Obama Was In On It?

Latest Strzok/Page texts say he wanted to "know everything..."

Too close? Former President Barak Obama (left) may now regret his close relationship with his FBI Director James Comey (right).  (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Just yesterday I wrote that a death penalty case would be appropriate against Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein. 

I said that the prospect of capital punishment might be the only motivation powerful enough to wake these guys up from their delusions and to get them to give up bigger fish like Hillary. Then, we just found out Wednesday that the latest bunch of DOJ text messages contains this little beauty from Page to her boy toy Strzok:

"Potus wants to know everything we're doing,"

So, while I was originally thinking that the treason investigation could go up the ladder from Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein to bigger fish, it now seems appropriate to add Page and Strzok to the list of names for a grand jury to consider. 

Obama set a lot of firsts in the White House. Will he shortly become the first former president to face treason charges?

You can still vote in our Facebook and Twitter polls before they close Sunday asking whether Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein should face death penalty prosecution for treason. 

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