Trump Didn’t Mock Blasey Ford: Earth to P.C. Police!  

Case Study: How the left is losing credibility with the center

Even after being locked up for over two and a half years for saving a young girl from crippling torture and possible death, and even after witnessing deplorable human rights violations first hand behind bars, as both an advocate and a journalist the P.C. police are far scarier than the actual police.

And the left’s collective reaction to this clip is why:

You be the judge, was President Trump “mocking” Blasey Ford above, as many on the left insist? Did that seem like his goal? Or were the unknowns in Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony so profound, that the mere attempt to quote them accurately inevitably reveals that relying on her memory would be utterly laughable. Indeed, isn’t the left really just highlighting that point by trying to manufacture outrage against Trump’s succinct and matter-of-fact summary of hours of her testimony?

Now, in comparison to President Trump’s nonchalant tone in the video above, here is the tweet that Michael Bromwich sent in response:


bromwich tweet

By the way, Bromwich is the same lawyer who represents fired former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and whose team started his $550+ thousand GoFundMe to “facilitate the receipt of donations from the flood of people who wanted to help him,” according to crisis and communications consultant for The Bromwich Group Melissa Schwartz, and defray the costs of not having to defend McCabe in any court of law. By the way, Bromwich is also a career lefty hack who previously served as Bill Clinton’s DOJ inspector general. So, from his career history as well as his sanctimonious if not totally political and disingenuous tweet above, it appears that to Mr. Bromwich, unconfirmed sexual assault allegations are credible as long as they are against a Republican. It also appears that Christine Blasey Ford is merely a political poker chip to the former DOJ scumbag who left his firm before appearing in the national limelight next to Ford last week.


bromwich pic

 Sexual assault allegations seem to matter a whole lot less to Michael Bromwich when he was still Clinton’s DOJ inspector general, (Michael Bromwich, Twitter)


And all this isn’t to say that there aren’t serious issues the Democrats could raise regarding Kavanaugh on the eve of his confirmation vote if the left could see passed its own manufactured outrage, like whether he lied under oath about blacking out and other aspects of his past drinking - or about the five hundred lb. elephant in the room - whether Kavanaugh could potentially be blackmailed by a would-be future accuser or perhaps somebody who might happen to have home movies or even still photographs from his party days. That is after all one of the main things the FBI is supposed to look for when it conducts a background check on a presidential nominee, i.e. whether they could possibly be blackmailed. It was just such a concern which lead Sessions to recuse himself from the so-called “Russia investigation” after all, and how has that been working out for the White House and the GOP?     

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