VIDEO: Will Trump Appointee Free Obama-era Political Prisoner Marty Gottesfeld?

Trump U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling could end what is widely viewed as the swamp's hypocritical persecution of Martin Gottesfeld

Martin "MartyG" Gottesfeld is increasingly being recognized as a political prisoner of the Obama administration. As detailed by a growing number of diverse media outlets and journalists including Rolling Stone, Michelle Malkin, the Huffington Post, the Daily Wire, the International Business Times, the New American, WCVB Channel 5 Boston, Red State, and Infowars, his supposed crime was defending the life of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier when she was left wheelchair-bound and nearly killed by Harvard-affiliated Boston Children's Hospital. 

Marty's dramatic actions protecting Justina's life when Harvard's influence had rendered all other efforts ineffective earned him the ire of numerous members of the Harvard community during the presidency of Harvard Law grad Barack Obama. A doggedly persistent pattern of vicious prosecutorial and judicial misconduct by a powerful group from Harvard has kept Marty behind bars for nearly two years while shielding Justina's tormentors from federal charges related to their brutal mistreatment of her. 

Now, with the statute of limitations about to start expiring in February, Andrew Lelling, Trump's new U.S. Attorney in Boston, has the power to charge the people whom Justina and her family say tortured her and to free the man whom Justina thanked in her Rolling Stone interview. But, is Mr. Lelling the man that the Trump administration and its voters hope that he is or is he just another swamp creature, controlled by the Obama DOJ holdovers who have been imprisoning Marty and protecting Boston Children's Hospital?

Time will tell.