What If Julian Assange Could Debunk The "Russia Investigation"?

The White House could benefit from hearing out Assange

How embarrassing would it be for Mueller, Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Paige, Pelosi, Schumer, Rosenstein, etc. if someone could prove that Russia wasn't the source of the leaked Clinton campaign emails that the Democrats have been complaining about since 2016?

Career ending perhaps?

I mean, at the least, it would be hard for them to ever recover their reputations. 

It could also be poetic justice. The timing of the DOJ's latest indictments of the 12 Russian officers whom the Department now accuses of the 2016 leak was all but certainly meant to be inconvenient for the Trump administration, coming as it did just ahead of the president's planned meeting with Putin. Wouldn't it be ironic though if it ended up coinciding with the beginning of the end of what the president has referred to as the "Russia witch hunt" instead?

For quite some time now, Julian Assange, who is the founder of the whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks, has claimed to have proof that Russia wasn't behind the hack. And who better to know since it was WikiLeaks which first published the Clinton emails. 

Plus, if it comes down to a credibility contest, I'd trust Assange over the FBI, whose exaggerationsstonewalling, and outright lies have been piling up by the day. Especially since, and I'm not the first to point this out, the Famous But Incompetent weren't ever even allowed to examine Clinton's private email server and so there's been none of the digital forensics that one with industry experience might expect before the filing of such charges. 

Back in September, Assange offered to provide his evidence to the administration but to this today he hasn't been heard out. And since the left is making a big deal about selectively chosen campaign rhetoric once again, I'd like to point out some other relevant words Candidate Trump spoke on the campaign trail: "I love WikiLeaks." 

Me too, Mr. President, me too.