Meet NPR’s “Partners” in Child Torture

When NPR isn’t busy airing 90-second rants openly advocating that somebody should punch President Trump in the face,

apparently its Boston member stations have their hands full spending $7,186/hour of government funding promoting either those who contribute to the alleged torture of children or those who work to cover it up and indemnify the accused perpetrators.

For instance, when Boston NPR member station WBUR apparently wanted a lefty hack to put a liberal spin on the recent departure of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Boston NPR organ turned to perhaps the most-reviled figure in the history of the Internet, former Obama-era DOJ henchwoman Carmen Ortiz.

Now, Ortiz is infamous for many reasons. She may be the only federal prosecutor to ever have 61,000 people digitally sign a White House petition to fire her. (In comparison, a recent petition, also on, asking for President Trump to fire Sessions resulted in 9,500 signatures.)

Additionally, Ortiz bears the singular distinction of having been lambasted by Republicans in both the House and Senate as well as the Federal Appeals Court and even by the ultra-far-left HuffPost - which wasn’t exactly known for going after Obama appointees in its spare time.

Indeed, by the time of Ortiz’s departure from office, her husband had been chased off of Twitter, Harvard apparently wanted nothing to do with her, and even her strongest apparent ally, the festering fungal rag known as “The Boston Globe,” was left openly asking, “Why is Carmen Ortiz being treated like Cruella DeVille?” Perhaps tellingly as well, unlike other former U.S. attorneys leaving office, Ortiz didn’t land a lucrative partnership with a large well-known law firm, nor try her hand at running for office even though in her same home state of deep-blue Massachusetts a former DA who helped cover up the rape of a babywon a Democratic senate primary, was elected attorney general, and later won the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

However, WBUR sure did seem happy to have Ortiz on-the-air with them - without filling in their audience about any of the above.

And WBUR’s listeners also probably weren’t aware of what happened in Boston to a young girl named Justina Pelletier during Ortiz’s watch:



Throughout everything which Justina recounts enduring, which includes having her toenails ripped as staff dragged her feet on the floor, and despite the institution of a so-called “gag order” in blatant defiance of her and her family’s federally-protected civil rights, Ortiz doesn’t appear to have lifted a finger to prevent Justina from being left crippled in a wheelchair. Nor did Ortiz step in when Justina, a Catholic, was allegedly denied the civil right to attend Mass, take Communion, and go to Confession in the most Catholic city in America.

Further, Ortiz isn’t the only one who either acquiesced, contributed to, or helped cover up the alleged torture and kidnapping of this young girl from a conservative family. You see, the night that WBUR had Ortiz on-the-air to talk about Sessions, the NPR station, which boasts that its “home to Boston’s largest radio newsroom,” was also broadcasting promotions for an organization called “The Boston Foundation” or “TBF,” and that promotional script explicitly noted that TBF “partners” with other organizations - and apparently with WBUR - to help guide their philanthropy.

Now it also turns out that TBF publicly fundraises for both of the organizations which Justina said abused her: Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital and The Wayside Youth and Family Support Network.

Saliently, for those who may find themselves incredulous that a children’s hospital would abduct and torture children, please see the links herehereherehere, and here or see the full version of the video above by Beau Berman, who won back-to-back Edward R. Murrow Awards for his coverage of Justina’s case.

Furthermore, the record reflects that TBF continues to fundraise for Boston Children’s even though it has become apparent that the hospital harbored two pedophile pediatricians for decades each. Likewise, despite this veritable mountain of evidence, when the hospital needed a high-profile master of ceremonies for one of its most ostentatious fundraising galas, WBUR host José C. Massó III seemed all too happy to oblige.

As for Wayside, it appears to be a part of what's called "the troubled teen industry.” And while Justina was held there against her will, she and her family reported that one of the facility’s staff ripped open her shower curtain and screamed at her - an allegation which if true could qualify as a sexual assault against a minor.

Alarmingly, such disturbing incidents occur with startling regularity in the troubled teen industry, as the U.S. Government Accountability Office testified before Congress roughly 10 years ago:



So the next time that NPR gets on its high horse about “the children,” please remember its “partners” and their connections to those who face a mountain of credible allegations of torture from kids like Justina.     

Martin Gottesfeld is a human rights activist facing up to 15 years under the CFAA for helping save Justina Pelletier. To learn more or donate to support him, please visit