Obama-era Political Prisoner Writes SCATHING Letter to AG Jeff Sessions

“To say that you are a disappointment and an utter failure… would be an understatement…”

Marty’s White House petition to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions “for all the obvious reasons” has collected over 5,300 signatures at the time of publication. You can sign here.


Dear Attorney General Sessions,

To say that you are a disappointment and an utter failure as AG would be an understatement. It would probably be more accurate to call you the worst “Republican” attorney general in American history. One has to try hard just to name anything which you haven't screwed up as the nation's “top cop.”

From your failure to bring any charges whatsoever against any Democratic leaders for their election shenanigans in 2016; to your attempt to enlist your party for an ill-conceived anti-marijuana political kamikaze run, which was blocked by President Trump; to your failure to keep the so-called “Russia investigation” from spiraling out of control as a misappropriated propaganda tool of the Democrats; the missing Strzok-Page text messages; the unanswered Congressional subpoenas; your empty threats and promises to just resign; your mishandling of the media, especially when it comes to all things related to immigration; your apparent attempts to lead the DOJ from the rear and so much more, you've lowered the bar for gross incompetence even further than Eric Holder and your continued presence only serves to undermine the public's trust in the government, in your department, and in your party.

You are supposed to run the DOJ, not the other way around. Yet it keeps lying and you do nothing.

Let me ask you a question. When you enter the room at a function in DC, does everyone stop talking, and then resume in quiet whispers? Is Roy Moore the only person from Alabama who will still return your calls? Did Swamp Thing nominate you for a lifetime achievement award?

You are now a lame duck figurehead who represents just about all the wrong things to everyone, and a traitor, who has turned his back on conservative values. For instance, why has there not been one single charge against the Clintons or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for anything? Do they have dirt on you, or are you just scared?

Or, are you now in on your department’s apparent mad dash to undermine the last vestiges of Article II congressional oversight to which it is subjected by waging a long running campaign of political terrorism via politically charged indictments, blackmail, and abuse of its secrecy privileges? Either way, you will go down in history as the puppet who was too dumb to realize that he was played like a fiddle by the propaganda pundits who seem hellbent on the downfall of America.

Mr. Sessions, I invite you to look at the WhiteHouse.gov petition here demanding that President Trump fires you “for all the obvious reasons” and resign. And I encourage everyone else to sign that petition so we can get an attorney general who deserves the title and has the courage, wisdom and integrity to do the job.

That's certainly not you, Mr. Sessions.

Martin Gottesfeld

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