President Trump Should Hear About My Crooked DOJ Nightmare

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Note: Martin Gottesfeld was featured by Infowars for defending Justina Pelletier when she was maimed at Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital (B.C.H.), leading to his imprisonment without bail by a Harvard-affiliated judge and Obama-appointed prosecutors.  For more information, see, the FreeMartyG Facebook page, and Twitter @FreeMartyG.

President Trump is not alone in being selectively and vindictively targeted by less-than-honest Obama DOJ holdovers while the real criminals enjoy immunity.

Everyone, however, knows Hillary’s various transgressions.  They have been so widely and frequently reported that many are unfortunately but understandably numb to them.  Not a lot of emotional resonance remains with the “Crooked Hilary” narrative.  It's now a bit like beating a dead horse.

Justina Pelletier’s case and mine, in contrast, are new to many, while many more lost track of the saga in 2014.  Plus, unlike Hillary and her protectors, media outlets on both sides of the political aisle took Pelletier's tormentors and their guardians to task, from Rolling Stone to Infowars, from Michelle Malkin to HuffPost, and many more.  This continued travesty also demonstrates that the unfairness that the Trump administration has been facing is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg that has left Pelletier to speak from her wheelchair and I, who fought the corruption that crippled her, to fight behind bars, held without bail by a crooked judge for nearly two years.

Meanwhile the so-called healers that billed Medicaid hundreds of thousands of dollars to “treat” Justina for a mental condition they apparently knew she never had and violate her civil and human rights and later perjure themselves, are apparently untouchable because Obama-era federal prosecutors refuse to take any action whatsoever against their own Ivy League alma mater’s $2-billion pediatric teaching hospital.  They will not even launch an investigation into what happened to her and they have threatened people for pointing this out online.

With connections like these, it is no surprise that Boston Children’s Hospital gets over $225 million in annual federal funding, the most of any such institution. So much, that it snuffs out a lot of its local competition, fairly or otherwise.

How far up does this case go?  I mapped may of the connections in a longer article over at WND.  In addition to that, The Boston Globe noted in May that Boston's current Acting U.S. Attorney William Weinreb “is a Harvard Law School friend of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.”  Perhaps that helps explain the seemingly impenetrable cover Weinreb’s office has enjoyed in prosecuting my case and not prosecuting Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital–no matter how much bipartisan media fire they take for such a glaring injustice.  

Indeed, while attending law school, Weinreb was the treasurer of the Harvard Law Review, where Obama would later be editor-in-chief.  And guess who Harvard is now considering to be its new president…

Obama Harvard

Former U.S. President Obama is now being considered for the top position at his alma mater, Harvard University.| Obama campaign

“Pizzagate,” eat your heart out.  And President Trump, you are not alone.