Sessions, Rosenstein Wrong People To Pick New Special Counsel 

House GOP and White House must choose

The House GOP is finally moving to appoint a second special counsel to probe the misconduct at the highest levels of the DOJ, but this belated move is not enough because normally it would be up to the attorney general to select the right person for the job and as this petition to #FireSessions rallies upwards, he should be packing up his "office," not hiring more staff. 

In their resolution calling for another special counsel to investigate the actions of the justice department during the last election, House Republicans rightly noted that the DOJ “cannot be expected to investigate itself."  But they forgot 1 key detail. 

If they and the White House don't firmly indicate exactly who the new special counsel should be, then Sessions and/or Rosenstein would be free to pick anyone, even their college roommates, and the'd likely choose someone who wouldn't bring a single charge against any of these DOJ scumbags. That would hurt, not help, the situation by letting the Department rubber stamp itself as clean -- exactly the outcome which House Republicans are seeking to prevent. 

Except it would be even worse than that. Rosenstein could hold a press conference for Rachel Maddow and announce that even an "independent" special counsel hasn't found any wrongdoing at his beloved DOJ. So, if we want an actual investigation instead of a repeat of the Clinton email server unvestigation, we should all sign the petition here to dump Sessions and House Republicans should start interviewing candidates whom they can publicly recommend to clean up the DOJ. 

What are Trey Gowdy and Alan Dershowitz up to these days?

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