MartyG Writes to the ACLJ About Ballot Access

Political prisoner asks for help getting fair chance against Warren

Dear ACLJ,

My name is Martin Gottesfeld and I'm hoping that you'll help me get a fair chance to campaign against Elizabeth Warren as a Republican. I think that I can triumph over her and her money with my true story of fighting against the corrupt Massachusetts establishment to save a young girl from Warren's Harvard alma mater, as you can read about in this widely-syndicated article by Michelle Malkin here or in this Rolling Stone article here or watch in this Infowars clip here.


Despite being wrongfully imprisoned by remnants of the Obama DOJ, I was hoping to speak, if only by video, at the Massachusetts state GOP convention last Saturday and to play the above clip for the audience along with some prepared remarks. My campaign has proof that we called to register for the convention in time. However, the state GOP leadership seems to have intentionally snubbed us, which it also repeatedly does to the Trump administration as you can read about here  or here. They simply didn't return our calls to register.

We had one remaining hope to be heard at the convention, which is the only opportunity candidates are afforded to secure the delegates required to appear on the primary ballot. Party delegates could table a motion. We had a couple try.

At first they were told that the motion would be β€œout of order” and their attempts were refused. Eventually, the Massachusetts GOP leadership, which was likely fearful of potential litigation of the type they've lost before, agreed to have the motion presented to the assembly.

But regardless of the full truth and likely of their own parliamentary rules, Constitutional due process and campaign laws as well, this is what they did:


What could and should have been a watershed moment was killed in its crib.

Meanwhile, the Republican candidate who was chosen as a front runner has serious skeletons in his closet which I won't detail here, but which almost certainly won't be lost on Warren's campaign. And even if he didn't have such potential issues, it would take something really, really special to beat Elizabeth Warren's $15 million campaign account in deep-blue Massachusetts. I'm the only one in the race with that potential.

Thank you for your consideration,


Marty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner. You can donate to his legal defense fund at