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Q: Is Marty a genius?

A: No. In the classical sense of, e.g., Newton and Einstein, Marty is certainly not a genius. It didn’t take a genius to see through the troubled-teen industry or what was being done to Justina against her will and to trounce Harvard.


Q: Did Marty tweet this?

{embed pic or the tweet itself from the Nov. 5 Universal Hub article (@Anon Mecurial 10:46 PM Apr. 19, 2014)}


A: Days before that Tweet, Marty read in Justina’s own handwriting, “they hurt me all the time push me all the time and more.” “[they] do not let me slepe vary [sic] much.” “Hury! [sic]” See Justina’s message to her parents, which she smuggled past censors out of BCH and which had just been published to TheBlaze here. By then Justina had already been crippled for life.

See the uncropped letter at Communities Digital News here

Nonetheless, once the point was made that Justina wasn’t defenseless and BCH wasn’t invincible, BCH’s site was allowed back online:

{embed pic or tweet AAnon Mercurial showing a green board and asking BCH where its compassion is, saying “Here’s ours”} [DANA NOTE: How do I find that green board??]



Within a month BCH backed off. Justina was transferred to her home state of Connecticut and the censorship eased. Only then was Justina’s sister able to record this viral video:

{embed Justina’s plea}

Days later, after 16 months and two birthdays in captivity, Justina was freed. No HIPAA breach occurred. Unlike Boston Children’s Hospital, Marty never hurt a soul. See <a Did Marty endanger children? </a>



Q: Did Marty’s prosecutors have ulterior motives?

A: Carmen M. Ortiz is the former Massachusetts U.S. attorney who had Marty arrested. Less than a year later Ortiz applied for a job at Harvard. Boston Children’s Hospital is in turn Harvard’s $2-billion primary pediatric teaching and research facility. Witness testimony confirmed that Harvard was also BCH’s Internet service provider (ISP) and that Marty’s alleged DDoS was at least {check quite in BPA motions} “two and a half times larger than the amount of bandwidth [sic] that Harvard had”, i.e. sufficient to knock offline not just BCH but all of Harvard with it.

 Such use of Ortiz’s public office to advance herself personally is consistent with Ortiz’s reputation on both sides of the political aisle. Retired Boston federal judge Nancy Gertner told HuffPost, for instance, that Ortiz’s indictment of two Boston mayor’s office employees was “an abuse of power.” See This Federal Prosecutor Is Building a Career Indicting the Good Guys.

 A judge ruled that case meritless and threw it out. Rumor had it Ortiz was considering a mayoral run herself and that the indictment was meant to weaken incumbent Marty Walsh by associating him with alleged criminality.

Before the mayor’s-office controversy, House and Senate Republicans convened hearings and slammed Ortiz for poor prosecutorial discretion.

 David J. D’Addio, the second of Marty’s two trial prosecutors, <a>donated</a> to a <a>BCH-affiliated lawyers’ group</a>. He’s also the son of a clinical perfusionist, responsible for the operation of heart-lung machines and a kindergarten teacher: John and Regina D'Addio, respectively. 

When FreeMartyG inquired for comment with Stacey Eisenberg and Regina D’Addio, prosecutors moved unsuccessfully to hold Marty’s wife Dana in contempt of court. Once that failed two men identifying themselves as deputy U.S. marshals pounded on Dana’s door:


{embed video}


A federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to ascertain who sent those men went unanswered {for {no.} {years/months} before the U.S. Marshals Service claimed not to know the answer itself}.

 A third prosecutor, Harvard undergrad and Harvard Law dual-alumnus Adam J. Bookbinder, first quit Marty’s case and then resigned from the Justice Department under curious circumstances:

 {embed Nov. 2017 FMG FB post about Bookie and sexual abuse}

 He became a partner at Holland & Knight.

 By prosecuting Marty, Ortiz et al. also used their public offices to sideline him as an effective opponent of the troubled-teen industry. Thus one should recall Congressman George Miller’s statement to PBS about the industry’s infiltration of the halls of power. See <a> What is the troubled-teen industry?</a> As FBI Agent Jeffrey Williams admitted under cross examination, the FBI never investigated Justina’s tormentors at BCH and in the industry:

{Embed YouTube with the audio, it goes without saying Wayside is “the industry”}

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/GojTx9AqwS4" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The FBI investigated only Marty for saving her. Prosecutors then threatened Marty’s wife Dana for posting the lawfully obtained courtroom audio of Agent Williamson’s confession.


{Marty asked for this next question to be listed 3rd after (1) Did Marty endanger children? And (2) Did Marty’s prosecutors…}

Q: What is the troubled-teen industry?

A: The troubled-teen industry is a loose association of expensive, predatory youth residential programs promising treatment for all manner of issues, e.g., autism spectrum disorder, ADD, ADHD, drug and alcohol addiction, depression, PTSD, bipolar personality disorder, and schizophrenia. In reality these programs are abusive and too often they’re deadly. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) documented many such examples before Congress:

{embed whole hearing video queued to Kutz litany}



<p><iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/YFI89uoOY00?start=930" width="560" height="315" title="YouTube video player" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>



Other than its continued growth little has changed since They American Bar Association and the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law reported to Congress on the industry in 2008.

Despite egregious abuses, these facilities continue to grow in number and size. The industry is booming and reportedly worth over a billion dollars. A parent may pay between $3,000-$5,000 per month to send their child or youth into a private unregulated residential treatment facility and not be able to monitor his or her progress because of rules limiting family contact. The industry prospers on promises to modify troublesome behavior and to make “bad” kids good. Its financial sustainability is ensured by frequent deceptive advertising on the internet that market facilities as offering an array of mental health and of educational services that are often not available or provided by unqualified staff.

More recently, Paris Hilton, an industry survivor, testified about her time at Provo Canyon School:

{embed video}



<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/pRWMhWiXCVg" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

 Of further note, the GAO found that industry programs function like cults:

 {embed whole hearing queued to Kutz saying some programs resembled cults}

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fRWEh-qIiUM?start=7815" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


The GAO also found that industry programs use deceptive marketing to fool prospective parents:

 {embed whole hearing video queued to right spot}

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fRWEh-qIiUM?start=1137" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And before he retired, 20-term California Congressman George Miller told PBS: “You worry that this industry has kind of, you know, infiltrating the political system at the highest levels to keep action from being taken to protect the kids.” 


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/XZcUqK07Z7I?start=3103" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Voluminous other Congressional testimony and GAO reports are available in <a> the knowledge base</a>.

Q: What if I know a child in the troubled-teen industry”

A: Many such children have been rescued but no two situations are identical, e.g., relatives have sued for custody or made clear they were about to do so, minors have been emancipated, judges have been arrested for corruptly ordering youths into industry programs, civil-rights actions have been won, and friends have brought to bear sufficient public scrutiny. Unfortunately, facts and persuasion alone are rarely enough to carry the day. Examples of success stories are found in <u/></i>

 For a list of organizations that may help, see <a> the knowledge base </a>. </p>

 {12/13/21 This next question should immediately follow the ulterior motive question}

Q: What’s your response to a prosecutor’s calling Marty “a self-aggrandizing menace”?

A: David J. D’Addio, the prosecutor who said that had insisted earlier to 12 jurors that Marty was a member of a mask-wearing group known literally as Anonymous. This is but one of D’Addio’s factual inconsistencies. See, e.g., Jailed Hacktivist Marty Gottesfeld Fires Back At Prosecutors Who Are Trying To Keep Him From Using ‘Torture’ Defense.

 In reality, Marty made numerous efforts to resolve the case quietly. D’Addio’s office refused them all then issued the first, sensationalized press release about the case, plastering Marty’s face wall-to-wall on the news networks. For a more complete account of that early phase see Marty’s declaration under penalty of perjury <a to BPA Exh. F>available here</a>.

 D’Addio then only took issue with the publicity after Marty publicly challenged the prosecution’s narrative.

 Finally, one can imagine calling D’Addio an unchivalrous Monday-morning quarterback who failed to use his public office to save Justina. Or a compulsive liar with a taste for vodka. Or <a to Did Marty’s prosecutors have ulterior motives? >a a pedophile-harboring sociopath</a>. {He’s unsure so is deferring to Dana as to whether to include these last 2 thoughts to tone it down…(or up)} 1. One could also highlight that the fantasy D’Addio reportedly harbors of someday becoming a federal judge is likely little more than a self-aggrandizing delusion on his part. But ad hominem attacks—even true ones unlike D’Addio’s attacks on Marty—are often a sign of a weak arguing position devoid of factual support such as that provided above.


Q: What should I know about Justina’s Boston Children’s Hospital doctors?

A: First, they weren’t all medical doctors, and one who was had just finished his medical training eight months earlier. Another soon left Boston Children’s Hospital mired in controversy then found herself opposed by her peers and all but laughed out of court.

 I. Simona Bujoreanu applied BCH’s psychosomatic diagnosis to Justina. Bujoreanu is not a medical doctor. She received a Ph.D. is psychology from the University of Rhode Island in 2007. {Marty alluded that she may have gotten her degree in Czechoslovakia but I didn’t find that so I am taking out the first word “nonetheless” from this next sentence} BCH let Bujoreanu challenge Justina’s working medical diagnosis of mitochondrial disease (“mito”) made by leading metabolic geneticist Mark Korson, who earned his M.D. from the University of Toronto School of Medicine.

Bujoreanu also had what some considered a conflict of interest: a government grant that paid for her to study psychosomatic patients. Justina wasn't the first apparent candidate to be taken.

Before came Elizabeth Wray and Karen T and likely others whose families were afraid to come forward due to gag orders like those slapped on Justina’s and Elizabeth’s parents. BCH’s snatching of mito and other patients goes back decades. By the time Justina came along BCH had a nickname for it: parentectomy. Think tonsillectomy, appendectomy, etc.

Alice W. Newton headed BCH’s child-protection team. Without meeting or examining Justina, Newton approved the formal filing that began the then-14-year-old’s nightmare. As hospital security surrounded and expelled Justina’s parents, little did Newton know the ironic similarity to her own forthcoming departure.

As headlines flew about Justina months later so too for Newton. Besides her allegation in Justina’s case, two of her other highest profile diagnoses very publicly imploded.

Newton was a prosecution expert arguing shaken-baby syndrome (SBS) against Aisling Brady McCarthy in the so-called Irish Nanny case. McCarthy had been in jail over two years before Newton’s hasty homicide conclusion was dismissed at the behest of {five/nine} other pediatricians. Newton had also asserted that MIT technologist Geoffrey Wilson’s infant son had been shaken to death. Wilson was indicted for murder and lost his job before {nine/five} other experts found Newton’s claim wanting. Ultimately the fragility perhaps most shaken in these cases was that of the public’s confidence in the local DA’s office for having trusted Newton in the first place.

Jurriaan Peters is the neurologist who examined Justina when she arrived at BCH with a referral not to see him but her long time gastroenterologist. Peters was eight months out of medical training. He received an M.D. from VA University Medical Center Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It was reportedly he who called Bujoreanu to challenge a mito diagnosis outside both their practice areas.

And if all this seems tragic, see <a> Did Boston Children’s Hospital harbor pedophile pediatricians</a>.

{there are footnotes at the end of this 12/14 letter pertaining to links}



Q: Why is so much of this information missing from what I’d already read about Marty’s case?

A: {Why, the better to deceive you, of course. Or Chances are it was left out to deceive you.}

If you’re like most folks visiting FreeMartyG for the first time and asking this question you likely read something reprinted from the wire service at The Associated Press (AP) or Thomson Reuters. Or if you’re from the Boston area you likely read something in the Globe.

Nate Raymond is the Reuters writer for Marty’s case. He accepts special treatment from federal prosecutors in apparent exchange for tilting the playing field in their favor. So why would Raymond and Reuters bite the hand that feeds them in order to tell you the truth about Marty and Justina?

Worse, though, than quid pro quo biased coverage is betraying a vulnerable source. Below is the telephone interview Marty gave from prison to AP writer Denise Lavoie during his 100-day hunger strike seeking a presidential pledge to help abused children and victims of political prosecution. At the end Lavoie effectively assures Marty she’d {fill in some or all of the broken assurances}.

{embed YT audio of AP interview; it’s in CMU Series Part 6}

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/h0B8IYa8NVo" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

But AP did none of these things.

 Justina’s physical suffering, for example, went completely unmentioned in AP’s write-up, as did <a to What is the TTI> the troubled-teen industry.</a> The result internationally left millions of readers unaware of atrocities against children, including these:

 {embed whole-hearing video queued to Kutz litany}

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fRWEh-qIiUM?start=929" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The Boston Globe is similarly loyal to federal prosecutors, as HuffPost reported and Marty reported at The Intercept here. The Globe in turn touts exclusive access to a staggering amount of sensitive information in prosecutors’ possession, even to sealed wiretap audio.

So would the Globe tell you what prosecutors don’t want you to know about Marty and Justina> No, it outright refused to paint anything except what prosecutors said in their press release:

{embed email thread w/ the Globe circa Jan. 10, 2019 – email with jackson cote - Aug 2, 2018 

Now that’s one-sided story telling.

And ever since mid-2013 the Globe has been owned by John Henry, a big donor to Boston Children’s Hospital. But the Globe never discloses that in its coverage of Marty and Justina.

Fortunately, however, many honest journalists cover Marty’s case for a wide variety of reputable outlets. See our News page and use the follow buttons above to stay updated.



Q: Did Boston Children’s Hospital harbor pedophile pediatricians?

A: Melvin Levine, former Boston Children’s Hospital chief of ambulatory pediatrics, shot himself in the head the day after 40 of his since-grown Boston Children’s Hospital patients sued him for molesting and sexually assaulting them. The Complaint estimated that Levine had access to 5,000 children during his 19 years at BCH.

The hospital never reported Levine under the state mandated child-abuse reporting law. He was allowed, as allegations reportedly accumulated against him {for fact-check, a mother told the globe Levine left as complaints amassed; see articles in the ML (use archive.com to bypass paywall)} to move to UNC Chapel Hill Medical Center. There the state medical board took action, effectively forcing Levine to surrender his medical license.

 But Levine was never arrested. He never spent a day behind bars.

 After Levine’s suicide (he professed his innocence in his suicide note), eleven of his North Carolina patients sued Boston Children’s Hospital, Levine never would’ve been allowed to practice in their state, they alleged, if BCH done its duty by reporting him.

Their case wound up before Judge Merita A. Hopkins, who threw it out of court. Before taking the bench Hopkins was Boston’s city attorney and BCH was a big employer responsible for <a either to more precise duty, if easily available, or to BCH’s page (archive.org) about its hundreds of millions in federal funding (also in ML)>millions of dollars in local revenue</a>, not to mention prestige. Before that, Hopkins was on the infamous Boston FBI Organized Crime Task Force during Whitey Bulger’s glory days. She married James Ring, its agent-in-charge.

 Then {check dates} just as BCH’s legal department breathed a sigh of relief over Hopkins’s dismissal, police raided pediatric endocrinologist Richard Keller. <a to write-up ML> In his bedroom they found 5000 high-gloss stills and 60-plus DVDs of child pornography.

 Elite Phillips Academy Andover had recently forced Keller out as its medical director <a to relevent article if different than the preceding link>repeated complaints about his behavior</a>. But at the time of the raid, {no.}{months/years} before Justina entered the ER, Keller was still seeing Boston Children’s Hospital patients. BCH claimed no one had complained to it about Keller. Asked whether it would contact Keller’s former patients who had no pending appointments, BCH declined to comment.

 Keller ultimately was sentenced to six and a half years—three and a half years less than Marty got in the same courthouse for helping Justina. (There was no allegation of judicial misconduct in Keller’s case, <a to Did Justinas case compromise Marty’s judges>, which I’m yet to send>unlike in Martys</a>.

 Keller was released in 2018.

 Surprised? See Did Boston Children’s Hospital psychiatrists plan an exorcism?


{1/11/2022-not included in first email and was before Did BCH harbor pedophile pediatricians? On part 1}

Q: Ew…How can Marty write for…?

A: Marty writes for an eclectic set of publications representing diverse audiences and

viewpoints while keeping his core message the same: accountability is overdue

in the halls of power. No news outlet pleases everyone. Most find among Marty’s

publishers some they like, some they don't, and some entirely new to them. This

is important; Marty is always looking for editors at more publications to reach

more people. Introductions are most appreciated.


 Q: Did Boston Children’s Hospital Psychiatrists plan an exorcism?

A: According to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, former Boston

Children’s Hospital attending psychiatrist Raymond Kam was convinced that “evil

spirits” were “speaking with” and “physically” hurting one of his female

adolescent patients. Kam consulted his minister  and brought the girl to

his church. When she worsened and was put in the psych ward Kam gave her a

cross to wear in exchange for a different, unspecified religious symbol. Once

released Kam let the girl stay in his home overnight and failed to report her

allegation that her mother pushed her down a flight of stairs and tried to

strangle her.


photo of Kam, if avail., attrib as appro. (include year, if known); caption: Dr. Raymond Kam}

When Kam’s

supervisor Boston Children’s Hospital senior attending psychiatrist Enrico

Mezzacappa learned of Kam’s endeavors he helped him pursue the spiritual

diagnosis. Mezzacappa consulted a hospital chaplain while a third, unnamed

Boston Children’s Hospital child psychiatrist whom Kam and Mezzacappa

supervised spoke to a fourth psychiatrist whose father was a priest. 


Kam, Mezzacoppa, and their subordinate developed a secret plan to address the

girl’s “spiritual issues,” which sounds like some form of exorcism. But the

public has never been told how far they got before they were discovered.


photo of Mezzacoppa, if avail, attrib as approp (include year if

known);caption: Boston

Children’s Hospital Senior Attending Psychiatrist Enrico Mezzacappa}


the Board of Registration in Medicine reprimanded Mezzacappa and suspended

Kam’s license for {check} two years pending his own psychiatric evaluation.

Boston Children’s Hospital stopped employing Kam but <a>told the Globe>/a>{quote

about how the Board’s action doesn’t effect Mezzacoppa ability to practice and

he remains a member in good standing of the Psych. Dept. (the article is in the

ML and should be avail on archive.org for the link)}


months/Less than a year} later

Boston Children’s Hospital psychologists challenged Justina’s working

mitochondrial-disease diagnosis with another sort of spiritual hypothesis. Then

BCH-booster John Henry bought the Globe and stories like this one <a to Why is so much of this information

missing from what I’d already read about Marty’s case> stopped appearing there</a>.

The State

Board of Registration in Medicine’s official narratives on Kam and Mezzacappa

are below. Marty summarized them for HuffPost

here. And if <a to Did Boston Children’s Hospital harbor

pedophile pediatrician?>pedophile pediatricians</a> and would-be psychiatrist-exorcists aren’t enough, see <a>Did Boston Children's

Hospital try to import a hardline Iranian militiaman?</a>

{embed the

most-detailed Board doc on Kam (there may be multiply)}

Embed: https://web.archive.org/web/20140319230751/http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/docs/borim/board-order/board-order-r-kam-part3.pdf

{embed the most-detailed Board doc on Mezzacappa (there may be multiply)}

Embed: https://web.archive.org/web/20160617071450/http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/docs/borim/board-order/2014/board-order-e-mezzacappa-part2.pdf

Q: Did

Boston Children’s Hospital try to import a hardline Iranian militiaman?

A: Dr.

Mohsen Dehnavi arrived in Boston’s Logan Airport with a J-1 visiting scholar’s

visa sponsored by Boston Children’s Hospital and a past. When his entry was not

granted forthurth Boston Children’s Hospital aimed its public-relations

department squarely at the immigration-policy punching bag occasionally known

as the Trump administration and pulled its Harvard-crimson-colored trigger

saying: “Boston Children’s hopes that this situation will be quickly

resolved and Dr. Dehnavi and his family will be released and allowed to enter

the U.S.”

But Boston Children’s Hospital either hadn’t done its

homework on the good doctor or wasn’t letting on as to whom exactly it wanted

to place in a trusted treatment setting with unsuspecting parents and children.

{embed photo of the Basij (AP had a good one the Herald used

of a parade in Tehron with bound men in U.S. uniforms with bags over their

heads{Lori-Pic is in the next link}; attrib as appr;no caption}


Embed pic from here: https://apnews.com/article/c0241dfbf1a544e4aad50c953332a79e

The above photo is of the Basij, a hardline Iranian student

militia tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, {(marching bound men in American uniforms through

the streets of Tehron with bags over their heads/describe the photo used in

similar terms)}.

Dr. Dehvani, it turned out, had ties to the Basij militia,

according to an Associated Press report available here. Hence he was denied entry to the U.S. and departed on a

flight the next day.

Other Boston Children’s Hospital hiring decisions didn’t end

so well. See, e.g. <a> What should I know about Justina’s Boston

Children’s Hospital doctors?</a>

{Marty mentions here that I may not be comfortable with FMG

position on something (pedo) but I am in agreement with whatever you want

published so no worries at all there! I think there was only once that I

couldn’t find “proof” of an accusation… I’ve also been engaged with you guys

from the beginning so I’m still all in. }

Q: Was Justina really tortured at Boston Children’s Hospital?

A: In Justina’s own words, handwritten in Boston Children’s

Hospital then smuggled past censors, yes.

{embed, if legible, Justina’s note; attrib Justina Pelletier

(2013); caption:Justina’s note}

This is consistent with, among other things, the

discontinuation of Justina’s pain killer at Boston Children’s Hospital, leaving

her in unabated agony, as Justina’s father reported on PBS’s WGBH Boston:

{embed Lou on Greater Boston, queued}

Justina then confirmed that she was tortured to Beau Berman

in his Edward R. Murrow Award–winning interview immediately following her


{embed video with Beau}

Also, when Justina languished in Boston Children’s Hospital’s

locked psych ward, called Bader 5, one of Bader 5’s former nurses published an

open letter, comparing the hospital’s treatment of Pelletier to “torture.”

{embed Higgins letter}



Around the same time a long-tenured director of the

Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children wrote publicly,

“As a result of, among other things, arrogance, professional mediocrity, and/or

a rush to judgment, Bader 5 appears virtually synonymous with abuse for many


{embed Pollack’s letter}


Rolling Stone also opened its feature on Marty and Justina but quoting another of Justina’s handwritten

notes: “I’m being tortured.” Nonetheless Boston Children’s Hospital told Rolling Stone: “treatment by each of Boston Children’s providers was proper; their

care fell squarely within the appropriate professional standards of care, and

resulted in patient improvement.”

And for an analysis of Justina’s treatment under the accepted

treaty definition of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or

punishment, see Marty’s submission to the United Nations Committee Against Torture.

{embed typewritten original version of U-J}

Q: Wasn’t Justina already in a wheelchair when she arrived at

Boston Children’s Hospital

A: An army of online commenters conspicuously new to English

repeated this mantra as if it were the sole taking point on their {call-center/sales} script. The truth is more complex.

Here is the last known video of Justina skating under her own


{embed blue dress video}

Notice the date the anchors mention in the first 30 seconds, December

(2012). That’s about six weeks before Justina entered BCH. She obviously wasn’t

wheelchair-bound at that point; her mito therapies were working well enough for

her to figure skate solo.

Between then and entering Boston Children’s Hospital, Justina

caught the flu, which often causes mito

patients like her serious complications. In particular, Justina couldn’t keep

food down.

Remember, mito is a metabolic disorder. So Justina’s body

already struggled to make chemical energy on a regular diet. Her sudden nausea

from the flu compounded matters by starving her already struggling metabolism.

See <a>What is mito?</a>.

Justina thus had difficulty walking and slurred her speech,

but she wasn’t crippled as she is today. She arrived by ambulance, and, yes,

used a wheelchair, but she lost feeling in her legs weeks into her Boston

Children’s Hospital stay.

To treat the flu-mito exacerbation Justina’s main mito doctor

referred her to see her long-time gastroenterologist, who had just moved his

practice from nearby Tuft’s to Boston Children’s Hospital. Had her referral

been honored Justina would likely be skating today given that she beat the flu.

Instead other Boston Children’s Hospital doctors who don’t specialize in moto

intercepted Justina, disputed her diagnosis, and radically altered her

treatment plan over her and her parents’ objections. Now she’s crippled.


<a>What should I know about Justina’s Boston

Children’s Hospital doctors?</a>

<a>How is Justina today?</a>


Q: Did Justina’s case compromise Marty’s judges?

A: Boston Children’s Hospital <a to gift announcement on archive.org>gave $50,000</a> to the New England Home for Little Wanderers

(NEHLW), where Marty’s trial judge, Nathaniel Matheson Gorton, <a to that year’s disclosures>listed himself</a> as a member

of the corporation. Earlier Judge Gorton sat on NEHLW’s board of advisors and

his brother Michael Gorton Sr. sat on its board of directors when <a to HLW 2003 report>NEHLW partnered with BCH</a> to “divert” children from psychiatric inpatient stays to outpatient

care, as <a archived Glove

article about Jan, 2014 about Justina leaving BCH>BCH did with Justina</a> when facing

adverse publicity over her lingering inpatient status.

{embed cropped section of HLW FY 03 report mentioning BCH and


Judge Gorton is also responsible for donating {tens of}

thousands of dollars to Boston Children’s Hospital through his family seafood

business Slade Gorton & Co., Inc. (According to Judge Gorton;s financial disclosures,

available <a to list of links

for download>here</a>, he was at all relevant times a {check quotes} “Clerk/Secretary,

Director, and “Shareholder”/”Stockholder” of Slade Gorton & Co., Inc.)

These donations took place over {decades/many

years} including at least {check} $1,000

in FY2013, when Justina arrived at Boston Children’s Hospital and her saga

began. In exchange for that donation, Boston Children’s Hospital publicly

thanked Slade Gorton &Co., Inc. on its website <a to archive.org BCH FY13 philanthropy rep.>here</a>, i.e. the same site that Marty allegedly took down during a

major online fundraiser.

{embed graphic portraying the public thank-you perhaps clip

the banner from the opening page of the FY13 philanthropy report at the part

mentioning Slade Gorton}

After facing backlash over its treatment of Justina, Boston

Children’s Hospital itself <a

archive.org write-up>deleted some of its donors

from its website,</a>. That is to say that Judge Gorton’s family

business, from which he drea a 2013 salary {check against Gorton’s 2-13 disclosures} between $100,000 and $149,000, faced possible

boycotts over its support of Boston Children’s Hospital during Justina’s case.

{embed screen shot of opening part of the article mentioning

BCH deletion of donors}

Then, the month before the FBI searched Marty’s home BCH’s

sister-Harvard-research facility Brigham & Women’s Hospital (BWH) <a to SNP 2015 report in its entirety>undertook four “Eating Heart Heathy” seafood studies</a> to benefit Slade Gorton & Co., Inc. through a trade group named

The Seafood Nutrition Partnership. The BWH cardiology department conducting

that industry research publicly notes its close collaboration with Boston

Children’s Hospital on its website <a

archive.org BWH page>here</a>.

{embed PDF of the highlighted version of the SNP 2015 report}

The same month BWH announced the “Eating Heart Healthy”

seafood-industry studies, federal magistrate Marianne B. Bowler issued the

warrant to search Marty’s home.

Before taking the bench, Magistrate Bowler was a research

assistant at Harvard Medical School, which oversees Boston Children’s Hospital,

<a to archived page

authoritatively stating the relationship>its primary pediatric research and teaching facility</a>. According to Magistrate Bowler’s CV, available <a>here</a> she also sits on the Visiting Committee on Neuroscience at

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGJ), Harvard’s largest teaching hospital and

from {check} 1995–2005

she directed New England Baptist

Hospital, which runs its teaching programs {check quotes} “in

collaboration with Harvard,” according to its website <a archive.org>here</a>.

{embed screen shot of NEBH paged linked to above}

Also, Magistrate Bowler’s spouse, Marc Alan Pfeffer, is the

Dzau Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a senior cardiologist

at BWH (his is the same department conducting industry research to benefit

Judge Gorton’s family business).

According to <a

to trial transcript, pref queued to right page; see BPA motion for citation>prosecution testimony</a>, BCH, BWH, and MGH all shared Harvard’s Internet connection and

Marty knocked them all offline with enough throughput to overwhelm Harvard two

and a half times over.

Perhaps this helps explain how Magistrate Bowler issued the

warrant to search Marty’s home on September 29, 2014, even though the

very first page of the supposed application for that warrant is clearly dated the next day, i.e. September 30, 2014.



Magistrate Bowler is also director emerita of The Boston Foundation (TBF), which raised millions for Boston Children’s

Hospital, including {get exact sum

from TBF 990}<a to 990>$140,000 in 2014</a> when Marty defended Justina’s life.

{embed picture of 990 cropped approp}

Magistrate Bowler further granted bail to alleged Boston Marathon bombing friend

Robel Phillipos. But she refused Marty temporary bail to attend his father’s


Perhaps of greatest personal impact, both Magistrate Bowler,

through her TBF directorship, and Judge Gorton, through his and his family’s

directing, donating, advising, and membership at NEHLW, significantly shaped

the Massachusetts child-welfare system that crippled Justina and killed at least 95 other children. That

system, always controversial inside the Bay State, became

a national lightning rod throughout Justina’s case.

{embed screen shot or other rendering of advanced twitter

search for “Justina DCF” from 2013-11-01 or so to 2-14-06-14 or so}



For a more complete enumeration of Judge Gorton’s and Magistrate Bowler’s connections to Justina’s and Marty’s cases, see Marty’s

86-page handwritten affidavit here, and <a dkt. 346-3>here</a>.

See also <a>Did Marty have a fair trial?</a>


Q: Did Marty have a fair trial?

A: Marty was forbidden to tell his jurors that he acted in Justina’s defense. He was similarly blocked from having Justina

testify about <aWas Justina really tortured at Boston Children’s Hospital?</a>

Marty’s trial judge, Nathaniel Matheson Gorton, then <a to full transcript embedded below>instructed Marty’s jurors not to acquit Marty</a> based on the one pillar of legal defense-of-others that unavoidably

made it into evidence: Marty’s good motive.

{embed transcript of Gorty instructing jurors on “good motive

alone”, perf on instance where Gorty says something like, “again, the

defendant’s good motive “a good motive alone is not”; that is embed just that

section of the transcript}

Marty tried to tell his jurors that <a>Did Justina’s case

compromise Marty’s judges?</a><a>Boston Children’s Hospital gave $50,000 to one of Judge Gorton’s

corporations</a>, but Judge Gorton threatened to lock Marty in another room and

continue the trial in his absence.

Court clerks (answerable to Judge Gorton  supposedly

summoned Marty’s jurors at random from the registered-voter rolls. But

Justina’s captors had treated one of Marty’s initial 12 jurors, who came

forward only after he first claimed not to have any such relationship, he

excused for cause. Another juror had been an accountant for the New England

Home for Little Wanderers (NEHLW), where, as board members, <a to DId Justina’s case compromise Marty’s

judges?>Judge Gorton and his

brother Michael Gorton Sr. established a long-term partnership with Boston

Children’s Hospital</a>.

That juror told Judge Gorton she recognized one of the

prosecution's first witness as an NEHLW vendor and that she feared {check quotes}{“a mistrial”/a “mistrial”}. Judge Gorton <a to full transcript embedded below>disclosed nothing and refused to excuse her for cause</a>.

{embed transcript section of Ms. Zhang coming forward re

“mistrial…or something” Mr Zhang’s transcript cited deep into my BPA motion, or

search the first trial days transcripts for “mistrial”.}

Of Marty’s potential 100 jurors, {insert number, it’s om or calculable from voir

dire transcript} self-identified

as having a past relationship with Boston Children’s Hospital. (Marty’s

jury-selection transcript is available <a>here</a>.

These and other aspects of Marty’s trial, including

prosecutors’ judge shopping, indicate that Marty would’ve gotten a fairer deal

at a casino than in the courtroom, as Marty explained under penalty of perjury.

{embed bail-pending appeal Exh. A}

Psychologist and statistician Jeffrey Kane, Ph.D. backed up

Marty’s math.

{embed Kane affidavit re BPA Exh. A above}

See also <a>Did Justina’s case compromise Marty’s judges?</a>

{All that’s now left to write for the revamped FMG site is

Marty’s Story, at least until I hear more about Judge Lynch and Katherin

Marquess Swift Kayetta. I doubt I’ll get Marty’s Story done before my transfer

but I’ll start on it.}