Keep Tweeting A-hole!

Who made that man a Twitter account?

For the already-embattled FBI, James Comey’s tweets bring friendly fire to a whole new level..

Fired former FBI Director James Comey’s errant tweets remind me of the scene from Spaceballs with the cross-eyed gunner in oh so many ways. There’s the incompetence and nepotism of the farcical fictional evil empire matching the ineptitude and corruption of Comey and McCabe’s equally ridiculous real life big brother bureaucracy, and the gunner’s surname matching the darkness of Comey’s soul, as well as the irony that to themselves both the gunner and Comey appear be right on target while everyone else is left to watch with a combination of bewilderment, laughter and trepidation.

I can't believe that Comey keeps tweeting and I especially can’t believe what he keeps tweeting about. In case you missed it, here’s what Comey posted after the release of the Nunes memo detailing that he along with former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and probably soon-to-be former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein all signed off on secret FISA applications to wiretap members of the Trump campaign during the election and that those sworn applications included information from the now-infamous Clinton-funded Steele dossier.

Comey thats it
Obviously, Comey calling anyone other than himself dishonest and misleading may be the utter apex of hypocrisy – not to mention both dishonest and misleading itself. All of the things that he claimed the memo did were really the product of his own dirty DOJ dealings. And, as if to answer his question, shortly after Comey attempted this latest bit of firefighting with a flame thrower, we found out about Nunes moving on to investigate the state department.

Now, will that be it, Mr. Comey? Why don’t you tell us? What’s the matter,  Fifth Amendment got your tongue?

Maybe so, but the day before the Nunes memo, Comey tweeted:

comey tweet 2

The general reaction to the above consisted of people posting back that Comey is the weasel and the liar and that not a lot of schools or streets are destined to be named after him.

His musing doesn’t even make sense for that matter. I mean, how many buildings bear Trump’s name? But don’t look for logic from the man who puts the “special” in special agent, I suppose.

One might think that the current FBI director, who actually tried to give the Bureau a “pep talk” after the release of the Nunes memo, would call for an end to Comey’s friendly Twitter fire. But also don’t look for logic from the rest of the famous but incompetent who Comey left behind either it seems.

Which brings us to the tweet Comey after bent former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe finally resigned after months of steadfast refusal, amid news of the existence of the Nunes memo:

comey tweet

Now, it's bad enough that Mr. McCabe helped Comey botch the criminal investigation "matter" regarding Clinton's private email server while Mrs. McCabe accepted a $675,288 campaign donation from the PAC of then-governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe -- who even the Washington Post acknowledges is “a close ally of Clinton," but we now know that at the same time he was apparently protecting Hillary, McCabe was using unverified political attack research – biased hearsay -- funded by the Clinton campaign to secure classified FISA warrants against Hillary’s opponents. And he wasn’t going to resign unless all of this was going to come out.

In fact, FBI Director Wray threatened to quit rather than fire McCabe.  It’s worth remembering too that McCabe was the Deputy Director of the Bureau at a time when its "secret society" was plotting against Trump to undermine the American democratic process itself and he apparently still expects us to believe that a “misconfiguration” during his tenure caused the FBI to lose 500,000 text messages that it was obligated to preserve – a “misconfiguration” that just so happens to have been fixed on the day that Mueller was appointed special counsel and the FBI likely ended whatever corresponding activities that it had going on.

But even though in the above, Comey had the nerve to try to tell the American public that McCabe is really a stand-up guy as opposed to a corrupt crook on the take from the Clintons and that our nation actually needs the FBI.

Needs them to do what exactly though? Commit treason by trying to nullify the results of a presidential election with a coup?  Cover for the Clintons? Lose evidence? Lie to obtain secret, unconstitutional warrants?

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Now when I first started hearing about Comey's tweets, my initial reaction was to tweet back at him from @FreeMartyG and tell him to STFU as the only people who could possibly be buying into his propaganda are the Famous But Incompetent FBI F***ing Bunch of Idiots who cried when Trump canned his political carcass like tuna. I mean, what would they do if I did out-tweet him, lie to a crooked judge, get a bogus warrant, lock me up for helping to expose their corruption, and then send thugs to attack me behind bars?

But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it would be better for Phoney Comey to keep tweeting. After all, he could hardly be generating more public backlash against his former bureau if doing so were actually his goal. And somehow I can't see Twitter banning him as it has other people -- even if democracy itself depended on it. 

So, on second thought, don't STFU Mr. Comey. Keep showing us all your true nature and that of your associates like Mr. McCabe 280 characters at a time. The American people have their not-so-secret decoder rings. 

The author, Marty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner. To learn more about his case or donate to support him, go to