Political Prisoner/Senate Candidate Opposing Warren Writes Massachusetts Republican Delegates

Dear Delegates at the 2018 Massachusetts Republican Convention:

My name is Marty Gottesfeld and I’m running for US Senate in Massachusetts as a Republican against Elizabeth Warren.  I am releasing this statement because I will almost certainly not be able to speak at the upcoming state convention on the 28th due to the logistical and financial constraints.

Logistically, in retaliation for my help in saving Justina Pelletier, who you may remember was tortured and nearly killed at the hands of both Elizabeth Warren’s fellow Harvard professors at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) as well as by former Democratic Governor Deval Patrick’s Department of Children and Families (DCF), I have been wrongfully imprisoned for over 2 years without trial or bail by the Boston U.S. attorney’s office, which is now run by so-called “Republican” and definite Obama-holdover Andrew Lelling.

On the financial side, unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend to raising the $25,000 fee which the state party charges a U.S. Senate candidate to speak for nomination at its upcoming convention.  I guess you could say that I’ve been swamped managing my federal court case while also covering the troublesome dealings of the U.S. DOJ and its former employees James Comey and Andrew McCabe in articles published by Infowars and RedState.

However, I am pleased to report that even though the judge presiding over my case, Nathaniel M. Gorton, hasn’t recused himself despite stunning apparent conflicts of interest, including that he is/was on the board of advisors of an organization which accepted $50,000 from Boston Children’s Hospital 5 months before my arrest, still recent efforts have positioned my case for likely dismissal in time for the election due to violations of the federal Speedy Trial Act. So, going forward I should now be able to dedicate myself to holding Senator Warren accountable in this campaign.

Now, it’s obvious that it will take an unorthodox, adversarial, fearless and moral campaign humorously and conspicuously calling out Senator Warren for her numerous failings in order to secure her Senate seat. Our experience successfully fighting Warren’s federal swamp over the past 2 years on a shoestring budget makes my lovely and courageous wife Dana and I the right people with the right qualifications for that job.

So, should the necessary 15% of you choose to nominate me despite my absence and inability to speak at the convention, I will defend each and every Massachusetts family as steadfastly as I defended Justina, while exposing Elizabeth Warren’s shameful actions and inactions hoarding money for herself and Harvard while forsaking kids like Justina and their advocates to the swamp.

To learn more about my campaign and its cornerstone issues of restoring the right to bear arms in the Commonwealth, cannabis reform, family rights and religious liberties as well as my plan to divert hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars to our state’s more deserving colleges and universities instead of allowing that money to maintain the very high water level in the Harvard swamp, please see VoteMartyG.com.  To learn more about me and my case, please see FreeMartyG.com and/or these features by Michelle Malkin, Rolling Stone, The Daily Wire, Infowars, The New American, Red State, HuffPost, Lee Camp’s Redacted Tonight and more

Finally, nominating me would send the right message of defiance to the swamp, demonstrating through our actions that we won’t let it go after us one at a time for defending the Constitution and our nation’s children.

Thank you for your consideration,