The Infowars Clip Massachusetts GOP Leaders Don't Want Their Voters To See

Massachusetts GOP Leadership Betrays MartyG

Vice President Pence isn't the only Republican being repeatedly stabbed in the back by the Massachusetts GOP Leadership, as you can read about here

Nope, even though I'm wrongfully imprisoned for helping to save an innocent child who Republicans from around the country rallied to protect and even though I'm considered a political prisoner of the Massachusetts Democratic establishment, as you can watch in this trailer for an episode of Michelle Malkin Investigates here, this is how Massachusetts State Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr introduced my campaign at the state GOP convention yesterday: 



And yes, Massachusetts GOP State Senate Minority leader who did that is actually named Mr. Tarr

Now, I'm certain that Mr. Tarr's omission of the life I helped save was not accidental and I have never, in fact, been convicted of any crime whatsoever. Further, Mr. Tarr's assertion about why we missed the registration deadline was demonstrably wrong, as you can read about in the article which we published the day before the event, here

Additionally, one of Mr. Tarr's colleagues with whom we spoke afterwards left us under the impression that his goal was both too prevent Marty's campaign from being heard in general and in specific stop us from playing an Infowars clip at the convention, which served as the one and only opportunity for primary candidates to secure the required votes from party delegates required for them to appear on the primary ballot. 

Here is the Infowars video which we are going to play and which we were told that the State GOP leadership had "all" seen: 



And here was my recorded statement that was going to follow it: 



As for the motive behind their behavior, the state GOP leadership, which is notoriously corrupt, seems to already have a preferred candidate and you can read more about how one apparently gains the preference of the Massachusetts GOP at any of the links below: 

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