Senate Candidate Writes NRA Proposing Federal Defense of Others Act

Show trials should be for the movies, not American courts

Dear Mr. LaPierre and NRA members nationwide,

My name is Marty Gottesfeld and I am running as a Republican against Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate. Gun rights are a cornerstone of my campaign.

As you can read at the New AmericanDaily Wire and or watch this Infowars clip, I also know a thing or two about defending others only to be persecuted/prosecuted by hypocrites for doing the right thing:



When Justina and her family were fighting for her life, a corrupt court put them under a gag order, forbidding them from talking to the press. They weren't the first family to experience this because a Harvard institution didn't want them to speak, either.

My case is a continuation of the Pelletier's nightmare. I've been indicted into a crooked kangaroo court by some of the same people who crippled Justina. My wife has been threatened by the FBI for uploading clips of court audio to YouTube after legally purchasing them and also threatened for docketing work from conservative journalists by my trial judge, whose charitable organization took $50,000 from the hospital that nearly murdered Justina five months before I was arrested. Now, holdover federal prosecutors David D'Addio, Seth Kosto and Trump-appointee Andrew Lelling are using un-American and unconstitutional rules to block me from talking about Justina's suffering at my trial. They have basically called her and all the other children/families that have experienced this unlawful travesty liars, knowing that they can also misappropriate Federal Rules of Evidence to block me from calling her and others as witnesses.

How despicable do tyrants have to be to torture and cripple a child, call her a liar and then prohibit her from telling her story on the witness stand at the trial of the person who risked his freedom to save her life and how broken does our justice system need to be for them to be able to do so?

I'm asking the NRA to help me stop evil people like Andrew Lelling, David D'Addio and Seth Kosto from doing this to others and continuing the erosion of our ability to defend ourselves and others from existential threats. I'd like us to call upon our legislators to pass a Federal Defense of Others Act which would require all American courts to allow defendants to call people who they were acting to defend as witnesses and fully inform juries as to what was at stake in situations like mine – whether the implement used to defend innocent life is a firearm or a keyboard and regardless of the kinds of legal technicalities currently being used to gag my defense at trial.

If you agree, please contact the NRA and ask them to lobby for this federal legislation and/or call your elected officials. I promise that if I am elected I will work diligently to defend those who defend others as well.


Martin “MartyG” Gottesfeld

Marty Gottesfeld is a Republican Senate candidate against incumbent Elizabeth Warren and an Obama-era political prisoner. You can donate to his political campaign at and legal defense fund at If you’d like to publish Marty’s work at your outlet, contact FreeMartyG.