Want Cannabis Left to State Law?


Iโ€˜m asking critics of both Infowars and Trump who want the federal ban on marijuana lifted to be pragmatic like this YouTube user was and to hear me out on this:

agree with infowars

Love it or hate it, there are few media platforms with the ability to get a message into the oval office like Infowars can and on Friday Infowars ran my article/video and corresponding petition, โ€œTrump Should Move to Federally Legalize Weed and Hereโ€™s Whyโ€. Similarly, love or hate him, President Trumpโ€™s best bet for re-election would be to introduce legislation to lift the federal ban on cannabis then call for a simple up or down vote on it in Congress.

So, regardless about how you feel about Trump and Infowars, please sign the petition and share the article (or this message). You could preface your post like the YouTube user above. The statistics since Infowars published on Friday are very encouraging, especially for a holiday weekend. There are more petition signatures than Facebook shares and more than 1 signature per 3 comments or 9 YouTube views. With added fuel, this thing could take off.