What's Up with Sessions?

Does Rosenstein have him bound and gagged in his basement?

Like many others, my wife Dana and I are bewildered by the apparent priorities set by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recently chose to announce a controversial change in the DOJ’s cannabis policy with critical midterm elections less than 10 months away and with seemingly much more urgent matters to which he could be attending, including but not limited to the new pay-to-play investigation into the Clinton State Department and the congressional referral of the former British spy who authored the Trump dossier to the DOJ for criminal charges. We’ve also noticed all of your comments on our articles inquiring about the AG and calling on him to see that Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) is prosecuted for the numerous atrocities it allegedly committed against the Pelletier family before the sun starts to set on the 5-year federal criminal statute of limitations next month as well as for him to order an end to the corrupt persecution of our family by the DOJ in Boston. We want to assure you that reaching Sessions has always been high on our agenda and we think that both the general public and Republican lawmakers will be surprised by the lengths to which we’ve gone only to be turned away.

For those who haven’t heard about the situation, here is our latest video, which is addressed to Trump’s newly sworn in U.S. attorney in Boston and which includes clips from Infowars, CRTV’s Michelle Malkin Investigates and congressional testimony by the U.S. Governmental Accountability Office as well as headlines from the New American, the Daily Wire, and Red State:



Dana and I want to assure you that we share the sense of urgency you’ve detailed in the comments throughout this article and we do not understand why the AG has set his priorities as it seems he has. Like Senator Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) we fear that he’s not really calling the shots at the DOJ and that instead, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein who shares Boston Children’s Hospital’s connection to Harvard, is the one pulling the strings.

At first, Dana and I tried to be very patient in recognition of the AG’s busy schedule. But, next month marks the beginning of the end of the time to file federal charges against BCH as well as the beginning of the third year which Dana and I have spent apart while the criminals – who tortured Justina and left her in a wheelchair while pocketing hundreds of thousands of Medicaid tax dollars – breathe free. So, time was a luxury that we can no longer afford and if we have failed to reach Mr. Sessions, it’s not because of any hesitation or lack of action on our end.


Sessions comment 1


For example, in Dana’s thus far fruitless appeals to Mr. Sessions since he was sworn in last February, she has: spoken to him on the phone at his DC home, sent mail to both his residence and his office and even payed a bike courier to try to hand-deliver him a copy of Michelle Malkin’s widely-syndicated article, “The Brutal Battle Against Medical Kidnappers.” Further, the Daily Wire, Red State and the Daily Caller have all published an open letter to Sessions written by Dana. And that’s not all.

I also threw Sessions a softball over at World Net Daily around the time that Michelle Malkin concluded her aforementioned written piece by asking, “Is anyone in Washington listening?” Then Michelle inquired with the DOJ during the production of her two episodes for CRTV. Also, after inquiring with his office, Rolling Stone mentions Sessions by name in its feature on Justina and me.

Additionally, Dana has contacted the relevant DOJ representative in the White House press office on multiple occasions, including with a link to watch our first Infowars broadcast live.


sessions comment 2


So, what do we have to show for all these efforts? The answer is: not much.

Despite multiple polite calls to Sessions at home, Dana has reached him only once. He seemed to be in a hurry then and he would not hear her out. Instead, he hung up on her.

At first, mail to his residence seemed like it might have reached him, but subsequent attempts were returned by the United States Postal Service as undeliverable. Also, the mail that we’ve sent to his office has gone totally unanswered. Similarly, the open letter didn’t show any sign of getting through either. Then, the bike courier whom Dana sent was intercepted by Sessions’ DOJ security detail and turned away.


Sessions comment 3

Please note: in the wake of Sessions’ recent marijuana policy change, I wrote an article published by Infowars arguing that Trump should move to federally legalize cannabis and also started a petition which you can sign here.


So, it seems that the attorney general has been very successfully isolated by the Department which he is supposed to run. And if this is the trouble that we’ve been having with all of this outside help and indeed with even more assistance which we are unable to detail here, then I can’t imagine what other folks whose matters also merit his attention have been going through like victims of federal crimes perpetrated by those who were above the law during the last administration and others facing bogus, Obama-era, politically-motivated federal charges.

Maybe, if Justina’s last name were Clinton instead of Pelletier, then the people who tortured her would be the ones behind bars right now. And maybe, if my surname were Clinton, then Rosenstein would let us talk to Sessions.