President Trump: Please fire them!

There are many reasons to fire Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray and McCabe but one is enough

President Trump, 

I wanted to let you know that the American people see your struggle with the DOJ and that, while I obviously cannot speak for everybody, I believe that your supporters would support you against the swamp if you were to fire Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Wray and Andrew McCabe. 

As you can see here, here, here and here, I know better than most about fighting for justice against the crooked InJustice department and I also have an idea as to the advice that you've probably been getting from the legal world. I know about the DOJ's vile behavior; how they make their dirty tricks seem clean while making every clean strategy of yours seem dirty. 

In large part thanks to you, the public is starting to find out more about all this too. But there's still a lot that needs to be exposed. America's once great legal system has been hijacked and turned against her own people. Mine is not an isolated case. You are not alone. 

Any worker in the private sector who has done as these people have done would have been fired long ago and the plain reality is that as President you have broad Constitutional authority to remove them from office for any reason or even for no reason at all. In fact, you are the only person who can. 

In the real world, one mistake is often enough to fire somebody and these people have exercised very poor judgement, demonstrating that at best they lack the courage, competency and/or moral compass that their offices require of them. Either that, or they are downright corrupt and evil. 

Removing them from their misused positions of power in the DOJ has been like pulling a bad tooth and doing so quickly, all at once, down to its root, would be better than delaying while it continues to rot and hurt the nation. 

They should not be allowed to continue the witch hunt/fishing expedition that is the so-called Russia investigation with an infinitely long leash while shielding the Clintons from obvious crimes that are already well-known. That double standard is glaring. It is unfair. And it undermines the public's confidence in the federal justice system. 

If for no other cause than their failure to levy any charges whatsoever against the Clintons despite email-gate, the tarmac meeting, pay-to-play and DNC primary, amongst others, the American people know that all four of these federal employees should be fired and replaced with suitable professionals who will pursue justice even when it leads to criminal charges against a Clinton.

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe should have stepped down when his conflicts of interest became apparent to him and long before they were revealed by the press, further tarnishing the FBI's shithole reputation, pardon my cursing. If Director Wray won't fire him for that, then both men should be fired together as well as for the suddenly and now conveniently missing text messages. 

Mr. President, if you fire these men for any combination of these reasons -- or for no reason at all -- many of us will support you. But, if you would like yet another reason, please see this video and know that while these men fail to indict the Clintons and instead waste our tax dollars on bogus dossiers, wiretaps, and hypocritical special investigations, they have also failed to seek justice for a young lady named Justina and the statute of limitations begins to lapse next month. 

Thank you for fighting the good fight Mr. President.