Is This the Face of Harvard's Racism?

Harvard welcomed Warren but suit claims institutional prejudice against real minorities

For decades, Harvard didn't accept Jews. And the university didn't go co-ed until 1977, making it the second to last of the ivies to hold out against women. Earlier, Harvard University had significant ties to slavery.

But you won't find any statues or monuments memorializing these facts on Harvard's 5,076-acre Cambridge, Massachusetts campus. Indeed, it's not hard to imagine that there will be many oversized bronze renditions of Warren erected there first. 

Meanwhile, against this backdrop a group called Students for Fair Admissions has brought a federal class action lawsuit against Harvard claiming that the premiere ivy league university discriminates against Asian applicants. That case is now unfurling in a Boston courthouse and the presiding judge is herself an ivy alum, although from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. One may wonder though, did The Honorable Allison D. Burroughs apply to Harvard? Was she personally effected by race-based admissions policies there or elsewhere?

And pondering the self-inflicted revelations about Elizabeth Warren's claim of Native American ancestry this week, would the dozens of Asian applicants who are now suing the Senator's university have perhaps scored any higher on the so-called "personality" tests which they say the school uses as a cover to hide what's effectively a quota limiting the number of students from their ethnic backgrounds if they had also self-identified as "Native American" the way that Warren did? 

Is the picture above perhaps the true face of Harvard's racism today?

The author, Marty Gottesfeld, is a political prisoner of the Obama administration. You can learn more and donate to help him at