Watch Out: How PC Has Redefined “Fascism”

The definition of fascism seems to have changed over the past 80 years or so thanks to propaganda and revisionist history.

But don’t get it twisted. In 1938, Franklin Delano Roosevelt – the most popular Democratic presidential candidate of the past 100 years – defined fascism as: “[The] ownership of government by an individual, by a group.”

FDR made no mention of left nor right, liberals nor conservatives, communists, socialists nor capitalists, etc. Perhaps that’s because at that point in history Joseph Stalin had been the General Secretary of the Communist Party in the USSR since 1922 and in 1933 Adolf Hitler had come to power in Germany as the leader of the Nazis – or National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Indeed for a long time, the left seemed to have a near-monopoly on fascism. For example, Mao Zedong rose to the chairmanship of the Communist Party of the Chinese People’s Republic years later in 1949 and Pol Pot wasn’t deposed as the head of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia until 1963.  

So, why is it that by 2012 the Paperback Oxford English Dictionary 7th Edition contains this seemingly oxymoronic definition of the noun Nazi?

A member of the far-right national Socialist German Workers’ Party.

And how is it that despite an estimated 50-80 million dead in WWII, an additional 6-9 million other estimated deaths in Stalinist Russia, 5-10 million estimated deaths in the so-called “Cultural Revolution” in China, and 2-2.5 million estimated casualties attributed to the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia – for a combined death toll of 63 -101.5 million for these far-left fascist dictatorships – the same Paperback Oxford English Dictionary defines fascism as:

Fascism /fash-i-z’m/ n. 1 a right-wing system of government characterized by extreme nationalistic beliefs and strict obedience to a leader or the state. 2 extreme right-wing or intolerant views or behaviour.

At least the OED’s word in the secondary definition above leaves the door open to the existence of non-right-wing fascism by including the words “or intolerant.” How long until they ditch those though?

And just speaking about non-right-wing fascism and intolerant views or behavior brings up antifa, the so-called “anti-fascist” movement. However, there is little that could be more fascist than meeting mere words of dissent with violence, as antifa “protesters” have done on multiple occasions:


Except that is for hearing CNN’s very own apparent DOJ troll and faux-journalist Jeffrey Toobin say that one can’t even criticize antifa after watching antifa respond to words with violence:



So, someone says something that antifa “protesters” don’t like and the antifa “protesters” react with violence, but then, others aren’t supposed to even criticize that violence with words? Sounds pretty fascist.

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