, it’s gotten so easy for people on the left to dodge bodies, that even O.J. Simpson is trying to cut in on the action, and once again the glove may fit the contours of his hand snugly. Tuesday, when asked if he thought President Trump would be impeached, the disgraced former football star told TMZ:

Well if he keeps hanging around with people like that Roger Stone. Hey let me say this. You know I got raided by the FBI in Miami. Thirty-seven FBI agents, 5 o’clock in the morning. And I had more than dogs, I had kids there. They were a little traumatized. And my friend, he got raided too, for nothing. And the [inaudible] task force, they were wrong. You never heard another word about it after the media made a big deal of them in there. So the FBI can be wrong, you know? But to try to compare it to El Chapo and Ben Laden? Hey man, Ben Laden was carried out in a bag, not walked out in hand cuffs. So you know, man up, stop crying.”

Perhaps reflecting on the new state of the mainstream media, the Washington Post and many others were quick to quote O.J.’s latest apparent attempt to curry favor with the left while the irony of the parolee trying to tell someone else to “man up” appeared to sail over their heads.

But unlike when the FBI raided O.J., cameras were rolling at 6 a.m. when the feds were knocking on Roger Stone’s door and they had an arrest warrant. It seems they had tipped off CNN ahead of time, which would likely be a serious policy violation aimed at tainting the jury pool long before any trial can even begin.

For the so-called “Clinton News Network” though, it was probably more than a story. To CNN, it was likely an opportunity for payback against one of its fiercest critics, against somebody whose offense CNN perhaps considers to be a capital transgression, i.e. fact-checking the left and offering the American public an alternative news source.

And if “obstruction of an official proceeding,” “making false statements,” and “witness tampering” are to be the charges, then shouldn’t the feds still be speaking to Hillary about Benghazi?

Or if its 2016 “election interference” they’re after, then wouldn’t the DNC primary that year seem like the logical place to start digging? Indeed, with Billary signaling their likely intent to run in 2020 and with the 1/1024th or so of a Native American who seems to have claimed Ted Kennedy’s likely-Camelbak-equipped Senate seat already in the race, what are Herr Müller and his team doing to ensure a fair DNC primary next time around? After all, if the Democratic base isn’t going to press that question now, then 2020 might not find Bill as the only one stuck in a loveless sham marriage to Hillary.

Further, if the feds are finally busting political figures for perjury again, then shouldn’t former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe have been first to do the 6:00 a.m. perp walk live on CNN? Shouldn’t the public get a detailed explanation about the $675,000 that was funneled to Mrs. McCabe’s unsuccessful state senate run while Hillary’s emails apparently took the fast lane to nowhere inside the highest levels of the FBI? Where did all that money actually go if not towards electing Mrs. McCabe?

These are the question which CNN and most of the rest of the media seem not to be asking and the answers for which the DOJ seems most happily not to be digging. Instead they apparently coordinate on an unreliable Buzzfeed story and then arrest Roger Stone on similarly dubious charges a week later. They keep the distractions coming fast and hard in an apparent but likely doomed effort to keep Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein from being fired on any given Friday evening now that Whitaker and Barr are taking over.

They know the flocks of their faithful won’t notice and/or question them much about it. Afterall, what’s a little treason amongst friends? And they also seemed to know that the days when liberal darlings like Jon Stewart would go on CNN live to call out the network for hurting the American people are long over.

Nowadays they don’t seem to care whom they hurt or of whom they take advantage. So, most recently it was Roger Stone. Before him it was Paul Manafort and before him General Flynn. And by the way, the liberal powers that be still seem to have their sights set on their own former hero, Julian Assange, who wisely read the writing on the walls in 2016, a foresight which itself seems to be considered a hell-worthy trespass by the rabid left.

Moreover, let’s not forget that there is a very real human cost to all this hypocrisy and one-sided reporting and enforcement, as I and a brave young lady named Justina Pelletier know all too well. As many remember and as indicated below, Justina suffered horribly at ultra-liberal Harvard’s primary pediatric research and teaching facility, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), before I helped save her life:

Yet, despite many interviews like the above given by Justina and her family as well as by other reported victims of BCH and despite the federal funding which seems to have been misappropriated to perpetrate and then cover up these heinous abuses, there has not been one single arrest of anyone responsible for torturing Justina and leaving her crippled in a wheelchair. Instead, I am now serving a 10-year federal prison sentence handed down by a conflicted federal judge named Nathaniel M. Gorton, whose family-owned business - of which he was a director - donated to Justina’s tormentors and who shared other financial connections to them at the time Justina was suffering in BCH’s now-infamous psych ward.

Yet, rather than blowing the lid off of both the torture of a sick child by powerful elites and the railroading of a human rights advocate who helped save her life without violence and without hurting a soul, Alanna Durkin Richer from AP and Nate Raymond from Reuters glaringly omitted all the evidence on the public docket of Justina’s suffering and of the judicial funny business pervading her case and mine. Instead, they quoted DOJ prosecutor David D. D’Addio wholesale as he continued to parrot a ridiculous allegation which he failed to prove to my jury, that an internet outage - an event known to happen to any organization and which in all likelihood had happened before to BCH - had somehow “endangered children’s lives.” In fact, Alanna Durkin Richer and Nate Raymond didn’t even mention that I refuted this frivolous allegation by citing the jury’s actual finding. I guess Rosenstein and CNN would be proud.

America on the other hand, should be less than amused and very, very concerned.

Marty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner and conservative journalist. For more information about him or to donate to free him please visit follow him on Facebook.