Vivisecting CNN's Hypocrisy: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Hold Still Jake Tapper!

Stop the presses! The Most Hypocritical Name In News has done it again.

This time CNN—the network which gave Hillary the questions for its debate ahead of time in 2016—is questioning the integrity of the Trump campaign for allegedly welcoming information about its former Democratic rival. However, CNN itself helped to disseminate this same information to millions of voters in the final run up to Election Day, when doing so was good for its ratings. Remember?


And does anyone actually think that CNN would turn away embarrassing information about its rivals, such as Fox News, or MSNBC, or NPR, if that information came from Russia, or China, or, for that matter, from Iran? Or, instead, would CNN salivate like Pavlov's dog, attribute the information to "unnamed sources close to the story," feature the gossip wall-to-wall, then later duck questions about its origin and accuracy?

Further, what makes anyone think that Hillary turned away embarrassing dirt due to its foreign source when it was her campaign which appears to have more than simply accepted information, but actively funded foreign intelligence operative Christopher Steele?

Talk about a double standard. Apparently, the novice Trump campaign was supposed to look carefully at the teeth of every gift horse which showed up on its doorstep while the seasoned political pros over at camp Clinton spent millions genetically engineering the electoral equivalent of a forbidden equine-cheetah hybrid, which, at a record speed, could use misinformation to obtain bogus wiretap warrants against its rivals, deposit $675,000 for the wife of then—Deputy-FBI-Director (and likely-perjurer) Andrew McCabe before Hillary's emails landed on his desk, delete 33,000 messages from the illegal private server in Hillary's basement, rig the DNC primary against Bernie, and get Hillary's staffers immunity deals from Comey.

Now, given all of the above, does it seem at all likely that Hillary's PACs and Super PACs would have turned away even questionable Russian rubles on the campaign trail? The Clinton Foundation certainly doesn't seem to do so.

Indeed, if Putin really did prefer Trump over Clinton, could it have been because even he, the shirtless-horseback-riding, judo-practicing, hockey-playing, Super-Bowl-ring-procuring, longtime-KGB bad-ass with his own nuclear button, was tired of his people getting shaken down by the Clinton Foundation every time he wanted to make a deal with the Obama administration for dairy products?

Maybe CNN could investigate Bill Clinton's speaking engagements in Russia and the money which flowed into the Clinton Foundation from Russia. Now that'd be the day.

Rather than conduct themselves like journalists though, now that Mueller's "investigation" has turned itself into a full-blown media Muelt-down, the disconsolate talking heads at The Second-Most-Questionable Name In News (first place in that competition seems to have long ago gone to Buzzfeed) appear to be colluding with their fake-news allies to distract their audiences using the collective clamor to see Trump's tax returns. All this from the same "journalists" who couldn't seem to be bothered to track down and inspect the 1-page birth certificate of a previous president who grew up largely abroad, then palled around with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan, even posing for a secret photo with the latter.

Obama and Farrakhan

You probably won't see this photo of Barack Obama (front center) with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan (front right) on CNN anytime soon. (Congressional Black Caucus, 2005)

Moreover, CNN is furthering the fake-news fixation on Trump's taxes even though the Obama administration likely already dug there and came up empty handed. After all, it's been established in court that the Obama administration routinely used the IRS to target its political opponents and Trump was likely among those targeted given that Obama clearly seemed to have it out for him.

And by the way, Obama's weaponizations of both the DOJ and the IRS appear to have come from pages in the Clinton administration's old dirty playbook. But you probably won't hear CNN talking about that as part of the network's blatantly-partisan and monomaniacally-one-sided "coverage" of the efforts to get Trump's taxes for purely political and persecutory reasons.

Perhaps that's why The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald has been dressing down the fake-news hacks in the media even though he too is a liberal. (Full disclosure: my writing appears at many publications, including at this one and at The Intercept.)

Unlike some others, Greenwald is an actual journalist who knows a thing or two about making personal sacrifices in the pursuit of publishing the truth. But not as much as some others do, like Barrett Brown and John Kiriakou, who were each formerly imprisoned by the DOJ for standing up for what's right.

But I digress.

Do you think CNN is going to invite Greenwald on the air to discuss the repeated failures at the network and elsewhere in the media which have allowed real corruption and injustice to continue festering at the DOJ for the past 2 years? Considering that Alan Dershowitz is no longer welcome on CNN, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Marty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner and journalist who writes from a DOJ blacksite prison. To learn more about him, please see, the FreeMartyG Facebook page, or the @FreeMartyG on Twitter account.